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  1. It's definitely okay to use the term "less educated." Many aren't even voting for Trump based on political beliefs but rather because a what he represents; a white, racist male with a long history of xenophobia. Having lived here for quite a few years, I'm entirely convinced that there are many, many closet racists residing in the US. And not just in red states. There's nothing anyone can say or do to convince them to not vote for Trump. I think the faster we can acknowledge this, the better it will be for Democrats. The Electoral College, for one, should be reformed. It basically gives the white voter a heavier vote than other minorities. Of course, Republicans would never stand for such a reform when they literally won the last election despite having an absolute minority.
  2. I agree with play the kids but it's called a pipeline for a reason. One or two per season or we risk becoming the Oilers. We need a top-6 forward for when Virtanen starts being Virtanen.
  3. Disappointed we couldn’t retain him for that amount.
  4. People seem to be forgetting that he's 35 now. There's no way someone so close to retirement turns down that kind of money, especially when it's clear that he won't be able to command that kind of contract anymore. With regards to the Naslund example, buying him out at the time would've cost the Rangers a $3 million cap hit spread over two seasons (during an increasing cap iir). It was a more manageable situation.
  5. I agree. He tends to say the right things but there’s a reason why actions speak louder than words. Just half a year ago, half the team was busting its arse in bubble pre-season while Jake was partying at celebs. In other words, I’ll believe it when I see it.
  6. Anybody would benefit from playing on Pettersson’s line, though I don’t think that artificially lifting Jake’s numbers just to make ourselves feel better will do Elias any favours.
  7. You re-ignited a dead conversation with a redundant question, what else was I gonna say.
  8. There we go with the personal attacks. Don't take this forum too seriously. There's a life outside of here. Oh, and you were wrong on Gudbranson, even if it costs you an arm and a leg to admit it.
  9. Thank you, Erik, for allowing me this opportunity to live rent-free in someone’s head .
  10. Lol nobody complained about Schmidt, what are you even on about? You were literally saying Toffoli’s contract was too costly 20 minutes ago
  11. Seems Nate Schmidt’s incoming contract dispels everything you’ve been saying for the last hour or so
  12. Seems the rest of the league didn’t get the memo.
  13. I genuinely read through this whole thing wanting to convince myself that letting Toffoli go was the right move but you're letting management off easy. Is four years really "long term"? Is $4.25 million really a lot for a 28 year-old top-6 player? What does it say about our asset management letting Madden and a 2nd go for 17 games? I know it's not always popular here to point the finger at Jim but sometimes it really is warranted.