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  1. Bump. It’s the original source that broke the first story. And for the record, 1+7=8. Eight women have now come forward re/ Jake Virtanen.
  2. Y’all gotta pin the survivorstoriesproject post so people don’t keep asking about where the info’s coming from.
  3. I’m fine with the other signings. This one I’m not so sure about.
  4. I'm late to this party so I have a question: why wasn't Petey signed before? Why let it get to this?
  5. Not a bad return, considering any GM could’ve potentially argued that his value depreciated this past year. Still, the glaring fact here is that JB is essentially betting on OEL and his contract over NM and his. We’ll see how this ages.
  6. The wait and see approach applied for 1. But 8? Now I see why JB didn’t bother waiting. Good riddance.
  7. This is just like any other career. Some people have the ambition to try themselves in a more intense/high stakes big market while others are fine with - like you said - taking their paycheck and living in relative anonymity in a low-key market. There's people for everything and neither option is necessarily wrong.
  8. Tbf, if your main sources of deterrence are guys like Drance, Sekeres, Dhaliwal, Johnston and Twitter, you probably need to build some mental fortitude.
  9. This. People will blame the allegation for his demise, but the guy was already trending in this direction. Any NHL prospect would kill for the amount of chances Jake was given to succeed.
  10. I haven’t said that I’m against this trade precisely because it hinges on which OEL shows up. But that cap would’ve been gained next year regardless. Is what we paid the Yotes to take 3 1-year contracts off our hands worth it when we could’ve just bided our time? We’re certainly not contending this coming season.
  11. I still don’t understand why so many people are framing the salary trade-off as a win for the Canucks. Beagle’s, Louie’s and Roussel’s contracts. are. expiring. OEL’s contract is a whopping $7 million/5 years (after Arizona’s cap retention). It’s not that difficult to understand.
  12. All 3 contracts are expiring. OEL's contract runs through 2026/2027. Not saying the Canucks have lost the trade (because we'd have to see which version of OEL we're getting) but it's disingenuous to leave out such a big detail.
  13. Exactly. Absolutely huge gamble by Benning. Those referencing the dead cap going the other way forgot to mention the fact that it’s coming off the books in a year’s time. If OEL continues his decline, we’ll have a total albatross of a contract that we’ll have to deal with. It’s obviously too early to come to a conclusion but this could either be a blessing or a complete disaster.
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