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  1. I was thinking along the lines of shayster. Doubt there's much evidence at this point, to which she'd in all likelihood go for a settlement. But like Alf said, in the scenario where it successfully goes through civil, I'm not sure how it would work. Someone would need to have in-depth knowledge of Jake's contract and what would constitute a violation/breach.
  2. Even if it involves sexual assault? Surely there's a clause in his contract that covers that too.
  3. This'll actually be fun. This team needs a true rival. The Alberta teams have each other and let's be honest, Chicago and Boston (with their cups and all) don't pay as much attention to us as we do to them.
  4. Definition of accountability: the state of being accountable or when an individual experiences consequences for their actions. Don't play coy, old. This is not about counterpointing. The only reason I mentioned Gudbranson and Sbisa was because you took the same approach with those two and after wasting years of my life arguing with you it turned out you were completely off. It's bewildering how you think I'd spend months (probably years knowing you) entertaining it again, though I'm surprised posters are still falling for it. And about Highmore - I said this trade was
  5. Lol. Imagine posting out-of-context stat takes, having them backfire on you multiple times, and still thinking you can get away with it. Talk about banking on ignorance. But you're right, it's not worth my time. Posters are catching on. I just hope you don't disappear on us again if another one of your takes ages badly. Cheers.
  6. Come on old, it's almost like you think I joined this forum yesterday. Anyone worth their salt on here knows about your uncanny ability to flatter any player you fancy with out-of-context stats. Don't you remember when you made Erik Gudbranson and Luca Sbisa look like the second coming of Scott Stevens and Paul Coffey with your advanced stat hot takes? Boy did that ever backfire on you. Just a year ago there you were trying to coin the term "moderate positive value" to try to save face on Erik. The only cool story here is that people still naively upvote your hot takes.
  7. So you're saying the time it took to write that one sentence was greater than whatever it would've taken me to fish for 2016 posts? Actually, don't answer that. The problem with these stats rants you write is that they look good on paper but don't always age well. This brings me back to when you spent months defending Gudbranson with similar posts while he was literally tripping over his own skates during games. Fast forward 5 years and he's worth next to nothing. Sure, I'll give you that Jake is more versatile, but you omitted the fact that he was pretty useless defe
  8. Come on now, old. You're asking me to go fishing for posts in 2016 when you were just as active as anyone in that thread. The "it is what it is" comment never sat right with posters and the trade served as an opportunity for people to vent about him. There's no revisionism there. See, this is what I don't understand. Why does there need to be answer for where Gaudette will fit going forward? For the better part of the past 7 years, we had no idea where Virtanen's niche was in this team. Some had him slated in the top-6, others in the middle-6 and others in the botto
  9. Many of the people who are being overly harsh on Gaudette after 2 seasons and who were willing to throw McCann under the bus after 1 season with the team were preaching patience with Virtanen after 7 years of disappointment. It’s a double standard luxury that comes with the benefits of being a home town boy I guess.
  10. Rathbone is a beaut. I hope we don't take time to develop him only to trade him. He's gonna be real gud.
  11. NYR is a pretty wealthy franchise though. James Dolan and co can give themselves of luxury of cleaning house mid-pandemic. Not sure the Aquillinis are in the same position, especially given all the money crunch rumors that have been circulating recently.
  12. Having Benning take over scouting full time would be great, I think it would suit his strengths and interests, but he’d really have to swallow his pride to do something like that. Would be a massive downgrade for him.
  13. I would've liked to get rid of Jake even before this rumor broke out, but now I fear that they'll keep him because prematurely cutting ties with him would go against the whole notion of innocent until proven guilty and could make the org look bad. Also, we can forget about him being claimed in the expansion draft. Good luck getting the Kracken to voluntarily take on a PR nightmare.
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