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  1. What the hell are you talking about? Ignorant about what? Trying to get the word out that people lacking in Vit D are dying off in larger number than those who are not lacking? THATS WHAT THE SCIENTIFIC STUDIES HAVE SHOWN. You're honestly gonna sit there and call me ignorant?
  2. What opinion? Please don't say I'm claiming it's a 100% ful-proof cure again. We've already had that discussion so many times and I've said I understand it is correlation not causation, but it is strong correlation. Please, please don't say you're still claiming that I'm calling it a cure? How many times do I have to tell you directly that I know it's not a cure before you believe me? I don't understand what is going on here?
  3. Why am I the only one who cares? That's what I'm trying to get to the bottom of. And it was one little comment today...and something ive barely talked about the last few days. All of your posts are about Trump. Time to learn a new song
  4. I'n literally the only one here talking about it, is it really that big of a deal? Is it really that hard to gloss over if you're not that interested? I made one little comment and it caused 4 different people to reply and complain about it.
  5. Weird, more of them should be about Trump
  6. Just put me on ignore or something then? This is borderline harassment honestly I can't post anything without 5 people jumping down my throat. Who cares that I'm talking about it? There are studies being done right now and so far they are showing a strong correlation that increased Vit D intake could/maybe/possibly/hopefully save thousands of lives. Sure, maybe a few people will take too much, but are we going to try and save those few at the stake of thousands who need better immune protection? Toxicity is extremely rare, I've already been over this. Seriously. WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR DEAL? STOP FOLLOWING ME. People, go look at every single one of my posts, this guy has left a reaction on every single one of them like a crazed ex-girlfriend following me on instagram or facebook.
  7. You don't control what we talk about. One of my posts about vitamin d = 4 people whining about it. You guys are the annoying ones not me. I'm providing something that can help saves lives so again, what is your issue with that?
  8. Why should I stop talking about it? What do you have against it?
  9. What's your deal dude? Why do you leave confused reactions on literally every single one of my posts like a creepy follower? What is your issue with me?
  10. @Petey40Well, it could be life saving so why wouldn't you?
  11. You know you're just discrediting every person on here with that comment, including yourself. We're all random schmucks on the internet What about these medical experts?
  12. Wow Health Canada still isn't giving advice on Vitamin D. Put a recycled t-shirt over your face though
  14. Okay what about the 160 deaths? Also way under their projected number Are we supposed to go off the data we've been presented or not? Sure let's give them another 100,000 infections to work with. They're still 690,000 off