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  1. Is it bad that I want to see Detroit lose every game against Canadian teams? I figure if Tyler Bertuzzi (as the only active player not vaccinated) wants to make his "personal choice" while dodging any questioning of it through the lens of science and public health research, he should be accountable for actively weakening his team's chances at victory. Just look at what he can do to opponents when he's actually there to play.

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    2. Devron44


      While I think everyone should be vaccinated. I hate how this pandemic has divided some people. I don’t wish any bad will on the guy. 

    3. Master Mind

      Master Mind

      I'd much rather see Detroit beat EDM, CGY, and WPG to help the Canucks in the standings.

    4. Coconuts




      I take it back, that's better 


      Detroit will lose most of their games whether he plays or not 

  2. That being said, will he still end up gravitating towards the nightclub scene and all that high-end vodka?
  3. In a season where the playoffs got pushed forward to mid-May, the Leafs still couldn't make it to June

  4. No thanks, brings back too many memories of feeding animals at Wildlife Rescue. Can never get over that ammonia-like smell.
  5. Don't try the Slurpiccino. It's like Coke failing to pass as coffee

    1. TNucks1


      what the hells a slurpiccino

  6. Almost done watching Parks and Rec, so good and ahead of its time, especially with how modern politics has turned out.

    1. Angry Goose

      Angry Goose

      Andy's rock fights in the gravel pit lol

    2. GoCanucks16


      I don't care much for television.

  7. The foundational hat trick!

  8. I really didn't like Bill Burr's Netflix stand-up special. Too much punching down for my taste.

  9. Even if Ovechkin can't retire as the best player, he will retire as the thiccest captain
  10. That was a sick move on Petey in net before the 15 minute mark
  11. Ehh...would have wanted Vegas to retain a small chunk of cap, maybe up to $500k If he records his usual 30-40 points/year pace and be modest defensively for the full deal, it's more than satisfactory
  12. Big defenseman recording 26 pts in 69GP with a plus/minus of +40 at that price point?
  13. Makes me wonder how many different pain meds does someone like Tanev need to stay in the game, and how many nasty side effects he has to put up with
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