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  1. Just caught some of the US Debate right now. Trump is just deflecting non-stop on his environmental actions right now

    1. Dazzle


      People are still going to vote Trump because they've been brainwashed.

  2. You've gone farther than I ever imagined, boys. Now eat and grow stronger. The future awaits.


  3. Watching the USA's response to Coronavirus makes me feel a little happier to be a Canadian

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      You mean to tell me you haven't injected bleach yet,well Mr Trump wants to kill as many of his citizens as possible it seems.

      Those masked armed people good people on both sides also give it such a down home good feeling am I right.


      That country is just so broken because of the NINCOMPOOP they have as president.

    3. Roberts


      @DADDYROCK trump never said that


      ok fine he said it but he didn't mean it


      ok he meant it but it could have worked


      ok it couldn't have worked but hes not responsible

    4. Coconuts


      Just a little?

  4. All this Calder talk about Hughes and Makar is overshadowing the fact that Ilya Samsonov is dominating the net in Washington. It's not even a contest between him and Holtby.

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    2. shiznak


      What about Kubalik?


      Dude is on pace for 35+ goals and 50+ points.

    3. Phil_314


      Tough to get into the conversation when the race is paced by two defensemen scoring at historic rates (they're mentioned in the same breath as Housley, Lidstrom, Mark Howe, Leetch and Chelios when it comes to their careers' starts).  

      Also don't forget, Calder is a media voted category, and strictly going by how Petey was the runaway favorite and I doubt it got close between him/ Dahlin/ Binnington, I doubt it would be close after Makar/ Hughes given the fanfare these two have enjoyed.  Kubalik and Olofsson, being 7th rounders (who are achieving solid seasons, don't get me wrong) may be easier to get lost in the mix.

    4. Alflives


      Is this not a Canucks board?  Trolls leave, and go promote your players on your teams’ boards.



  5. I honestly don't get what the Stars' deal is. Benn and Seguin are currently a worse offensive first line than Horvat and Pearson are as a two-way second line

    1. Gäz


      Wow, Benn's numbers are brutal.

  6. My reaction to all of the new signings:


  7. Saw a recap of Undertaker vs Goldberg the other God, it was so brutal to watch them almost kill each other with botched moves. WWE deserves to go out of business.

    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      Goldberg ended the career of Brett Hart with a botched move.  All brawn and no brains.

  8. Just saw the new Grinch movie. I can safely say that it was good enough for me to forgive Illumnation for their Lorax movie

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    2. 5Fivehole0


      @Rounoush you take that back! 

      Jim Carey was amazing in The Grinch

    3. Ghostsof1915


      Sorry. Karloff/Jones/Seuss is definitive. 



    4. Rounoush


      @5Fivehole0 Regardless of if Carrey's performance was great or not, that movie was hot garbage.

  9. Feeling pretty good about putting down $20 on Petterson for the Calder yesterday morning. Although I did also put $10 on Yamamoto just in case. Guy's guaranteed time with McDavid and Draisaitl, after all

    1. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      What odds you get?

    2. Neil HD

      Neil HD

      BCLC gave 6.25 to 1 on Petterson, 16 to 1 on Yamamoto.

  10. Ok, Netflix, I admit it, you were right to spam me with adverts for 'Hilda'. It's a pretty good cartoon. I'll treat it as your apology for that Magic School Bus reboot.

    1. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      I thought their "Final Space" cartoon was pretty good too.

    2. Jaku


      Hilda was awesome. Very pleasantly surprised by it.

    3. NewbieCanuckFan


      The only cartoons Alf likes is interestingly also starts with the letter H.  Hentai.  :o

  11. Well, no bet money for me.

  12. Anyone got money riding on the Finals? It's my first ever sport bet, and I got $45 on Vegas winning in 6 or 7 on BCLC. I also put $5 on Kuznetsov winning the Conn Smythe...not such a great move now.

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    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Couldn't bring myself to bet on it after seeing Sutherland assigned to the series.  I simply don't trust that scumbag not to rig the final.

    3. Neil HD

      Neil HD

      At the time I placed the bet, the payout on both series outcomes I picked was 4.9, so I put $22.50 on each. Also, the payout for Kuznetsov was 20.


      As for Sutherland, I see your point, although there are no Canadian teams to get screwed over here. Besides, if he does strike again, he would probably be under orders to steer things in Vegas' favour, given the massive PR/ ratings boost if the Cup is won by an inaugural team carrying the hopes of a city dealing with a somewhat recent tragedy.


      Also, I remember that Ovechkin and the Capitals management were pretty defiant when the NHL was enforcing the Olympic participation ban. Bettman probably won't forget that.


      Sorry if I sound like a conspiracy nut, but anything with millions of dollars at stake needs a cynical view.

    4. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      should've put 100 on Vegas to win back last summer when the odds were 500:1

      Hurr durr

  13. Man, Alex Jones could have been an amazing voice actor. It's a shame he was talked into Info Wars first

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    2. Tystick


      This one's even better



    3. SabreFan1


      It's a shame that his father didn't pull out 45 years ago.

    4. TNucks1


      lol i think he's hilarious, some of the clips of him.

  14. The new Venom trailer has me cautiously optimistic. The CGI design of Venom himself is especially appealing.

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    2. g_bassi13


      Can't be any worse than Spider-man Homecoming.

    3. LordCanuck


      Can't be any worse than Spiderman 3

    4. J-23


      Spider-Man 3 is a legendary movie.

  15. Just finished watching Titanic with the family over Easter dinner. Still one of the greatest stories ever put to film.

    1. Ghostsof1915


      I still love Kate Winslet. But the supporting actors on that movie where fantastic. Why is it the CGI in that holds up better than some later CGI?