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  1. Tidy piece of work here and today! Nice term and aav
  2. Looking at some of the term and money thrown by other teams at some of the other D today. This is looking real good!
  3. So 1 yr, 1.5 avv but could be 3mil if he hits all his bonuses?
  4. That's what I would like to see happen with Hakanpaa though and Rathbone and Schenn as the spares.
  5. No, he is on IR now so it counts against the cap. If they need that extra to go over the limit, they can place him on LTIR but hopefully this all can be done without have to place him on ltir
  6. At least we won a playoff round the previous year including the play in. Leafs couldn't even win their play in
  7. He won't get anything for Kerfoot, he's been trying to move him for a long time with no takers. He hoped Seattle would take Kerfoot with offering up peanuts so he could keep McCann. But at least he protected Justin Holl
  8. Rflol, yup ensure perpetual mediocrity... And no playoff wins lol
  9. Hmmmm so Dubas is a genius for trading Hollander and 7th to get McCann so that they could protect themselves and have at least one of McCann or Kerfoot..... Now Kerfoot on the block.. At least they have Holl on D
  10. If McCabe can play the right side too, he'd be a good fit. I think they may re-sign Boyd for 4c or someone like that on a cheaper contract.
  11. I am not worried one iota that he won't be back with the Canucks or that he would even take an offer sheet. He isn't Kesler. I see him re-signed around 7.25 for 3 yrs and Hughes around 6.75 for 4 yrs. That leaves the team with enough money to sign Dickinson, Juolevi a goalie, a forward and 2 more RD. This is all possible even without having to move Schmidt this year.
  12. Wonder if Jones would be a target for a cheaper backup now that he is being bought out by SJ
  13. Good deal for both! That's what I was hoping for 5 or 6 yrs at around 4.75 per
  14. Jake will most likely end up in the KHL as I don't see an NHL team giving him a shot. Which is what happened to Brendan Leipsic after his remarks about the girls and other NHlers and posted those pictures in that group chat with his friends.
  15. He could still re-sign with Boston by Wednesday. If they qualified him and he didn't accept it, they'd end up in arbitration. This way this gives Boston a chance to negotiate a contract at similar avv or lower if Ritchie wants to stay there.
  16. Good for him! He would have been great for Abby and call up for the Nucks. I think that's also the KHL team for Danila Klimovich. If so and they all decide to have Danika play there, Tyler could be a good mentor for the new kid.
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