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  1. Well career wise Perlini has 72pts/200gp (0.36) while goldobin has 46pts/124gp (0.37) They were picked in the same year. Goldy more of a playmaker than shooter. Neither has played a full season in the nhl. Last year Perlini was on pace for 25pts, whereas Goldobin was on pace for 35pts. Sure, perlini is bigger but he's not really that physical. (51 hits in 68 games last year) Thats about the same amount as Adam Gaudette. Neither take a lot of penalties, both are minus players I'd say theyre pretty comparable.
  2. A few shots from summer. Good to see a few people still posting here.
  3. But you have to realize Boeser has a higher p/pg avg than all these players when they signed their contracts. P/pg at the time of signing contracts (Approximately, i added it up myself) Meier: 0.56 Monahan: 0.67 Guentzel: 0.67 Pastrnak: 0.72 Boeser: 0.83
  4. On it says if we don't make the playoffs next year, we get the lightnings first round pick in 2021. I'm assuming thats a typo?
  5. Streamgate link is working for me. Other ones arent working though