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  1. Gaudette had 33 points last year. Look at Highmores career production. This is only the Canucks selling low.
  2. Anybody with half a hockey mind will agree that this is a bad deal at a bad time that basically sums up Benning’s history of giving out deals. Great talent evaluator, piss poor asset manager. If this club wants to be successful they need somebody who can do both. Jim just isn’t the guy I’m sorry.
  3. Bahaha his inconsistent play all season sums up the player he is. He’d get 2.5 tops if he hit UFA status in a flat cap. Over pay, yet AGAIN.
  4. Lowry could work. I remember Linden was high on him during his tenure as Prez. However his offensive statistics aren't that eye popping for a true 3rd line center. At 28, I doubt he improves much more.
  5. You're right, it would look worse if Benning or whoever's the GM next season doesn't find an actual 3rd line center to replace him. The lack of offense from the bottom 6 is alarming and needs to be addressed immediately starting with that 3c position which will have to come from UFA or trade given the Canucks have nobody in the system capable of taking the reigns. Having Beagle and Sutter anchor the bottom 2 lines is a one way ticket to another missed playoffs. Nothing against them as they are defensively sound and important to this team right now, but corsi, faceoff wins, and penalty killing
  6. All I can say is that if the Canucks plan was to keep Sutter as the 3C next season I dont see how next season will look any different than this one.
  7. Gonna be amazing to listen to Halford and Brough again on my drive to work in the morning. I'm pumped.
  8. I was being a smarta** referring to what he said in his presser. Of course his vision or lack thereof is concerning.
  9. We live in a day to day world so Jim's going to take things day by day
  10. Oldnews was onto something. Nick Paul is highly underrated. Great player.
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