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  1. No, but in reality a good portion of guys in the league are doing blow.
  2. Playoff hockey is a dog eat dog environment. If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying.
  3. Same as the Isles last night. Relentless pursuit of the puck and finishing every check gets the opponent to overthink and cough the puck up. And as im typing this Vegas scores…
  4. The Isles are relentless on the puck and never stop skating. Everyone firing on all cylinders. Having an electric crowd definitely adds fuel to the fire. This is hockey.
  5. Not thrilled about having Baumgartner back. Dont expect much of a difference in defensive philosophy next season.
  6. Meh, agree to disagree. He’s a phenomenal player although I won’t label him yet as the best in the league. I’d take Hedman 10/10 over him at the moment and in a playoff series at this point but that being said what he’s capable of becoming is scary and what’s being said of him is not far fetched.
  7. T Mobile is going to be electric for game 6. Lord help the Avs. Gonna need a prayer.
  8. Did anybody catch Jannik Hansen on 650 yesterday afternoon? This guy needs a job in the organization. He’s so upfront and honest and refreshing to listen to.
  9. Anybody but Newell Brown and Nolan Baumgartner is a win
  10. Bahahahaha just got home and this is the best news I’ve heard in a long time. Toronto Sports Network and the center of the universe can stick it up their you know what.
  11. He’s a no show in the playoffs. Nice player but nothing unlike anything we already have on our roster. Hard pass.
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