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  1. Petey’s confidence is in the tank and by benching or reducing his ice time that would probably f the situation up even further it’s not like he’s a 9 year vet who needs a swift kick in the a** to get going and Hughes is a god damn sophomore kid who’s taking his lumps and learning. Clearly the league has figured him out it’s no different than year 1-2 for Petey and he’s going to go through growing pains this season
  2. Petey and Hughes are the teams two best players. You play them no matter what. You wouldn’t bench Mcdavid or Mackinnon if they were playing below expectations. JFC..
  3. If it weren’t for the pause in play the Canucks were on the outside looking in and trending in the wrong direction. If the NHL actually played a full, real season the Canucks might not have even made the playoffs.
  4. The system sucked last year and sucks even harder this year. Last year Marky bailed this team out more often than not.
  5. It’s no different than the NFL. Officiating is inconsistent. Bad calls after bad calls and it becomes unwatchable after a while. Zero accountability from the officials and I know they are trying to do their job, but FFS let the guys play and call the blatant stuff and leave the chicken sh*t stuff alone. It ruins not only the flow but the integrity of the game. Drives me bonkers.
  6. Okay for starters you are putting words into my mouth. Second, I’m not some new fan I’ve been around this team for 30+ years and have seen enough Canucks hockey. Third, my point was valid and justifiable. The Canucks have being relying too heavily on individual performances on too many nights for positive results and that’s not a formula for sustained success. Too many nights last year including the playoffs they were outplayed and outshot and were bailed out by outstanding goaltending and timely goals from key contributors. That being said I’m not denying the successes of key players last season and offensive output we haven’t seen around here since the peak Sedin era. What concerns me is the system the coaching staff implements and how poorly the Canucks are defensively. You have to continually adapt and make changes which the Canucks coaching staff fails to do. Too many blown coverages, too many defensive breakdowns, too many low percentage plays that lead to turnovers, and giving up too many shots on goal. It’s frustrating to see a team giving up odd man rushes when they are on the penalty kill as we saw last night and stuff like getting hemmed in your own zone for 90 seconds all the while the players stop moving their feet and apply zero pressure. It happens too often.
  7. Pretty spot for on. The Canucks were outplayed and outshot more often than not last season and the defensive breakdowns have been an ongoing issue for years. The system and structure this team abides to is bad and was masked by stellar goaltending last season. There is no arguing or denying this. The team regularly comes out flat and never seems to dictate the pace of the game nor set the tone early. That being said, and it’s been mentioned plenty before, the team realistically only has 4 and a half (Pearson is a fringe top 6) players in the top 6 and a plethora of horrible contracts tied up in places they shouldn’t be. The team is currently treading water until they can cut bait with the deadweight and really start building a contending team. Also, they need a coach to implement a solid defensive strategy to play to the teams strengths given the personnel they have. I don’t believe Green and Co are capable of that because they haven’t been able to since they got here.