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  1. Hamonic is practicing with the team today, paired with Hughes I believe. And Miller is practicing on the 3rd line (I wonder if this is just for motivational purposes?). But I think they might actually play better moving forward. As of now they're in a good drafting position in the Top 10, maybe Top 5, but I can see them playing well enough to drop to the #15 pick.
  2. Apparently, they're practicing with these lines today: Hoglander - Pettersson - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Virtanen Miller - Sutter - Gaudette Roussel/Hawryluk - Beagle - MacEwen
  3. Bring back Markstrom and Toffoli Let Tanev, Stecher and Leivo walk Trade Demko (with Jake and Roussel) - Re-sign Domingue cheap ...but hindsite is 20/20
  4. There are a few problems with this team, from top to bottom, but what is really hurting them in games? IMO, it's team D and that falls to the D coach (Baumgartner). I was also a fan of Green, but I'm not sure he's the coach/authority that will motivate his team, demand excellence. The Canucks lose and he compliments his team's effort and likes the direction they're trending. Losing should never be acceptable. But okay, fire Baumgartner and Green and then what? Newel Brown is the interim head coach? God help us all. I think they ride out this season and then overall the coaching staff in the off season. Benning gets to keep his job, for now. The Draft is coming up and he'll need to make very smart picks with their first 3 rounds.
  5. I'm not sure how many years we've been saying "the future looks bright", but it's a few, and it'll be a few more yet. Us Canucks fans are good waiters, extremely patient folk. I mean this pro team has been spinning it's wheels for 50 years. But that's okay, we'll continue to pay a lot of money to watch them play (when it's permitted again) and we'll buy expensive jerseys and apparel - and continue waiting. That's what we do.
  6. This is true, he took one for the team I guess. Just seemed odd that no one retaliated. If Marchand, for example, attacked Juolevi like that? There would be a swarm of Canucks to his rescue. I wonder if the Oilers players aren't too keen on this Puljujarvi kid. Maybe he deserved it? Tough to day what was said and done off camera.
  7. I'm actually surprised EDM didn't send Nurse out to take care of Roussel for roughing up the kid. I don't know why he attacked Puljujarvi like that, he went a bit nuts. So undisciplined. Roussel is a liability. Is Bailey ready for action yet?
  8. So, why is Green still the coach in VAN? MTL loses 2 straight and they fire the coach lol Canucks can't win 2 straight With MTL bringing in Burrows as A/Coach, I wonder what's going on there?
  9. Yeah, it's like saying Would you rather (A) be kicked in the n**s, or (B) have your n***s kicked?
  10. Just realized LA is ahead of VAN in the standings, with games in hand. Just surprised me. I'll guess that the final standings: 27. VAN 28. ANA 29. BUF 30. OTT 31. DET Maybe the Canucks get lucky this time and get bumped up to a Top 3? Of course they'll still have to play this season out and see where they land. Hamonic might be back fairly soon, and they could go on some kind of inspired run down the stretch.
  11. Have to assume that when the time comes for all of the drafted D to be on the team, they will also have 1-2 UFAs/trades taking up spots, but this depth would look good: Juolevi - Hughes Tryamkin - Clarke Rathbone - Woo
  12. If McDavid and Hughes are both on the ice at the same time, I hope Demko is ready