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  1. Depends how they use him I suppose. If he's standing in front and battling, and playing with the heart of a Gallagher, then he'll be great. If he continues to avoid the tough areas and plays scared, then he'll continue to disappoint.
  2. He took a looooong time to return as it is. Then played a game, started a fight, and now he's done again for who knows how long. Take it as a sign Micheal.
  3. Canadian nuclear weapons, what is that, a few firecrackers? Nah, invest in sports development. We'll kick their a** in the Olympics instead.
  4. With Gaudette re-signing, and Benning going out and signing Hawryluk, is it only a matter of time before Jake is traded? Maybe to acquire a Dman?
  5. Possible? Sutter - buyout (free up cap to get another D) Eriksson - Utica Miller - Pettersson - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Gaudette Motte - Hawryluk - Virtanen Roussel - Beagle - MacEwen Lind Hughes - Schmidt Edler - Myers Juolevi - ?? Benn Rafferty Not sure about Gaud or Virt in that #2RW spot though
  6. Other than he's cheap and young, I don't get this signing. Is it in case Gaudette doesn't re-sign? Is Sutter being traded? He doesn't have size and doesn't produce, an extra C in Utica just in case?
  7. Why wouldn't the Canucks protect him? He makes $6, and for a top 4 Dman, that's pretty standard these days. It might even be a good deal in 2-3 years. He has size, skates well for a big man, right shot, good team mate.
  8. Nah, too much bad blood. Besides, the Canucks have a much younger version that may arrive soon.
  9. I don't trust Virtanen to make the right play under pressure in his own end
  10. In addition to Jacques Virtanen, give them Roussel and Brisebois. Oui!
  11. Schmidt was Vegas' highest paid Dman, and Vegas needed to clear cap space to upgrade the D to push them over the top. McCrimmon did a great job.
  12. VGK is set to win, great city, great team environment, they're in it every playoffs. I want to be excited about the Schmidt trade, but my concern is that Benning just took on a $30 million contract, for a player that, I don't feel, will be a difference maker. Does he even want to play in VAN? We just finished a heated series with them, Canucks lost convincingly. Welcome to our team. Who knows, maybe he will continue playing well and putting up 30-40 points playing with Edler. Never know.
  13. Really? Schmidt was a 15-point Dman in WAS (shortened seasons, because he's never had a full NHL season). He was real good in Vegas, played with a chip on his shoulder like every original Knight. I hope that chip isn't gone.