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  1. How about Chris MacFarland, A/GM for the Avs, who has worked closely with Sakic since 2015?
  2. Team from top to bottom has gone stale (again) New GM New Head Coach / coaching staff Let a new GM come in and determine if he wants Green to take them to the next level. If not, he'll find his guy. We keep saying "he's good with the kids and the kids like him etc", but they're not kids anymore. The young guys on the team have a couple or more years of NHL experience already. Pettersson, Hughes, Boeser have experienced playoffs, Hoglander and Rathbone play like veterans already. I suspect Podkolzin will do just fine with a tougher head coach. Get a new
  3. Interesting, any idea who they might be targeting? New GM means possibly an entire new coaching staff. Hope they keep Clark though.
  4. I know getting the first ever 1st overall pick in the franchise's history would be huge, emotionally, but from a business standpoint, I think it would be better to trade the 1st, for possibly two 1st rounders, or another high 1st rounder and a pick or prospect, etc. It should be about getting as many high end assets as possible. I would expect a lot of Canucks fans to be upset if they did this though. Would be a jaw-dropping move, but could also fast-track this re-whatever-it-is.
  5. I need to watch more video and research a bit more. Johnson looks very skilled, but maybe he's not a very good playmaker.
  6. That's interesting, I have Johnson at #2 actually lol I think he has incredible skill (hands) and skating, vision. I've heard him compared to Patty Kane.
  7. Not too worried if VAN pics 9th or 10th. Remember, there are several GMs picking ahead of us, and one or two of them could go off the board to get the player they want. VAN might still walk away with a great player. Could be (just a guess of course): 1. Power 2. Clarke 3. Hughes 4. Beniers 5. Edvinsson 6. Johnson 7. Wallstedt 8. L'Heureux 9. Guenther 10. Eklund That wouldn't be too bad
  8. Trade Myers, Gadj and a pick for Jones Re-sign Hamonic Let Edler walk If out of Top 3: Draft Guenther, Beniers, or Eklund (upgrades on Gadj) Miller - Pettersson - Boeser Guenther/Beniers/Eklund - Horvat - Hoglander Pearson - ?? - Podkolzin Hughes - Jones (upgrade on Myers) Rathbone - Hamonic Juolevi - Schmidt
  9. Did they though? PLD doesn't look all that good.
  10. Myers, Gadjovich and a 2nd. Get 'er done Benning lol, like he would
  11. Miller appears to be a miserable SOB, I imagine he would be difficult to be around. Sure, sometimes he tries and goes to war so to speak, but there have been many times he gave up on backchecking, getting back to save a goal. He's made a lot of bad mistakes. I agree that if VAN could get a good return for him, they should trade him. There needs to be more positivity around this team.
  12. Something tells me Hoglander will be the only Canuck going full effort for all 5 games
  13. Yeah, I heard him try to start that rumour. My guess is NYR will probably target Torts or another available GM. Just feels like the Canucks are at an all-time low in their history. From ownership down to management to the coaching, to the team itself. Gotta say I'm a little concerned about what the future holds with this team, not sure what's next for them. It's kind of crushing after the season they've had, whole team getting COVID, missing playoffs, etc. Another concern is the players, and will they want to play here with the current ownership and management.
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