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  1. VAN got super lucky with Quinn - the best Hughes brother IMO. Jack is okay, but not as good. Luke will be okay too, but again...not as good as Quinn. Let some other team take Luke, I'm all good with that. Pass on the slight skilled guys too (Johnson, Lysell) Go with the C with good size and skill: McTavish Lucius Sillinger
  2. lol I noticed that too, but I think they also say he still needs to work on his D game, so maybe Barrie is a comparison?
  3. Not sure how on-the-money the Last Word On Sports is with their assessments, but this is where I got the player comparisons. It's interesting anyway. Should note as well, these are just stylistic comparisons only. https://lastwordonsports.com/hockey/2021/04/18/luke-hughes-scouting-report/
  4. Just what I've read Yours Truly, the Messenger
  5. Yeah, I think that Lambos kid is pretty slick, pretty good skater, creative, and plays with some snarl.
  6. Interesting D (stylistic) comparables I've read: Power - Hedman Hughes - Barrie Clarke - E. Karlsson Edvinsson - OEL Lambos - Pietrangelo Cuelemans - Makar Hmm, Hughes a little over-hyped?
  7. Me too, or at the least a C. The Canucks need Cs and Ds, but Lysell seems to be a Benning type pick. Smaller player with tons of skill and speed. my hope is, actually: 1. Lucius (Canucks need a good C, with decent size, more than anything) 2. Sillinger 3. Edvinsson (I have a feeling he'll be more like Myers and less like Hedman) 4. Lambos (injury dropped him, but he's good) Lysell and Johnson may be super skilled, but I would prefer the Canucks target tougher players with skill/speed. All about playoffs, eventually.
  8. Some players I think could go higher than #9: Power Beniers Eklund Wallstedt Hughes Clarke McTavish Guenther Just have this feeling we're getting Lysell
  9. Dahlen's stats 2019-20 Timra IK Swe-1 51 36 41 77 42 29 2020-21 Timra IK Swe-1 45 25 46 71 10 30 77 pts in 51 71 pts in 45 He kind of ripped it up in Sweden. This is Linus Karlsson, the guy we traded Dahlen for. 2019-20 Bofors IK
  10. No one really knows the order of BPAs. Every list is different, especially this year with no real clear Top 3 or Top 10. Some GMs ahead of VAN will make some odd choices I think, which will leave VAN with a great player. Even though Edvinsson had a tough U18, I can still see him going in the Top 10. McTavish will go high, maybe Wallstedt. Shoot, maybe Johnson is taken in the Top 3, and Lysell is taken before VAN's turn. It's going to be wild.
  11. A trade involving DiPietro would mean they're going after Wallstedt?
  12. It's all good, some of these players are hyped right before the Draft because of a few good games in the U18. McTavish, for example, wasn't near the Top 10 before, but now he could go Top 3 lol And reverse - Lucius and Lambos were in the Top 10 at one point too, but dropped down. They're still very good players! Edvinsson was also in the Top 5 conversation, but a mediocre U18 and he's dropped out of the Top 10. Do we rely a little too heavily on the U18 and World Championship? (rather than the entire body of work)
  13. Will Guenther be better than Boeser? If not, then pass
  14. Jim likes 9 players with the 1st. He's not trading it. 9 BPA Power Beniers Clarke Wallstedt Eklund Hughes McTavish Guenther Lambos I have doubts that Johnson will become a (consistently) very good NHL player.,. Lambos is the sleeper.
  15. I really didn't think Wallstedt would be considered, but maybe he's one of Benning's Top 9? I just figured since VAN has Demko, and DiPietro and Silovs are developing, they would be set up for years, but those two might not ever become regular NHL players, let alone good enough top become starters. Wallstedt would ensure their goaltending is secure for many years. Teams won't do squat in the playoffs without great goaltending. If not Wallstedt, could they get Cossa with the 2nd?
  16. Say Benning does take Wallstedt. Demko is 25, and assuming it takes Wallstedt 3-4 years to make the NHL (backup) - Demko will still be under 30 and in his prime. A Demko / Wallstedt duo could be the goaltending tandem when the Canucks are ready to make that run. A few years of those two, giving them a chance to win every night. Then after they win a Cup, they trade one for a King's ransom. (I find my opinion changes constantly on who I want lol lots of good choices)
  17. I keep forgetting Demko was a 2nd rounder (#36). Imagine the amazing goaltending duo of Demko / Wallstedt under Coach Clark for years to come. Damn our lousy defense EDIT - I just realized that Wallstedt would eventually like to be a starter, and so one of them would probably be traded down the road. Either one though, would fetch a hefty return, I'm sure.
  18. Has to be a good mix, and D has to be able to skate. Edler is declining faster than he skates. If he's re-signed, I hope it's cheap and he's used as a #6-7. Hughes Rathbone Juolevi all smart, and very good/great skaters IMO Hamonic is important too, even though he's not the fastest. He's a good partner for Hughes and tough, so I hope they re-sign him. They could use another 1-2 D like him. Myers is pretty good, but his size gets a lot of calls against him. He needs to be smarter with positioning and use his slap shot more. Maybe Brad Sh
  19. Missing a big slap shot from the point. Sami Salo style.
  20. I agree, Canucks could still somehow end up with Hughes or Clarke at #9. A bit of a longshot, but teams ahead of VAN have their own plans. Worst case, I think, is that VAN ends up with Edvinsson, McTavish or Guenther. Not too shabby.
  21. Myers Hamonic (IF they re-sign him) Woo hmm, not a whole lot in the big and nasty department
  22. Had a horrible thought. Could Treliving end up signing Tryamkin? Sounds like such a Treliving thing to do.
  23. Why do they absolutely have to target Dumba?
  24. Seems these days, a great skating, puck-moving, mobile Dman who can QB the PP is in high demand. Canucks have 1, or maybe 2 in Hughes and Rathbone. I wonder if Clarke goes fairly high, as he might be exactly that. The Canucks, on the other hand, probably need more stability on the back end, a great skating defensive Dman with size. Could Edvinsson be that guy? Or should they wait for Round Two and beyond for these types of Dmen? Edvinsson could develop into a very good Dman under Brad Shaw. (well, I guess any of the Dmen in the Top 15 could become very good under Shaw).
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