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  1. I saw him try to take the puck through a crowd of opponents a couple of times, but that never works. Nate McKinnon and Connor McDavid he is not. He looked fast during his first preseason game, but since then he's slowed down a notch. Is he playing hurt? Looking at the roster on paper, they should be real good, but something seems off. Is it too many new guys? Demko still figuring out tendencies from Poolman, OEL, Hunt, Rathbone, Burroughs and Schenn? That's a lot of new D.
  2. This is kind of the problem with Petey, he continues to do the same thing, and he's fairly easy to knock off the puck. That big windup in the slot on the PP, it's so predictable, and he rarely hits the net. Or else he'll give it back to Quinn because he didn't like it. C'mon man, do some hockey and score eh?
  3. yep, go back to what works, and other changes: Miller - Pettersson - Boeser Podkolzin - Horvat - Garland Pearson - Dickinson - Hoglander Highmore - Lammikko - Dowling
  4. Too much hype with this kid. He ain't all that yet. A top 6 forward producing less than a point-a-game? Pfft, dime a dozen. I'm sure he'll get better as he gets stronger.
  5. It's really awful that comedy is being restricted these days. Richard Pryor and George Carlin must be rolling in their graves. If anything, this world needs to laugh more. All of the "boo hoo" groups need to lighten up. Party-poopers.
  6. I believe the Canucks have the team in place - at least the goaltending and forwards. Maybe they could add one or two more defensive Dmen. This is a short window (opportunity) actually, because I think they'll eventually lose Miller and Pearson to clear cap - Hoglander and Podkolzin will be due raises. Same with Boeser and Horvat, new contracts will be needed soon. Green has been the head coach for 4 seasons They missed the playoffs 3 out of the 4 years, and some would argue that the "bubble" season was an anomaly. I was so excited for this season, thinking the Canucks made enough improvements that they can finally be one of the better teams. It just looks more of the same to me. Garland has been a really nice surprise. I believe it's coaching. Pulling the goalie too early, Too Many Men penalties, line juggling, etc. Green just doesn't look passionate about winning, or about anything. Now he's blaming the players. Meanwhile the players might be thinking, "Green's systems aren't working". Get the Canucks a real NHL coach and not some up and comer learning the ropes as he goes.
  7. I agree with this, Demko has done as well has he could've considering the D game in front of him. He has faced a lot of shots. I guess his poor record so far is more of a reflection of Team D. Didn't BUF get 42 on him? Crazy. What's TB going to get? 70 shots? Can't blame not having Hughes, because he's not great defensively either. The team misses the steady Tanev IMO.
  8. Team D, including Demko, haven't been very good so far. Wasn't Shaw supposed to fix this? Oh wait, they still have Baumgartner.
  9. Demko 23 goals against in 6 games (preseason included) 1-4-1 record so far, and the Win was decided in a shootout What's going on there? Slow start I guess.
  10. Canucks were up 2-1, and BUF scored 4 unanswered goals. Unacceptable. Good game plan Greener.
  11. Embarrassing losses in DET and BUF, in my opinion Yes, it's early, but that's no excuse. Would really suck if they missed the playoffs by 2 points. They can point back to those "easy points" that were lost. Green doesn't hate losing and I have a problem with that. I also don't believe he knows how to motivate and inspire his players. My guess is Miller and Bo run the room and Travis stands quietly in the corner to let them sort it out. Leadership starts with the head coach. Travis will lead them nowhere.
  12. Green doesn't instill confidence. He's got a losing record as a head coach. I really wonder if he's able to inspire his players. Probably why he pulls the goalie so early all the time - it's his only way of forcing the players to up their game. His only trick. He is not the right coach for this team.
  13. Tied with BUF after two periods is like being down 4 goals. EDIT - jk of course, but the Canucks should be ahead by 4
  14. I'd like to see more killer instinct from Pettersson. More urgency, like Hoglander and Garland. Or drive the net like Podkolzin. Pettersson lost 2-3 different puck battles along the boards at the end of that period. I think he took an elbow to the neck/head area in the 1st, so I wonder if that's bothering him? Looking at this roster, I can't see how BUF is even in this game. Really starting to think Green isn't the guy to lead this team to greatness.
  15. Didn't Pettersson say he wants to play on a winning team? I've hardly noticed Pettersson. He needs to start earning his big contract.
  16. Garland - Pettersson - Boeser Hoglander - Horvat - Podkolzin Pearson - Miller - Chiasson Highmore - Lammikko - Dickinson Possibly not having Hughes is a bummer, but I suspect the team D game will be better. I think our offence scores more than theirs.
  17. Add Quinn Hughes, OEL and some stellar goaltending from Demko, and it looks like they could be one of the top teams once they get going.
  18. Must win. They lose this one and it could be time to panic Tough enough losing to DET, but if they lose to BUF next? It's a must win. That being said, Canucks will win big (right?), Brock is back.
  19. I don't really care about the household income of the Hamonic family. I only want to know - Will this guy play for the Canucks again?
  20. Looking at all of the games played (incl preseason) and just looking at Wins and Losses Canucks are 3-7 I know it's early, but they need to be a lot better
  21. I was thinking each line have a pair of friends - good chemistry? Miller also plays C, gotta take advantage. Petey - Boeser Hoglander - Podkolzin Miller - Chiasson
  22. Garland - Pettersson - Boeser Hoglander - Horvat - Podkolzin Pearson - Miller - Chiasson Highmore - Lammikko - Dickinson
  23. DET was a lot better than I gave them credit for. I thought this would be an easy Canucks win. I predicted a 6-1 victory lol Yes, it was a back-to-back. but I didn't think Miller or Pettersson had a very good game. Those guys need to be better every game. The turnovers. Miller couldn't even make a pass. Garland had another very strong game. Getting Boeser back will help. Must win in BUF.
  24. Welp, Green lost that one. Pulled Halak too early. Oh, and Pettersson. C'mon man.
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