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  1. Is it really that good, I know lots of people liked it but I also know they're k drama and pop fans so was not buying it
  2. I agree, Hansen is not a skill guy, what I like is that he became more efficient, with what he had, speed and shot. He's the guy Virt should take notes from if advertisement about his shot is even true, and that he isn't also a skill guy.
  3. Virtanen, wat is this assumption bs you pull out every time
  4. How about other teams prospect who have had great seasons. Bennett,larkin, nylander , ehlers has so much better season than Virtanen, who cross the puck waist high as if shooting it
  5. of course, it's a matter of like and not how good a prospect is
  6. Men, other prospects we just call their game 'not going to translate in the NHL'
  7. Distribute at elite level? I want to see that from him next season
  8. How about Subban, is he better than him
  9. He traded Shink why can't he trade Subban, Heck I would too if it was for P.K
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