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  1. Nhl66 has HD streams. They're working on getting the Canucks game up right now. Streams work, able to watch all games on right now
  2. Could be a bug, but ill give it shot.
  3. Unrelated question for ya. I've been playing the be a pro game mode and have been playing around with the settings, but they never save. I cant even find a save button so it just resets after each game. Have you had the same problem?
  4. For sure. Im just saying I'm not worried about a 24 year old guy not being able to recover for a back to back. Time will tell!
  5. Not sure why anyone's concerned about Demko being tired, the guys 24, he will be fine.
  6. Just curious, but is there a stat out there that tracks a teams playoff series win percentage when multiple goalies start multiple games? Wouldn't really have a clue where to find stats like those.
  7. Seems like a win win to me. But If I had to choose I'd rather see the team win and see what this group can do.
  8. Quinn told the team to let his bro get one. Now they'll shut it down.
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