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  1. i think its going to be term as jakes already had a show me contract, agree we shouldnt trade him for a draft pick, puts us behind but a like for like trade for a two way defencemen would be ideal. I think he will end up permanetly on the third line and go up a line or two if injuries occur
  2. JB said he been talking to eight GM's already, wondering if its to do with marky exploring free agency and who he could counter it with. Like to sign Marky to a team friendly contract but have to protect Demko no matter what. If JB can shift some cap space out im not against signing Toffoli but id see what RFA's we could possibly swap or maybe some draft picks back.
  3. Id sign Jake Virtanen over Tyler Toffoli at the moment, Jakes still trending up but running out of excuses i know but going to be a hell of a lot cheaper than Toffoli. Dont get me wrong peeps i like Toffoli but need to spend wisely, Thoughts.
  4. Yep id pull the trigger on it, Jake wont become a regular top 6 forward here, he's stale and lacking in motivation at times but his contract is up this year, teams will be sweating on him.
  5. Im expecting Tanev to be snapped by another team with a bit of cap space, we wont have enough room for Tanev or Stecher unless they take pay cuts and if Tryamkin is still coming well theres no room for them all. In this climate i cant see anyone being interested in Suttor Roussel Beagle etc im thinking we stuck with them and im so annoyed at Benning signing Ferland when Baertchi has similar history of concussion, a slow learner Benning is at the contract table. Hoping league will at least have one compliance buyout and who knows that could be.
  6. Well you know what, i think brocky has a few issues away from the ice at the moment that is maybe affecting his game,a bit like you know his fathers health, i reckon he will figure it out and will come back stronger than ever.
  7. Yep me too, hope he doesn't make it a train wreck. Certainly give him accolades in drafting but when his trader Jim cap goes on it's run for cover.
  8. I'd go Zegras, confident we still picking up a good player though if these two are gone.