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  1. Would you rather have McDavid/ Draisaitl or Crosby/ Malkin in their prime

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    2. Zhukini


      Malkin over Draisaitl 11 times out of 10. Crosby over McDavid to win a cup. McDavid over Crosby to sell tickets

    3. NUCKER67


      umm, McDavid is the best player that ever was, so...what's better than the Great One? The Greater One?

    4. NewbieCanuckFan


      Crosby & Malkin had a guy like Fluery in his prime in net and a legit #1 D in Letang.  I don’t see either one of those on the Coilers.  Not by a long shot.


      WCE in their prime could do nothing with Dan Cloutier in net.

  2. Would CBJ be open to moving Jones? They have 3 1st rd picks and may re tool this off season

    1. Nuxfanabroad


      I bet the bloody Avs will acquire him. They have lots of young assets to dangle.

    2. Quantum


      I can see the Aves making a run for Jones. Colorado is where Jones is from. And the Aves are going to lose a good defenseman in the expansion draft (either Ryan Graves, Devon Toews, or Jacob MacDonald), so they'll want to replenish that defensive depth. 


      Not sure the Canucks have the assets to pry Jones away from Columbus. But he'd be a good fit in Vancouver if the Canucks somehow got him.

    3. NewbieCanuckFan


      @Quantum  If they do have three first round picks, then they obviously don’t need a package centered around picks as the main component.  Good in a way as the Canucks have no business dealing picks.  You’d think a drafting whiz would want to get more picks (imagine Benning with three 1st round picks!).  

      That leaves what?  We have nobody of worth we could afford to deal for a player of Jones caliber.  

  3. If Kucherov returns its Tampa's to win. But I'd love to see the Panthers go deep. If they can't get fan support now, move them!!!
  4. Abbotsford Red Scorpions jokes aside to our brutal history as a city, what about something along the line of our city. Pilots but thats already a team in Abbotsford last time if i recall. Abbotsford Whalers Abbotsford Millionares Abbotsford (something - Johny Canuck as the logo) Abbotsford Sasq'ets - UFV's mascot Abbotsford (something to do with farmers)
  5. Hopefully the city can use revenue to finally add to the highway.... Also add a road from King Road to Sumas Way (connects to highway) to make traffic easier near the round about. Solves the camps set up under that bridge by walmart
  6. would you trade a bad seed for another bad seed. Virtanen for DeAngelo? 

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    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      No.  At least Jake plays hockey well enough not to be a complete liability on the ice. DeAngelo is a pitiful excuse for a hockey player and an even worse human.

    3. Phil_314


      I'd trade Virtanen for an underperformer who at least has character.  Recoup someone like Cody Eakin as 3rd C instead of a racist.  

    4. TNucks1


      f#ck that, if the allegations are true he wont be in the league anymore anyways, we dont need deangalos super toxic personality on our team.

  7. Canucks need secondary scoring like I need a drink

  8. Goals for next draft: Find an elite scorer/ Caufield potential and draft more D!
  9. Petey- Miller- Boeser --- offensive line that can be one of the hardest to shut down, especially at home. Can easily net 80 goals per season and hopefully 100 goals Poldkozin - Horvat- Hoglander --- can be a solid shut down line that matches up against the other teams top line. Poldkozin if he can be physical and give it a 100% each day, he could be a 20 goal scorer, power forward , that plays wing with a future Selke candidate, and a shifty winger who tbh can net 25 goals in the future and make room for everyone else on the ice by being shifty. Pearson ____ ____
  10. It can take almost 10 to 14 days since exposure to test positive for COVID. Thus why the transmission of COVID is high, people pass it along will being unsymptomatic.


    My belief is that the Canucks got it from MTL players as they had players go down just a few days prior.

  11. May increase the cap just in time when Horvat, Boeser, Miller , Hoglander, Poldkozin are due for a raise. Sign hughes petey long term now so we their %cap decreases come time
  12. Its either Markstrom or Demko ... can only keep 1 long term and tbh Demko is ready Toffoli hurts because he scored so many against us, take his games against us out and he isnt as hyped Schmidt is getting back to his habits in Vegas. Upgrade!!! - Ericksson, Myers, Beagle, Sutter, Roussell ---- over payments, plain and simple but Ericksson was to be worth 6mill, Jim didnt fail us Ericksson did - Miller is a steal by Benning , as is Schmidt trade. - Without Benning, some argue Jude Brackett, we don't have the propspect/ young talent.
  13. Tanev is the only person I would have brought back. Toffoli hurts just because he has scored so many against us - Rather him over Virtanen. Leivo for cheap sure
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