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  1. Come 2022- 2023, Ericksson is off the book. Roussel, Beagle are off the books. We could keep Sutter as a 3rd line center if Gaudette doesnt work out but south of 2 million if we do. Would be great is Pearson signs south of 3 so he can be our 3LW. Enter Poldkozin and Hoglander on ELC. We would have 55M in cap space - also of note Miller and Horvats deal expire that season. Petty I would love if we could sign on a long term deal at 10M x 8years and Hughes at 9 M x 8 years. Assuming 20 Mill goes to them and Demko plays like how he did in the playoffs (7M) - Thats 27 M locked up in 3 players. Boeser takes 7.5 M himself and now we have 35Mill approx in 4 players. Miller and Horvat could take 7 each in their next contract - assuming 15 for the both. 50Million in your core of 4 forwards, 1 dman, 1 goalie. ^ Thats scary - we need to get lucky and see the cap rise in 2 years when our struggle begins Myers and Schmidt take up another 12 and now we have 62 Million. We need to sign 9 more forwards, 3 defenceman, 1 back up goalie with 20Million. Heres hoping Benning can get bargain deals out of our core and create a contender.
  2. Domi only took a 2 year deal. Will he join us in 2 

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    2. Ghostsof1915


      Why Vancouver in particular?

    3. TNucks1



      for him and Bo too reunite and dominate the league :P , lol jking kinda i wanted us to try and get him though too try it out, just hope domi aint looking for serious cash, although he's got 2 seasons to prove it with CBJ now.

    4. Nuxfanabroad


      Okay..he gets two yrs to perfect the divine art of shot-blocking!

  3. Coyotes are trying to move Hall's rights 

  4. I do agree we have good team chemistry- thats why I do find it imperative to keep Tanev, Stecher. Ideally Ericksson is moved w/ a 2nd rounder and Lind like prospect for future considerations. Virtanen doesnt fit our bill and tbh I don't think he has good team chemistry with anyone here. Sutter I would like to keep and move at the deadline on a retained salary if need be to compensate a pick. Roussel, Baertschi, Beagle,, Ferland are our guys out. Would rather keep Leivo, Motte like characters. Resign Pearson for a 3LW role and try getting Domi for Horvat
  5. Would be amazing if Petey and Hughes took friendly contracts for 7 years x 8 mill range

    1. NUCKER67


      I think that's quite possible. Money is important, but so is being happy and comfortable where you're living and playing. They love it here, they want to win here.  

    2. internationalhippy


      i think theres a chance they take team friendly contracts, but no way 7 years. 4 maybe 5 but fives a stretch

    3. VancouverHabitant


      It's not out of the question if the revenues keep on plummeting down.  


      Sebastian Aho got a bit over 8 mil and Elias is trending to be just as good as Aho.  

  6. 1) Trade Ericksson + Demko to Ottawa for a 3rd pick. 2) Trade Virtanen + Stetcher's rights for a 3rd pick + 2nd if resigned. 3) Roussell is traded on a retrained contract. 4) Ferland IR reserve 5) Baertschi + Lind for future considerations -------------- Tanev 4 x 4mill Markstrom 5 x 5 mill Toffoli : 4 x 5 mill Pietrangelo: 6 x 7 mill - front loaded.
  7. With the roster size of 15 currently and only 6 mill in cap space. The Lightning , despite their tax break, will find themselves in cap hell. Now, the lightning currently don't have a 1st round pick. If looking at their depth chart- Point, Kucherov, Hedman, and Vasilevskiy rank higher then their captain Stamkos who is near the peak of his career. Ottawa obtains: Steven Stamkos TBL obtain: 5th OA pick, NYI 1st round pick aswell, Anisimov (50% retained to replace C duties), and 3- 2nd round picks.
  8. With the roster size of 15 currently and only 6 mill in cap space. The Lightning , despite their tax break, will find themselves in cap hell. Shattenkirk is coming into UFA and is someone I would like to see the Canucks go after. With Stetcher probably wanting a pay raise it may be best to let him walk and attempt to obtain the veteran Dman who would be a good fit on our 2nd pp. With Sergachev's ELC expiring they must let him go to avoid cap hell Shattenkirk currently makes $1.75 million and I believe we could look into giving him a 2.5-3 million range contract for 3 to 4 years.
  9. If we scored 2 goals in game 7 if not more. Demko playing that well was an unknown, but when we needed it our offense didnt show up as much this series. Our shots for were terrible
  10. Lets hope this game goes to triple OT and Dallas wins


    Demko gets an extra rest.

    1. debluvscanucks


      I'd rather the Avs take it.  

    2. debluvscanucks


      Awww, just got in and see the Stars took it.  Damn.

  11. Simple as that- give ourself options and play demko next year 30% of the starts
  12. If Marky is healthy for game 6 who starts 

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    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Either way Green will get crucified by some of our "fans" if we lose no matter how the team plays in front of our goalie.

    3. goog16


      Demko with his game 5 play has earned the next start.Marky was lights out in the other 2 series but has been very ordinary at times in 3 games of this one!

      Easy choice for me,but not mine to make.I'll cheer hard regardless who's in!

    4. Robert Long

      Robert Long

      Demko game 6, Marky 7 since they are b2b's and you can't run Marky out for both of them. 

  13. Or Toronto packages Nylander and Pens 1st round pick for OEL?