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  1. It can take almost 10 to 14 days since exposure to test positive for COVID. Thus why the transmission of COVID is high, people pass it along will being unsymptomatic.


    My belief is that the Canucks got it from MTL players as they had players go down just a few days prior.

  2. May increase the cap just in time when Horvat, Boeser, Miller , Hoglander, Poldkozin are due for a raise. Sign hughes petey long term now so we their %cap decreases come time
  3. Its either Markstrom or Demko ... can only keep 1 long term and tbh Demko is ready Toffoli hurts because he scored so many against us, take his games against us out and he isnt as hyped Schmidt is getting back to his habits in Vegas. Upgrade!!! - Ericksson, Myers, Beagle, Sutter, Roussell ---- over payments, plain and simple but Ericksson was to be worth 6mill, Jim didnt fail us Ericksson did - Miller is a steal by Benning , as is Schmidt trade. - Without Benning, some argue Jude Brackett, we don't have the propspect/ young talent.
  4. Tanev is the only person I would have brought back. Toffoli hurts just because he has scored so many against us - Rather him over Virtanen. Leivo for cheap sure
  5. We are approx 1/3 into the NHL season and I thought it would be a fun idea to try to do an All Star Game Roster for each Division. So I propose to all fans what would your All Star Roster look like? My rules are simple: 2 plays per each team and players must be picked by their position listed on NHL.com stats page. This is harder for defenseman but lets go by what is listed on NHL stats as their shooting side. North Division consists: Maple Leafs, Canadians, Oilers, Jets, Flames, Canucks, & Senators My Roster: Tkachuk- McDavid -
  6. First of all we all know he got benched last night... Would Pettersson /Horvat want him on their team with the antics, fortnite. CBJ is currently paying him 5 million. Canucks Trade Pearson and Virtanen plus a 2021 1st round pick (protected), 2nd rd pick. Probably underpaying for the kid, but there is issues with his game atm
  7. I do hope Pearson stays on a cheap deal and ends up on our 3rd line. I could see Edler finishing his career here maybe on a 2 year extension. I doubt Tryamkin returns anymore but its a nice thought. Hopefully with Virtanen and 1st rd pick we can get a solid Defensive Defenceman that will be Hughes partner for years to come and can play PP minutes on the 2nd unit.
  8. Pettersson vs Hoglander ....



    Who would win a unicycle and juggling race?

    1. ImConfused


      The audience

  9. The way things are going I'd rather protect Motte over Virtanen
  10. I'm gonna make an assumption that Hamonic may have been exposed to potentially someone on his flight when he came from Winnipeg (unless he drove). He may been in contact with Canucks staff / hotel staff that may also be in contact with the rest of the players. Thus a precaution to shut it down. Do a wide scale testing, get 2 negative results and boom we back in action tomorrow/ Monday
  11. Petty is well rounded and will be loved by media as he grows Allstar Has a death stare but yet can juggle and unicycle at the same time. Will do charity events but will also hit back
  12. The teams will go to 32 in the future, but no more Teams do need to be moved - no way Seattle should be paying 500mill and a team in the southern be a fraction of that. The cap may stay lower for a while, hopefully they can hit a TV league out of the park
  13. Only way I see that is that if its in Sasketchewan or Quebec City...
  14. It will happen with this group. Its going to be Avs, Canucks, Knights, Stars as your top dawgs moving forward
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