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  1. Lotto Line Hoglander Horvat Garland Pearson Dickinson Poldkozin Any of those wingers can move up and down the line up imo if need be with the exception of Pearson playing w/ Petey
  2. With Weber coming off the books to LTIR for the Canadiens, it leaves a gap on their right side. Canadiens may potentially have 20M in cap space come time. Canucks sadly need more cap space to resign Petey and Hughes (near 15M if long term), Dickinson and Garland (7 M). Canucks trade Schmidt to the Canadiens in exchange for a 2022 2nd round pick, and the Ducks 3rd rd pick Montreal currently possesses. Canucks can use savings for Hamonic if they decide to pursue him for 3M to fill a gap
  3. Their could have been a deal done prior with another team for all we know, asset management at the end of the day . We don't know if Larsson got a NMC/NTC
  4. With the lack of centres and top 6 power the Kraken have at the moment and with them signing good Dmen, we may have an opportunity to save cap and improve our D. With Poldkozin potentially able to step in to our top 6 , can we flip Miller for Larsson - it adds more strength to our D that looks weak since Edler/ Hamonic have departed. In the End Seattle acquires Miller for 2 yrs left at 5.25 Million Canucks acquire a dman in Larsson for 4 years that can slot into our 2nd pairing, hit, play 20 minutes a game for 4 Million
  5. Does getting Dickinson mean we can prioritize a dman over a center at 9th.... ofc BPA

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    2. bigbadcanucks


      IMHO, the Dickison deal has zero bearing on who the Canucks pick.  The Amateur Draft is for 4-5 years down the road, and regardless of whether you are Sam Pollock or not, the best laid out plans are more likely to change than remain static.  This is all to say, I would stay the course and select the BPA.

    3. kanucks25


      The acquisition of a depth player has absolutely no bearing on a top-10 overall draft selection.

    4. Devron44


      Honestly should have nothing to do with Dickinson. You’re not going to see the player we draft in a Canucks uniform for 1-2 year MIN

  6. It would have to be Hoglander/ Poldkozin going back atm... Schmidt if he has a bounce back season
  7. No offense to Lind- but we should protect someone better. Do a trade where Lind is traded for a young better player another team may lose.

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    2. PunjabiCanucks


      Incase they have 2 assets - rather then lose one of the 2- they can get a rookie back that Seattle may not care 

    3. Alflives


      I’m not getting it. :picard:

      Wouldn’t that team lose the guy they trade to us (who is better than Lind) and then lose Lind in the ED?  They lose two players that way, no?  

    4. kanucks25


      Trading Lind wouldn't really do anything. We'd be better off trading a different asset (like a pick) for a better player and just letting Seattle take him.

  8. We got 3 letters One for our house, main, basement.... we filled out the main application- since then census personnel have shown up to our house 3x saying we haven't completed it when we did. Finally ended up calling them and they finally buzzed off after realizing there is just one house- with one family- no basement or other families here... Call them at 1 855 340 2021
  9. McDavid- the NHL is a different game now. We need an era adjusted sample to do this kind of stuff... goaltending was different then, teams were different
  10. Why isn't game 4 tonight? Independence day allows for a higher viewership?

    1. Ghostsof1915


      They also didn't play on Canada Day either. 

    2. ChuckNORRIS4Cup


      They must of found less people were watching on the weekends, I believe this is because of the cause and effect of covid. People have been cooped up for so long come the weekend they just want to go out and enjoy life again, they probably get more viewers right now during the week.

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