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  1. I wonder if the best option to plug the hole on the right side D is looking overseas. Would Nick Ebert be an option? https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/45972/nick-ebert

    24 YO RHD American born good offensive output in the SHL speed and good shot. ticks alot of boxes. 

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    2. thejazz97


      I like Schenn as the option for 6/7/8D. He and Biega would both be really good in that role.

    3. smithers joe
    4. hammertime


      Soderstrom is in this draft and has a total of 7pts in 44 games I would say he is a really really long shot if drafted to make the Canucks next year. I don't mind the prospect but there isn't much indication that his cieling is above 2nd pairing utility D he sort of does a lot of things well but no one thing tremendously. I would hope that waiting 3 years for a guy like that to develop into a  player isn't JB's first solution. Also in that range of pick I'm more interested in Sieder, Kaliev, Suzuki, Newhook, Caufield, if all off the table then Soderstrom. Just my $.02

  2. Filip Bo Flow 2018

    1. Fateless


      Not sure Zadina would slip into an NHL line-up right away, but if he did, I don't think he unseats Pettersson for the first line. 

  3. Lol 

    1. zzbottom


      Probably is? Shall I rescend? 

    2. zzbottom


      Love you. Sorry. 

  4. So if we beat MTL tomorrow are we back in the playoff hunt? 

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    2. Fantomex


      Sharks in round 1? Series over in 3 games due to the Sedins retiring and Miller fleeing the country.

    3. ReggieBush


      We would probably play Minny assuming we get the final WC spot. A chance at redemption for 03 perhaps?

    4. -AJ-


      I'd say we need more than one more win to really be competitive for a spot. Maybe two or three more consecutive wins and we'd be in the thick of it.

  5. Heyitsp my other login is pooched. This new CDC barfs on my comp I can only login through Facebook. I made hammertime a couple years ago and its the only way I can log in now bud. Most of the funks hardly work on my Pos tablet with the new cdc. Glad to see you made the injury tracker this year.

    1. The Bookie

      The Bookie

      Yeah it was weird, when they re-booted the site it worked fine for me. But the entire place was like a ghost town for a couple weeks, then gradually people started to pop up posting again. Not 2 Legit.