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  1. I can see a lot of reasons to love the pick. For me it will depend on who is available. Clarke, Beniers, Luke, Eklund, Lysell are IMO must draft players if they are available. Edvinsson would be next for me but a tier down as I'm just not as confident on him reaching his full potential.
  2. Edvinsson in my opinion has a great motor. I see a very big raw kid who plays his heart out. For his size it's impressive how he contorts his body on skates to move in all directions. He skates incredibly well and plays aggressively. He has great all round tools offensively and defensively. I feel he is a bit of a project. He is physically ready for the SHL but will need seasoning. He has a tendency to over play and as a result create costly low% plays. With maturity I expect he will more likely than not rise to the cream of this draft but the risk involved doesn't ha
  3. Edvinsson for me there. Guys his size who are as agile on their skates as he is are mythical creatures. As he gains maturity with coaching I'm sure he will settle his game down and have fewer mental lapses from trying to do too much.
  4. Of course I'd rather not lose Kole but realistically I'd rather they took Kole than Myers or Holtby.
  5. Yes to an extent. However I think most importantly this will be a team that will beat you in zone possession. I have slanted my list greatly towards players who excel in the "Get" category. You don't have to win the arms race if can win the puck.
  6. My current list. Cuz heck its Saturday. This is not my over all list but drafting from a Canucks specific perspective. I figure 35 will cover the Canucks first 2 picks. Tier 1 Can't pass on 1 Clarke RHD 2 Beniers C 3 Luke LHD 4 Eklund LW 5 Lysell RW Tier 2 Blue chippers 6 Edvinsson LHD 7 Wallstedt G 8 Svechkov C 9 Johnsson C/LW 10 McTavish C 11 Power LHD 12 Guenther RW Tier 3 Bunts n big swings 13 Raty C 14 Robertson RW 15 Sillinger LW/C 16 Chibrikov RW 17 Lucius C 18
  7. I'll play. I think you are very close on your predictions of how the Draft will go at least in terms of who will be left where we pick. For me its a no brainer it's Lysell.................................... Svechkov...McT IMO Lysell is a top tier player in this draft. Up there with Clarke Luke Beniers Eklund. IMO the Canuck model team JB is building revolves around forechecking maintaining pressure and activated defense. Lysell is an absolute menace in the neutral zone he's a player who tilts the ice. His contribution's aren't adequately represented on the scoreboard
  8. My main takeaways from the U18 regarding this years draft elligable kids. Tuomaala, Lysell, really impressed me. Svechkov further solidified himself as a top 10 pick on my board. Clarke is still 1st over all for me. McTavish moved the needle a bit I now have him just outside my top ten and just inside from a Canucks perspective. Heimosalmi, and Ceulemans were very nice surprises. I don't think Samu Salminen lost a single faceoff all tournament obviously that's an exaggeration but not much of one. He knows how to slide in
  9. Why is Gorton so great he got fired for being a coward. He rebuilt the Rags? I mean did he tho? Kakko and LaFrienere was there another choice?
  10. I just have one thing to say. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo That is all.
  11. Really liking Samu Salminen's game. If he's around for our 2nd I could get excited about picking him. He's been great on special teams and lights out in the dot! He plays a power game and has a lethal shot to boot. Could he be our 3C?
  12. I was 100% behind that statement the Rangers put out re Wilson. I guess we can take this back to the players here and let em know re not putting out a official statement on their behalf re resuming play after covid. Going against the league wouldn't change anything other than getting JB insta fired. They did the right thing I guess the league can't fire the players.
  13. I think we agree?? I have both Eklund and Guenther ahead of Johnson because if we draft Johnson the guy he is going to have to compete with for ice time is Cap Bo Horvat or play 3rd line and I don't think that will suit him very well. Where I think both Elkund and Guenther have a better opportunity to thrive on the Canucks. Or crazy thought we could actually draft the 3C we really need in Fyodor who's game couldn't possibly mesh better with Podkolzin.
  14. Thanks for your reply. This is where we run into trouble. IMO I see Johnson as a Tyson Jost comparable. Now I'm a big fan of Jost. However if we look at our team needs as you said we need a C or a RHD. If we peg Johnson at a potential offensive sheltered 2/3C VS Guenther Eklund as potential 1/2 wingers we may be better off drafting the wingers and flipping them or one of our other wingers they out perform later for a defensive 3c ++
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