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  1. Crosby doesn't play the same game as ferland. or twice in a row fight someone first game back from a concussion. Ferland only knows one way to play this comparison is moot.
  2. Ferland is not healthy. He will not stop putting himself in harm's way and only harm will come to him if he continues to play. He is done. the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.
  3. I dont think he was could be wrong but I agree on the stance that if Juolevi outplays our 5/6/7 D no reason not to get him in some games. Not like you're hurting Benns development.
  4. meh same ol nux fans blowing everything out of proportion. Its called coaching kid needs tough love to light a fire. Dif strokes. good to see Zac getting some reps.
  5. his next contract will be cheeper than if he had 3 years.
  6. Sorry Sam NIk signed 1 year extension with Avtomobilist! Chances are he never wears the scowling orca again. Boooourns!
  7. I dont see what Lafreniere has to do with dumping salaries that wont be on the cap when his elc is up. Even if JB were dumb enough to trade Lafreniere it would get vetoed immediately by Franky so its kind of a non starter.
  8. I'm personally not overly optimistic Nik will ever wear the scowling orca again. Though I would love to have him. Maybe 3rd pairing of Rafferty Tryamkin Could be a good opportunity for both of them to prove they deserve quality NHL minutes.