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  1. I hope you're right and I hope it's worth it. What's nice to see is there really isn't any horrible money on the cap anymore. There's some mediocre to bad stuff but nothing atrocious.
  2. Is Mikey D the guy? behind the guy? If not then I don't see the point of buying out Holtby and then having to pay another guy to do a job that Holtby was doing adequately. They aren't saving money or improving the team so I don't see the point. Unless Mikey put in work last season with Clark and he's ready to backup.
  3. I would absolutely love to get him in Abby. It would be a great starting point if they can develop a player there.
  4. really Edvinsson Sieder is going to be scarey. I imagine they did their homework on the goalies. Cossa is a beast.
  5. we're you reading the one about klimovich shot being Ovechkin like. Or the other 50 prospects with Ovechkin like shots.
  6. I like the slight of hand flaunting Lind as distraction to Gadjo putting up a goal a game in the A.
  7. I have to assume this kid who had been groomed for years that there was something rotten.
  8. I mean I'm definitely not gonna say I didn't want Heimosalmi 3 picks later Jack Bar 1 pick later Sobolev 2 picks later Daniil Lazutin Not drafted Jake Martin Not drafted But I'm very excited to watch the guys we got develop. Klimovich is one hell of a sleeper pick I like that JB put his nutz on the table. Bold move cotton. I just hope he's done his homework.
  9. I'm not ruling out the possibility of one day moving him to C but starting him at C in the NHL would not be wise.
  10. really Kole Lind? I mean we will see but I'd be surprised if he plays 300 games in any capacity.
  11. He told the world he was gonna take a discount. So it's ok.
  12. I'm for leaving him in the KHL over the QMJHL. If we can get him into the AHL that would be great. Just don't expect him to set the league on fire out of the gate.
  13. I know its really early I have only seen a few u18 games where Kuzmin had the majority of my attention. But if his shot is legit (looks legit) and his motor is as advertised. I wonder if he could one day replace Miller in that Quasi C/LW on Pete's wing. It's pretty pie n the sky but maybe? Danila Pete Brock
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