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  1. Not that I disagree Edler for a first certainly is a non starter. I would add though Edler has been solid for us his stats don't really tell the story.
  2. Thanks for the write up. I would probably shy away on Suomi.Though Jimi finnish is a pretty sweet name. Hughes and Rathbone are already in the system as smallish 4th forward LHD obviously though if hes still hanging around in the 3rd and beyond thats just low hanging fruit. On that same note Sean Behrens is an incredibly exciting prospect but unless he falls in our lap or we have multiple picks I probably focus on higher floor players with our 2nd. And swing for the fences in later rounds. However Grushinkov looks very promising. JB does love to draft defensive LHD. Would not shock me one bit to hear his name called. And I wouldn't mind one bit. I really hope this is the year JB can actually pick up a few picks at the deadline or draft. There will be a whole bunch of hunches being played at the draft which means teams like the Canucks who have been highly invested in scouting for several years should be in a good position to clean up on under scouted players if they can acquire a bulk of mid to late picks.
  3. Anybody got anything on Roman Schmidt??? 6'5 rhd 200+ lbs parents were figure skaters. Looks like a really interesting prospect. Maybe a guy to watch. For Roman Schmidt, his first foray into hockey came on figure skates, courtesy of his parents, Derek and Liza. “I actually started skating when I was 2, but it was in figure skates,” Schmidt explained. “My parents were figure skaters and skated at high levels, but I really didn’t enjoy it. “We were living in Ottawa at the time and my dad would always be watching the Senators games. I would go in and watch it with him and I just loved it. For my 7th birthday, I asked for hockey gear and that is how I started playing.” Photo by Rena Laverty There was something about hockey that really pulled him into the sport. “I can’t explain why I like hockey, but it really interested me,” said Schmidt, who was born in Midland, Michigan. “I loved watching Senators games and I would usually get tickets for my birthday and Christmas to go to games. I loved watching Erik Karlsson play. It was always exciting to see how he could change the game.” With Karlsson as an example, it may be no surprise Schmidt ended up as a defenseman. He didn’t start out as a blueliner, but found his true calling a short time later. “I started out as a forward and it was OK,” Schmidt said. “I then played defense for one year before playing forward again. In my second year with my team, I realized that playing defense was an important part of the team and we needed some help back there. “Most people will tell you that you can see the ice, but for me, it is all about stopping the other team. It always feels good when you can stop the other team, especially if there is a 4-on-3, or a 5-on-3. If you stop the team and make a play, it’s very enjoyable.” Growing up, Schmidt was usually the tallest guy on his team, and it wasn’t always easy for him. He has really learned how to use 6-foot-5, 209-pound frame during his first season with the USA Hockey National Team Development Program. “When I was growing up, my coaches were always telling me to use my size and make plays,” Schmidt said. “This year, I think it has been my best year as a player and following this rule. In minor hockey, I was always the tallest guy and it seems that I would get called for penalties first if I tried to hit someone. Now, I can go full out and hit guys as there are players who are bigger than me. I’m also using my reach and learning how to poke the puck away.” The other big part of the transition for Schmidt was adjusting to the pace of the play, especially in the USHL. “For me the biggest one was the speed,” said Schmidt. “It was definitely faster than playing in midgets. The guys are bigger, so you are not towering over them. It was an adjustment learning how to deal with that. It took me four to five games to get the speed down. Then, you finally started to get comfortable and learn how to make plays.” He credits much of his development and improvement in his game to associate head coach Dan Hinote. “Coach Hinote has really helped me by showing me tricks and pointers on how to do things but also do things with more efficiency,” said Schmidt, who finished with seven goals and 17 points in 48 contests. “He has introduced the 'D' on how to close in on players, how to be aggressive and go in and use the body to get the puck. It’s more than just being a player; it’s learning how to be a better and efficient player.” One part of that development has been watching video. It may seem small but for Schmidt it has been making a big difference. “It really helps,” he said. “You get to see yourself and where you are at. It is definitely a different view of the ice. It’s a great overview of what you are doing right or what you are doing wrong. It helps so much in your development. “We watched a lot of individual video on the season on our defensive game. It really allows you to break down and find the areas that can help you improve so you can excel.” One of his favorite games from his Under-17 season was a complete team effort which resulted in a 6-0 win over Russia. Photo by Rena Laverty Photo by Rena Laverty “The first time we beat Russia in Russia,” said Schmidt. “It felt so good especially after we had lost to them in the U17 World Challenge finals. I think that we deserved to win that game [in Russia] as we battled hard. “As a team, we were prepared for that game. We played well defensively, and we bought into the game plan from the coaches. We had an unbelievable start to that game. It was a total team effort by the goalie, the defensemen and the forwards. That is what happens we play together.” For Schmidt, he knows that his work is never done, and he already has big plans to help him improve before his second season with the NTDP. His summer plans focus on one thing — cardio. “The big thing that I plan to do is work on my endurance and conditioning,” he explained. “We are playing longer games and I’m a bigger guy, so I really need to focus on my cardio. Sometimes last year, it was hard to last the whole game. I want to be able to make an even bigger impact this year, even if the game goes into overtime, I want to be ready to go. “I will be doing lots of running this summer. I’ve been going to the track at least three times a week and doing cardio workouts. Right now, since we have no ice, I’m working on my strength and conditioning.” And with each step this summer, one thing will never change and that is how much it means to him to wear the red, white and blue. “It’s so cool, even in practice to be able to wear the USA logo,” said Schmidt. “I remember seeing the jerseys on TV but to see them up close and to be able to put them on, it’s a huge honor. It’s so special to be able to represent the country. I will always cherish the opportunity.”
  4. Meh I'm not here to debate the value of Jake. You have your opinion I have mine. As it stands you can't even move him for an expiring contract who wont be re signe'd (Heinen) without eating additional $$$ on the back end. Back to draft talk. Who's with me really pulling for this kid in the 2nd cut from the same cloth as Podkolzin it seems. He's 17 with an April B day and being leaned on in a men's league for his defensive play. Where do I sign. He's ranked anywhere from 17th oa Elite prospects to mid 2nd round. Fyodor Svechkov Another very solid player, Fyodor Svechkov can make an impact at both ends of the ice. Currently playing for Lada Togliatti of the Supreme Hockey League (VHL), he has accumulated one goal and three assists for four points in 13 games. He has also suited up for Ladia Togliatti of the MHL where he has collected three points in four games. What impresses me the most about Svechkov is the fact he will not back down from anyone. When he is standing in front of the net, he battles hard to get positioning and is able to jump on loose rebounds if the chance presents itself. With the puck on his stick, he uses his deft stickhandling ability to gain time and space for his teammates and can set them up with ease. Fyodor Svechkov, Lada Togliatti (Photo Courtesy of HCLADA.RU) Svechkov is very effective at using his body to shield the puck from other players. His lower body strength makes him hard to knock off the puck and results in few turnovers for his team. While Svechkov still needs to work on his skating and being more fluid with his stride, his effort is amazing to watch. He goes hard on the forecheck and is not afraid to throw the body to get the puck back. Svechkov was ranked a B prospect by NHL Central Scouting and has proven that he is one of the better draft-eligible Russian players. With him playing against men, he will be better equipped at handling the physicality at the pro level. If he can better his all-around game and his consistency, then other teams better watch out. Fyodor Svechkov is the best Russian prospect eligible for the 2021 NHL Draft. We announced as much by placing him 17th in the EliteProspects Preliminary Top-32 2021 NHL Draft ranking, and it's only proven more true in the time since. At the time, it seemed as if we'd stuck our necks out for Svechkov. When one considers his performances since then, his constant improvement, and the professional setting in which Svechkov is evolving, it seems as though we'd undersold his talent. Svechkov could very well challenge Matthew Beniers for the distinction as this draft's best defensive forward. His MHL numbers weren't anything to write home about last season, with only six points to show for his 24 outings, but Svechkov emerged as a go-to option in international settings, playing with pro-level habits
  5. Is it though. Jake is getting paid 3.4m real dollars next year. He might have to personally install the photocopier in Minni.
  6. You realize that if you could trade Jake straight up for a photocopier rn you do it.
  7. 72 pts in 69 (dude nice) games last year. 19 in 21 this year. Ya I would say his value should have risen. Especially if JB takes expiring dead cap back to make it work. This isn't really a thought out proposal but just an example of something along the lines of what I would expect. To Minni JT + Virtanen -50% combined 6.52m To Van Bonino 4.1m UFA 4pts Bjugstad 2.05m UFA 6pts Possibly re sign him cheap. Combined 10 pts 6.15M Minni 1st 2021 Pitty 1st 2021 This could be Minni's last chance to make a kick at the can with the Parise and Suter contracts only getting worse by the minute. Depends on how desperate they are. in 2020 JT and JV combined for 108 points in 2020 Bonino and Bjugstad combined for 37 points
  8. I could see both moved. Nate we got for a song and we could easily take an expiring contract back and upgrade the pick coming our way. (Asset management). Same for Miller. I think his attitude is wearing thin on some of the guys in the room he's a competitive guy. This is quite the mystery draft there are many guys IMO ranked well ahead of where they should be. If we come away from this draft with 1 of Luke Edvinsson Eklund Clarke Johnson Wallstedt and then manage to pick up 2 of........ Corson Ceulemans Chaz Lucious Nik Chibrikov Fedor Svechkov Samuel Helenius Maxim Krovyakov I won't shed a single tear over Jimothy Timmothy, Schmitty, Pearson. They have been effective in their time with us but they are the few that carry value who I do not see as irreplaceable pieces. If JB can get a 1st and 2 or 3 top 70 picks out of trading them this is the year to buy lotto tickets. Edler should get his retirement contract. He has been treated like absolute garbage by this fanbase and always stuck buy us. Sutter if he can be signed for cheap real cheap. He hasn't lived up to his current contract maybe he does us a solid. He seems genuinely liked in the room (foundational if you will). I think his mentorship is more valuable than most think. Myers Love him or hate him he provides attributes that are woefully lacking on our team from a position we are weakest. He is also displays leadership qualities. Hammonic I think he should get a mulligan on this season. He's a pro who has proven over the course of his career to be a top minute munching shut down D things have been coming up Millhouse for him this year. I think he should be given another chance. I mean for 1.25m there is too much upside if he can right the ship. If not oh well. No risk.
  9. That's fair concern. For me I see a kid who's 6'5 and agile as a cat. I agree with much of what you are saying however he is a raw 18yo kid. The most important part for me is that hes got his motor running. Where when I watch Power it's like watching Brian Reeves on skates. I feel like Edvinssons spatial awareness is coachable he definately is prone to getting caught flat footed when he loses himself. Still see a kid with to much upside to miss the top 5.
  10. I would not. But I'm not saying he doesn't have that upside in any way shape or form. For me however. Luke Edvinsson Eklund dogged forecheck skill to set up mates or finish himself. Clarke Johnson Wallstedt Detroit should take him fools not to.
  11. I'm a big fan of Johnson. I'm always pulling for the BCHL kids though. Newhook, Jost, Fabbro. Johnson is a joy to watch his dangles have dangles. Eklund and Johnson are my 2 favorite forwards in this draft.