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  1. Hoglander, Demko, Juolevi, Rafferty, Chatfield, tomorrow Brisbois, Rathbone? I believe the kids are in... Who's left Lind?
  2. Boys in Blue off to a great start. Not trying to knock on anybody , but Chatfield looks much better than Juolevi did to me so far. Yes way too early to judge but my eye test tells me Chatfeild is in for the near future. Calm, cool. collect. Moves the puck out of his zone like a vet and has some IDGAF lets go attitude.
  4. 2 years of coming into camp under coaches standard. Gets called out publicly by the GM after a poor playoffs. After all that he comes in this year without much drive in him again. If anybody needed to come out of the gates flying it was Jake. I've been one to back this guy up waiting patiently for him to mature. Obviously it's just not going to happen in this city. He doesn't fit in the top 6 simply because he's not smart enough. Hogs is already passed him & Podz will undoubtedly do the same. I'm not sure he fits in our bottom 6 either as he's not hungry or gritty enough. He seems to play to not get hurt or scratched or bruised or mess his pretty hair up in anyway. Motter, Macewan, Roussel, Gaudette, even Beagle bring more to the table than Virtanen does. His strengths is in his skating when he has open space and his quick hard shot. Just like in junior where he could use that more regularly with his physicality. Unfortunately that kind of space & one dimensional play doesn't translate to the NHL or even AHL as we've seen & his physicality play has pretty much disappeared. This guy is not willing to put in the work/hustle, throw the big hits drive to the net and in your face hockey that he needs to do to be an impact player he could be. Kind of a pretty boy attitude which isn't working or flying with his team mates, GM, etc. Address change might be the only thing that wakes him up. Just my humble opinion after 9 years of watching him develop. PS. Truly still HOPE Jake can prove me wrong, but I'm starting to lose faith just a bit as you can see.
  5. lol I remember you were another claiming he was 6'4''...
  6. So I said 6'1''-6'2''. You're saying 6'3''. So the real argument you are making here is 1". lol. Like I said earlier, EDLER is 6'3". When Podz gets here & is equal to EDLERS height I will 100% admit i was wrong. I hope you do the same. We'll be talking soon RWMc1 & Deb.
  7. My eye puts him t 6'1'' - 6'2'' today... But 6'4'' -6'0'' -6'1'' 6'0'' 6'1'' In other news, the KHL website has also updated its height and weight information of Podkolzin, claiming that he is 192cm (6’3″) tall. I don’t know if I can 100% say that he is not 6’3″, but I am pretty certain he is still the shortest player on his young guns line, he is potentially taller than Kirill Marchenko, who is listed at 189cm (6’2″) on the KHL site. Ivan Morozov is measured at 6’1″ on the KHL website yet he is noticeably taller than both Marchenko and Podkolzin. So who knows what’s going on with that Russian website! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news on the height thing. The website also has him at 92kgs (203lbs). That is possible as he does look thicker than last season. It’s hard to tell on the ice but I just don’t think he grew three inches since being drafted. In the end, it was a good performance from Podkolzin today and we will continue to follow his year in the KHL as it goes on.
  8. 6'0'' So...who knows? I Know he's not 6'4" . Soon enough we'll all know. Regardless of his height he's the REAL DEAL. That's the most important thing now & in the end...
  9. LOL Deb. Simple Eye test says it all. Plus I'm a realist. Edler is 6'3" Once Podz gets here & stands next To Edler everyone will see he's 6'1" Then we'll revisit this. Also glad 2 games doesn't resonate ones career... Glad Podz shut the doubters up quickly tonight.
  10. He plays a similar game/style to Bo Horvat. |||Which will translate to the NHL. Also, If anybody's actually watching they would realize he's NOT 6'4'' LMAO. He's 6'1''...
  11. AT this point it's SIMPLE now, Stay the F*@# HOME EVERYONE...........