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  1. Pettersson (one of the best young C in the NHL) Boeser (top goal scoring winger in the NHL) Hughes (one of the best young upcoming D in NHL) Hoglander (Calder candidate last season) Podzkolzin (seeing Hogs play, can't wait to see what this beast can do) Juolevi (5-7 guy or top 4 guy in future?) Rathbone (high end talent, steal) Gadjovich (just a matter of time before we see a lot more of this tough as nails guy) Demko (one of the best upcoming goalies in the NHL) Macewan (never drafted but JB new this kid could bring something to the table) Horvat
  2. So Ducks have made him an offer. !00% it's north of 2 mill even at 1 year. Ryan Getzlaf even at 36 yrs old is still worth a 2.5 x 1 or even 3 x 1. 2.5 x 2? I'd have no problem giving this 6'3 230lbs, 3-4th line Centre that for his services. Centres: Pettersson Horvat Getzlaf Dickinson let's goooooo
  3. Hopefully a lot better than the Ferlund examination. He (VT) was less than mediocore when he finally returned to play this year. No Thanks, Next...
  4. To not take Barzal with one of those picks was a big head scratcher to me at the time & still today. If my memory serves me right they could've had Barzal, Connor & Boeser.
  5. I think my point is quite clear. I believe we're both stating the same thing. Yes I strongly believe OJ needs a full pro season in Abby to reach his full potential. I'm saying he's not ready this season. Especially with the D roster we're trying to build.
  6. Maybe he does become that, I'm just stating with the D we already have & what we need he doesn't fit in next year. Hopefully he keeps developing that in Abby.
  7. Didn't say he was small? He clearly doesn't play a heavy game or isn't going to back your already young guys like Savard, Oleksiak, Hamonic, Gubranson, Schenn, etc. Watched Olli in junior as well quite a bit, never known for his size & physicality. Willing to protect or even a big front net clearer. He's known for his puck moving abilities. We already have enough of that in his class that are better.
  8. So with Hughes, Schmidt, Rathbone, & Meyers already penciled in for next season & us trying to get bigger, stronger & meaner, where & how does Juolevi fit in to our group. In my eyes there's only room for 2 players from these 3 Schmidt, Rathbone & Juolevi. I believe Schmidt will have a bounce back year. Always tough for any player coming in to a new team. He'll be much better this year. Rathbone is just better than Juolevi now. Adding 2 guys you mentioned above is exactly what this team needs. I don't see a spot for Juolevi for next season on this team.
  9. Give up a 1st round pick for OJ? Who's willing to give us that? I would trade him for a 1st round pick ASAP if that was on the table. Highly doubt it is.
  10. Walking from Markstrom 6x6 was a gain. Thank you Demko. Walking from Tanev & picking up Schmidt & Hamonic is a gain. Walking from Toffoli (Madden & 2nd) & re-signing Virtanen was a big loss. Now we need another Toffoli (& what does that cost us?) & we can't even give away Virtanen and his $3.5 mill anchor contract next year who could easily be placed with $1 mill or less players. (Vessey, Boyd, Leivo, Macewan, etc.)
  11. U back?:metal:


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