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  1. one game into the season and you are already talking about short leash. try checking out what Aquilini has said about Benning, Green and coaches, he said he has complete faith in all of them. which means he is happy with the way things are going!!!
  2. Hoglander belongs with pearson and horvat, petey miller and boeser, those two lines should not be changed
  3. Green is a great coach!!!
  4. really! i am happy Loui is playing well, although it is only pre season., give Garland a chance, he has to learn to play with new linemates
  5. except he goes down very easily when a 5foot eight inch guy appears to knocks him down
  6. he either wants to play or he doesn't , i am sure he know by now what his plans are.
  7. but i also blame the players for going along with it.
  8. On twitter they are saying both boys are headed back to Vancouver today, maybe that is a good sign!!
  9. this has become a Mathews and Marner thing, it seems to be all about the money and who cares about the team.
  10. i agree, starting the season without these guys is only going to hurt them. our team is fine without them,
  11. I agree, and Petey missing half of last season and now camp, should not be asking top dollar. you have to earn it
  12. nurse has nothing to do with it. this was his third extension and he deserved every bit he got. Benning didn't screw up at all, the boys are just being selfish, both are not ready for the contracts they are asking for
  13. sorry they are not kids, they are SUPPOSED TO BE ADULTS, remember there is no I in a hockey team, they should be back in Vancouver and on the ice with their team mates where they belong. holding out for this long is wrong
  14. they are not sending a great message to the fans. for me i am disgusted that they are acting like this!!!
  15. bag skates is a very small part, and some are making it all about it. geez!!!!
  16. this is ridiculous, all it seems now is both boys are being selfish and couldn't care less about the fans or the team, its just the almighty dollar to them.
  17. Well i would say blood sucking agents and the players who don't give a dam about the team!!!!
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