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  1. the Canucks had a bad year with several players out including our star player Pettersson and almost everyone on the team having the variant of covid. it is not funny considering our team did well in the playoffs last season over and above the oiler and the leafs. we will rally next season, but never would i call our team the laughing stock, that name is for people who pretend they are fans!!!
  2. the Canucks have been thru a awful COVID year. more so than other teams. seriously what have the Oilers won? McDavid won a personal trophy, woo hoo, their team is no better that they were last year! they will probably be out in the first round like last year. sure they have two good players and a whole team of divers. that will not get them anywhere once the playoffs start. i will always stand by our team and players, the guys play hard for us fans and we should appreciate them!!!
  3. ya well Gms are afraid of the league, it is time for them to get some kahoonies and stand up to Bettman and Parros!
  4. i am sick of this crooked nhl league! makes me want to to puke up on all the whiny little oilers
  5. I am so sick of the oilers getting away with the crap that they do and the refs are just as dirty, DOPS are dirty as well!
  6. it was showed many times last night and Smidt spitting up blood right after, NO PENALTY!!!
  7. Hey i am allowed my own opinion, and i don't like him, one, because he loves to dive and the other over the years he has only cared about points and not about the team.
  8. the guy is all about getting points for himself. he is such a greedy guy
  9. well i am back home from hospital , my fourth trip in the last month, i had pneumonia. i finally get to watch a game , and i am hoping for a big win, i know they can do it
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