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  1. Gaudette and Virtanen, have been given every chance by Green, the players themselves have chosen not to play up to their potential, that is on them, not Green!!!
  2. SO POOLPARTY should have been expecting it after the elbow he threw at Rousell, Rousell doesn't do that for nothing!
  3. i don't know , there had to be a reason he did that and it wasn't on camera
  4. two guys who keep getting fired, no thanks!
  5. Hopkins came in and started punching Rousell, no penalty, not saying Rousell didn't deserve the penalty cause he did, bit Hopkins should have got one too
  6. and yet they are allowed to rough up our players, like going after Petey and Hoglander all night, and a few games ago, going after Hoglander and causing him to bleed, ya thats alright, i hate the Nhl and their bloody double standard!
  7. if we didn't have Beagle , our 4th line would suffer in faceoffs and penalty kill
  8. sorry but Beagle and Sutter have been great on the penalty kill and face offs and our GM gets the players , the players themselves are responsible for the play on the ice.
  9. i am sure he does. sometimes it is not always the coaches fault, the players need to take responsiblity, also the refs were utterly ugly tonight. oilers were allowed to slash, cross check ,elbow and the ref had his head turned pretending not to see. but they sure caught the penalties we committed.
  10. just an update on my sister, she is still on the ventilator and there is no change, her hubby is isolated at the hotel, they have set him up with zoom so he can at least see her. but he is very depressed and he cried on the phone with my other sister, today is her birthday and in 2 days will be their anniversary, i pray to god she wakes up , we have a very large family that because of stupid covid we can't see each other, i can't eat or sleep thinking about her so much. thanks so much for listening and thank you for all the well wishes, it is so much appreciated
  11. thank you, the family have all been called, they don't think she will make it
  12. just got some bad news today, and i am so scared for my sister. a month ago my other sister gave her kidney to my sister and it took. but my sister has had to stay in a hotel with her hubby so she can go to the hospital everyday, well the renal unit has had covid so it has been hard to rush in and out. last week they had to give her 2 blood transfusions. she was feeling so unwell, this morning they rushed her into the icu because she now has covid, and i suspect her hubby has it too because he has been taking care of her at the hotel and he is just getting over cancer himself. i am so beside myself in fear for both of them. sorry i just needed to get this out