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  1. are you really Arty57 from Sportsnet, coming on here spewing your garbage, or maybe his brother. troll!
  2. i really hope they don't, we are finally moving forward , there is no need to move back
  3. Makar got overpaid, sure he is a good player , but during a flat cap , seems to be a selfish player
  4. all the whiners wanted to get rid of roussell, beagle, and especially erickson and now Benning has and they all are still whining, be happy Benning just made our team better
  5. but offering Sutter 1 mil for one year means offering 1 mil for probably 2 months, the rest he will be off injured. it is time to say goodbye to Sutter
  6. I respect an honest man in Benning than someone who pretends to have control of the truth while his face showing he does not
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