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  1. the way i look at it is Hughes was played on all four lines to help the lines out, Makar played solely with MacKinnon, who helped their team the most and that would be Hughes, but its done and i am sure Hughes will keep making history he is that good!
  2. me too, Hughes deserved it more imo!
  3. wow! in my OPINION, I THINK Ekblad makes to much for our team, we are probably going to go with some of our young players in the system, we have good ones waiting in the wing. at least that is what Benning has said
  4. so we trade Boeser but keep Toffoli? why are our players worth nothing, that you want to get rid of Boeser , Juolevi plus a first. Benning would be laughed at around the league
  5. why do you people constantly add Boeser to every trade, Benning has already said he is not trading Boeser. just doesn't make any sense, when Benning got Toffoli to complete the top six and now you all want to give away Boeser and make the top six incomplete again! why not go with Jake, Gaudette, Leivo, or some picks
  6. you have to remember that the cap is not going up for 2 years , i doubt players will get huge raises, i believe when Benning says he is not going to trade Boeser, he has always been honest when he does his pressers, i think more likely other players like Jake, Gaudette or Sutter along with maybe Leivo could be traded, our defense was fine in the playoffs
  7. big difference between the Leafs and Canucks, is Canucks play like a team and the leafs players play for themselves
  8. Toffoli makes 4.6 right now , i think he might want a bit more than 4.8, probably around 5
  9. see this is why my grandchildren are being home schooled, parents should not be left in the dark and i think parents will start fighting this!
  10. Minni is wanting a centre and that is not Boeser, this is Vancouver media hyping this trade, Benning has already said numerous times he is not trading Boeser, if they want a centre they can go after Sutter or Gaudette lol