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  1. Possibly a good idea if OJ and the staff are all on board. It would take studying and a drive to be successful . I don't know the guy but he seems to be a stereotypical quiet Finnish dude and I bet if it brought he and the organization a better chance of success he would buy in. I wouldn't do it too quick though. He's rehabbing injury and hasn't really gotten the shot at a full season of D yet in the NHL. Again it would be up to his mental drive and desire for it to be successful, not just a move from a (random or arm chair) coach.
  2. In my opinion you earn a Lord Stanely by winning 4 seven game series. That is the dream.
  3. Yes a good GM will put out some feelers on all these options. There are few teams looking to do this too (Sens, Ducks) so it wont be easy. I would pass on Dumba unless we got some of those other tougher D man to compliment our new young group
  4. Oilers SHOULD do it. But I dont think they would do it.
  5. Canucks win 4-1 Hoglander winner Flames shoot more.
  6. Like the plan. Dont see us getting Larsson or moving those contracts so easily. But this is most fans hopes (rather than realities). Myself, i consider Bo Horvat our most developed and valuable player. Crazy to have him on the third line (of course he'd log PP time to up his worth). And Nosek loves the knights, hard to image him moving. But i understand any decent second line winger fits that bill if the price is right.
  7. As everyone said depends on the money. He need to replace him, and then sign him as a 3rd pairing.
  8. Tried some at a survival camp. Did not enjoy em. Crickets are a usual protein supplement too. My son said they were fine. Tasted like dirt not peanut butter to me. Usually Freeze Dried and flavour reduced.
  9. Lookin forward to taking my boy to see some Canucks stars in the making. Gotta sell hockey over video games these days. In my days it was hockey or lacrosse.
  10. Oli will still be a top 4 D. Hopefully its with us. Good cheap part of the puzzle
  11. Miller isn't the #1 center the Knights are looking for. They may be interested in Horvat though. I hope JB doesn't trade our captain.
  12. Canucks win the second in back-to-back games 6-3 With pearson grabbing the 4th goal.
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