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  1. Vegas is literally becoming my least favourite team. Cockiness is apparent, and they embellish the hell out of things. Is there anything they don’t whine or complain about? They are such an unlikeable bunch. 


    Ohh boohoo sorry the officials effed you against San Jose last year, but welcome to the NHL. It happens to everyone! Stop throwing yourselves pity parties!

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  2. 3 minutes ago, danaimo said:

    Before the media starts the conversation that this is Canada's team, lets get something straight.  We don't want platitudes from Edm, Tor, Cgy, Wpg or Mtl.  This is BC's team.  I'm just fine with the rest of the country hating us.  Bring on the hate.  Everyone hates us, we don't care.

    Agreed. The whole Canada’s team thing is silly. I couldn’t care less if any of them cheer for us. I cheer against the Lames, Oilers and especially the Laffs at any chance I get! 

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  3. Anything can happen in the playoffs. We booted the defending champs, and now we are facing the number 1 seed.  If we want to get to the end, we were going to have to get through Vegas eventually.

    The boys need to bring that same killer instinct and determination that beat St Louis. If they do, I can see us potentially upsetting Vegas in 7. But this will be tough. Go get em boys!

  4. Some fans give Eagle a hard time, but he is desperately needed On this team to succeed. He eats up a lot of minutes, and plays against other teams top players. It was very noticeable when he went out last night how gassed our D was. It forced some of our guys to play longer minutes and play the defensive role.

    Glad he’s okay. This guy does not get the praise or recognition he deserves. You’re a warrior, Eagle!


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  5. What. A. Comeback.


    This team does not quit. Love them for it. 

    Truthfully, we weren’t perfect, but it takes some serious balls and willpower to score 3 unanswered goals against the defending champs and lock them down in the third for the win. 

    Marky was brilliant. Save that one flukey goal, he was a beast! And Motte. Wow! He deserves it. He works his tail off all the time. 

    Let’s eliminate these chumps next!! 

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