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  1. The Rat defending the "Referees" now. This league is pure Sports Entertainment. Nothing organic about it.



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    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Of course he'd defend a corrupt piece of garbage like Sutherland.  He's the a big part reason that gutless piece of garbage has been allowed to disgrace the sport every time he sets foot onto the ice.  A legitimate league would be investigating the integrity of their officials after Sutherland's misconduct in game 1, combined with his history and Marchand's comments.

    3. Ghostsof1915


      Wasn't the World Series in 1919 fixed too?




    4. NewbieCanuckFan


      @Ghostsof1915.....I often hear my Dad saying "If I knew how you turned out son, I would've gotten myself fixed".:(:P

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