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  1. People that hate Alberta and love Quebec are sad and confused.
  2. I posted one meme from facebook and now I am the village idiot. If you and @Warhippy say so, it must be God's Honest Truth. FTFY Ya it's awesome there I bet. Almost like everything is free....
  3. Yes but Quebecer's make it tough for business according to Warhippy. They have a large population. They have resources, access to the Atlantic vis the ST Lawrence and they operate within Canada by a different set of rules. Why are they unable/unwilling to be self-sustaining? Because they don't have to be.
  4. Just goes to show how terrible a leader JT is. This white supremacist doughboy has the Libs in a tizzy and fear mongering because he is actually a threat to Trudeau, due to Trudeau's buffoonery and incompetence.
  5. Ok, so people in real life only have opinions and facebook is a poor source for feeling the pulse of Canada. You are still upset about the memes? Was banned for 3 days if it makes you feel any better. I think you might be menopausal. LOL George W got in twice and the Canadians are always a few years behind the curve so maybe we need to have Little Lord Fauntleroy elected for a second term to learn our lesson. Debt should be good to go to 2100 by the time silver spoon boy come drama teacher come PM is done his 2nd go 'round. Now it's affecting me 3 generations down the line! And despite all your handwringing and gnashing of teeth, you have still failed to address the crux of the matter: Quebec gets 2x the per capita fed dollar, and thats actually an improvement!!! Chalk one up for JT!!!
  6. LOL If Trudeau was half the leader he plays in real life, he would have been able to provide direction, stability and confidence in the business sector and he wouldn't have needed to feel "desperate" to buy a pipeline. We're spinning baby!
  7. SO MUCH STRAWMANNING!!! IMPRESSIVE!!! MAYBE if AB didn't have to support the rest of Canada, they would have been able to sock billions away a la Norway. Instead, it goes to support Quebec's vast and un-self-sustaining social network.
  8. Doesn't matter if the $$ comes from AB< BC< or your MOM. It really doesn't matter how you slice it up either. The point is that Quebec gets2x more than everyone else per capita. They have little ability or motivation to do anything else but sit there and be a welfare province, you said so yourself @Warhippy You and @Jimmy McGill hatred (Jealousy?) of Albertans is a tad disturbing, unfounded and basically bigoted non sense. They are our Canadian neighbours, you arrogant tools. Same Team!
  9. Turd,yo Promised a $1bil surplus, delivered a $20bil deficit, with most of it benefitting Quebec. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/goldstein-trudeau-experienced-deficits-differently
  10. I wasn't even thinking of Quebec workers, Jimmy. They do hold all the choice government jobs though so you might be onto something. Yes Health Services are Provincial, excellent sleuthing. LMAO what goes through your noodle? Inarguable? Ok then, mercy, you win. You guys are hilarious. Running yourselves into a tizzy with all this fantastical fear mongering.
  11. LOL so Alberta finally catches up to Ontario and Quebec maintains their welfare state 2x the Per Capita Allocation. That number doesn't take into account the number of out of province workers who go there and take their pay back east with them every rotation. Alberta services a lot more people than the actual Population Numbers would indicate. Probably lowers their per Capita Allocation by 10% or more, so even in a time when they are hurting, they still lag behind in Federal funding. What are you getting at exactly? "Uh huh. YOu're completely now ignoring the fact you said they were effectively forced to against their will. But they did because they wanted to and because it was right, now you're whinging about Quebec without ever simply admitting whoops I might have been wrong." I don't even know where to begin with this bit of rubbish. Trudeau did what a decent PM would do during a time of crisis once. You finally came up with one positive thing Trudeau did for Canada, although in the given context it is not considerably praise worthy. "Yay, you did your job somewhat properly for a few days". I am. It is hard for you the be empathetic to your neighbours? No surprise. Do you know what annexation is? There funding didn't double?!?! Per Capita, Alberta and Quebec both increased 50% or so and Quebec remains at 2x the Federal Funding Dollars to Alberta's 1. You're a funny duck.
  12. The ASSumption machine is running again I see. I'll tell you right now that I voted Liberal in 2014 and Green in the BC Election. Whatever that means.
  13. So what? Per Capita allocation went up by about 25% at a time when Albertans actually NEEDED it after being the engine of Canada for how long? Now can you post the Quebec numbers for contrast please?
  14. As if he had any choice. Rest assured, if it were up to the Libs the amount spent would have been a fraction of what was needed. Ceremonial head dress does not = full on Mr Dressup at every chance. Is your World getting Destroyed as the light of reality shines on your fantasy PM? Why do you have such hatred for people with "orange" skin and hair? That's no better than hating on someone for being black, am I wrong?
  15. "Liberals say" lol His entire tenure has been abut helping everyone except for the average Canadian. That's a sellout. His campaign promises which he failed to even try and deliver on were a sellout. Every time he plays Mr Dressup on the international stage is a sellout. Every time he bails ut or colludes with his Quebec buddies at SNC Lavallin or Bombardier is a complete sellout.
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