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  1. Loui emoji is hilarious. But I do not agree with it. If it were to go viral or get into a dressing room, could really hurt someone in more ways than just this. He’s played like garbage but we don’t need this. We should be a little more mature and use something else.


    This won’t be the popular opinion but that’s okay. Cue the Loui emoji’s! 

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    2. Rubik


      @Aladeen what a garbage attitude... i wonder if you would say the same if you were on the receiving end... Loui gives his 100%

    3. Aladeen


      Loui is that you? 

    4. Aladeen


      @Rubik if I was paid $36 Million I wouldn't give the slightest eff what people on a hockey forum write about me. I wasn't even paid $36 Million and I already feel that way. So 100% Loui can suck it up. 

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