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  1. I’m not concerned about Podz ice time. He looks good when he out. Eventually guys will get tired and as long as Podz keeps it up his ice time will go up. Just like Bo. What a snipe!!!
  2. Shaw + Dylan Strome for B level prospect and 4th or 5th round pick. He is 6' 200lbs. Potential is there.
  3. One day, one of our prospects are going to get claimed and take off with another team. At that point in time I fully expect CDC to crash.
  4. Who is going to finish higher in the standings Vancouver Canucks or Abbotsford Canucks, in their respective leagues?

    1. morrissex95


      Abbotsford or Vancouver? Idk. Probably Vancouver unless our prospects do very well. They're being insulated well. Plasek? Will he be good? Woo? Can he be a top 2 defender in the AHL, as part of his eventual transition to the NHL. Carson Focht and Will Lockwood? Can they be good? Lockwood is probably a 0.5PPG guy in the AHL and Focht is probably a second or third line center. Then there's Michael DiPietro. He's their starter. Can he backstop the team to a successful season? 

    2. -AJ-


      Abbotsford I think. I think there's a good big of depth that will be good for Abbotsford. if MacEwen makes it through, he's a great top six forward in the AHL. The same goes for Petan if we end up sending him down at any point.


      We also have some strong defensive depth that should make Abbotsford have a solid d-core.

  5. This could be an interesting pick up for the right price. I like this guy.
  6. I like Carolina's & Florida's teams. I hope Florida kills it this year.
  7. We shouldn’t be talking about anyone on that list.
  8. He has more points than any Canuck in the preseason. 3 goals, 1 assist, 4 points!
  9. Honestly for a team that is suppose to have an AHL defensive line up, this looks bad on our offense. Something has to give. Canucks are predictable coming through the neutral zone.
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