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  1. TAMPA, FL—Scandal is once again rocking the NFL on Super Bowl Sunday after accusations surfaced that Tampa Bay Buccaneer Quarterback Tom Brady has been taking performance-enhancing Metamucil. "Yeah, I heard that too," said Kansas City Quarterback Patrick Mahomes. "I heard people his age need to take it every day in order to be able to poop like normal young football players like me. I wouldn't be surprised in the least." Tom Brady has forcefully denied all accusations. "Shut up, guys! I'm not that old- I'm only 43!" said Mr. Brady to a roomful of sports reporters. "43 is not that old! Why would I need to take Metamucil? I had a perfectly good bowel movement just this morning!" After he said this, the entire room burst out in laughter, since Tom Brady had just used the phrase "bowel movement." In light of the scandal, some others say they feel emboldened to come forward regarding some other Tom Brady wrongdoings. At the time of publishing, several witnesses accused Brady of illegally deflating the tennis balls on the walker he uses to get from his front door to his mailbox. Found this, made me laugh! Not sure if it’s true or not!
  2. Canucks are Number 1 in these categories, Goals Scored & Shots !!! What!!!



    Sadly 31st in goals against.

    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      I’m guessing up near the top in games played as well which not only contributes to our total goals scored but logically total goals scored against us as well.  Goaltending is the least of the team’s problems.

    2. #Canucks


      Yes your right. We have played more games than most teams. But I was trying to bring some positivity!

  3. Teams always trade players before Coach’s. I like Green but I would change the coaching staff before any players.

  4. We are going to blow out Toronto today. 10-0

    1. ImConfused


      Sounds like you're blowing out some high quality smoke my friend. Nonetheless I appreciate your optimism and I can feel a tide-turning win coming tonight too.




      In overtime xD

    2. drummer4now


      Already 2-0 Leafs are you sure didn't mean Canucks are going to get blown out lol.. :emot-parrot:

  5. So..... yesterday sucked!

  6. I vow to quarantine for 14 days, just let me in the stands!

    1. Chickenspear


      Post up camp in a executive suite? I'm in.

    2. #Canucks


      Hell yeah 

  7. Would you take Gillis over Benning?

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    2. #Canucks


      Would you take Gillis as a GM if Benning was solely In charge of Drafting and Developing?


      Them as a team? It would you prefer another GM

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Nope. Wouldn't hire Gillis to manage a McDonald's.

    4. kingofsurrey


      Gillis as GM

      Benning as head of scouting.



  8. I knew it all along. We should have drafted David Pastrnak instead is Jake. No one would listen. I should be the GM.







    This is a joke for the people who take things to seriously. 

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    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      You might’ve had people going more if you had said we should’ve dealt Virtanen instead of McCann in the Guds trade.

    3. ImConfused


      Bring back Patrick White!!



    4. ImConfused


      I don't know how I forgot but we dealt him with Rahimi for Ehrhoff and Lukowich lol.


      What a steal!

  9. Seattle will have lots to choose from!
  10. I’m a “ Jake will be okay, he’s going to be great” fan, however Hogz single handedly took his spot. He works hard every night, Amazing to watch. 

    1. ImConfused



    2. #Canucks


      Tbh way better than JT

    3. ken kaniff

      ken kaniff

      It’s a shame Jake doesn’t have the drive Motte or Hoglander have. He would be a fan favourite but just looks lost on the ice for some reason. 

  11. If I could choose any player in history to shoot against Matt Murray, I’m choosing Brock every time. It’s kinda silly if you think about it!

    1. ImConfused





    2. canuktravella


       ya guys a sieve  

    3. Ghostsof1915


      60% of the time, it works every time!  :lol:

  12. The most disappointing feeling will be if Jake puts it together after being traded.

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    2. ImConfused


      Good thing you probably weren't around for when they traded Cam Neely lol, thanks a lot Tom WAT


      How do you feel about McCann, Kassian, Grabner, Bonino etc?

    3. #Canucks


      Only the Grabner trade was tough. I did not like McCann tbh. And Kassian well we all knew he needed a change.

    4. Ghostsof1915


      What's his ceiling though? 40-50 points? If he's not playing with passion here what's the point? He's not pushing himself to be better. If he really wanted to improve he'd train and hang out with JT Miller. Learn how to improve as a hockey player, follow his example. 

      For crying out loud Hoglander is 4 inches shorter and he plays with more fire and physicality. 

  13. Pettersson hit the crossbar, looked to the sky and randomly on his way back to the bench decided to quote John Wick "Yeah, I'm thinking that I'm back!"

    1. Silky mitts

      Silky mitts

      No he didn’t it was a joke 

    2. #Canucks


      Yes I know. It’s was a joke. It still is a joke. 

  14. Anyone who doesn’t know that Motte is a natural offensive guy needs to do some research. He just has a work ethic that we needed in the bottom six. Motte is a utility knife, he shows up where the team needs help.
  15. Why was Tkachuk so upset that muzzin wanted to present him with the game puck? He was trying to be nice!




    1. Squamfan


      Muzzin apparently said here's the game puck lol 

  16. These guys are 3/4 years respectively from their primes. They are great players but have a lot of learning to do and physical maturing.
  17. Would you watch this? I would be a kid all over again watching this.



  18. We need adversity to grow.Do not worry.This is a chance for young players to grow.No one likes this feeling, you don’t grow from always winning.

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    2. Chickenspear


      Well, the equivalent of the pre-season is now over (7gp), so maybe they'll  start looking like the team from last year again. I will remain optimistic where I can.

    3. thejazz97


      yes but we’ve had this feeling no one likes for eight years now

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      since 1970. is it about us or them? in or lives, if we find the holy grail, that's great. but when we don't  we hope others won't throw us away. let us keep looking.

  19. The winner is the team that gets the player that puts it together. Tbh it’s still up in the air. Laine can score no doubt but he has not done it consistently through the season. It’s been in bunches. Still it’s goals but i think this trade could go either way at this point. I don’t know if Laine stays in Columbus either.
  20. Laine + Roslovic for Pierre Luc Dubois + draft pick.

    1. Dazzle


      Roslovic - former 1st round pick of 2015.

  21. A trade call is being set up between the Winnipeg Jets and Columbus Blue Jackets to complete trade sending Laine and Roslovic to Columbus for Pierre Luc Dubois. A draft pick to the Jets May also be included.