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  1. Still time......plus trade deadline 2022!
  2. I like OEL. Always have. I did think it odd that he signed long term in Arizona, knowing full well that SC contention was never gonna be a factor there during his time. Ya' gotta respect that loyalty! So I'm happy we got him now. It's a fresh start for him in a new location and in a hockey mad market ta' boot. What's not to like. If anything, if he's at least as good as Eagle was when he was OEL's age, then we're ahead. I'm not worried at all.
  3. .A great showing with London Knights and promising AHL start, only to be plagued by a couple of bad injuries that hindered his development. And a graduated slow intro with the 'Nucks in one playoff game last season, and 20/30 odd games in his rookie campaign this season. Much like Flow had and off year post injury and personal family stuff, and then having a great comeback season; I would venture that Oli will come out of it and find his game, whatever it may be. We just gotta be patient for now with his deployment.
  4. I agree. Little to nuthin' goin' on this off season. And I would venture that the expansion draft loss won't be too much of a factor with our next season lineup. However, the team could make the playoffs. But there's a good chance if in doing so, they wont go far.
  5. Man! Av's puck pursuit and physical play were off the charts last night. Too bad for the the outcome. I'm not fond of the Vegas Knights! Nor do I like those shiny gold helmets. Horrendous!
  6. Huggy, no matter how good or bad he is defensively, will never be that guy that clears bodies out of the crease. Just not a big and physical type player. Although he is smart with his stick and his skating ability is second to none, IMHO, he does require that Tanev type partner fer sure.
  7. Congrats to Pods, but...........oh my...........so young. Were they childhood sweethearts or something along those lines?
  8. Ain't gonna happen. Any player we want to give up, no one wants. And to get Seth will require us to give up players that we want to keep. Not a win win. Move on!
  9. I didn't know where to post this, but it's about Tree................................ .....................I might be slagged for saying this but.................. ..............Thank god he's not being talked about in this forum anymore. Was getting so sick of the Tree lovers in here pining for his possible return. dude might've been a contender, but he didn't give himself a chance. He's got his money playing in the homeland. I presume he's happy with his decision. One way or the other, he chose and good for him the KHL.
  10. I do believe we're almost there. However, we're gonna see players come and go when we get to that point. I'm sure in addition to the young core at the present, there should be two, possibly three more in house prospect additions. Not so much impactful, but role/depth players on the cheap. The Doyds and Veseys of the world won't be around. That being said.................................... .............It'd be nice to acquire a big stud dman that can play big minutes. Sure...Quinn's a stud, but we need a dman that can make a difference. We may have that in Scmidt or Hamonic, but they're not in the same league as the Hedman's of the world. I'm confident the Oli will pan out in at least an Edler in his prime, but he ain't there yet! And I know we've been pining for a legit 3rd line centre, and I'm a believer that we've that in the prospect pool. However, if we need to seek one out, why not another JT Miller type. Surely when the time comes when we start looking at UFA's and such to shore up our existing core, one will be available of that ilk. By that time, Quinn/Pettey will be on contract and of the bad contracts will be dusted.
  11. Only way JB trades our #9 is if there's a certain player available that another team has the hots for when we're up. And only if a deal can be made that benefits our team for the now and in the future. (Roster player along with a prospect or a pick this year or a first next draft.)
  12. If I recall correctly, wasn't Pods talked of in the circles of his draft year as a top three pick? Well....up until he signed with the KHL that is. That being the case, then why can't we expect him to be impactive right away. At the very least as impactful as Hoglander was in his debut. I think it's realistic to expect that, don't you think?
  13. My understanding is that this draft year is not particularly strong compared to recent drafts. That being said........ .......I'm pretty sure now that JB and company know where they're positioned, they've got a few ideas as to who they'd take or want based on availability. I'm guessing their gonna go with the best player available to them. If it happens to be a needed position, all the better. But whoever it is, he's not gonna be NHL ready.
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