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  1. A RHD or Centre, we have enough LHD that can’t shoot the puck hard to dress a football team.
  2. As @CanadianRugby so eloquently eluded. This team’s drafting success is actually a system of failure. The mistakes have slowly started overlapping and compounding to actually handcuff the teams ability to make improvements. At no point was Jim not giving it his all to make the playoffs every single year. There was never a plan to step back. The step back is the symptom of bad management.
  3. This is easily the best post I’ve seen on CDC in probably 10 years. An absolute masterpiece. It’s funny, it’s accurate, it is a dagger in the Benning loving heart. I’m actually going to print this off, fold it up and store it in my wallet. Thank you sir.
  4. Right on, so I don’t love Jimbo’s contracts, I guess that makes me a flames fan. Cool man. What else do I like? What else do I believe in?
  5. Textbook BPS. The lack of flexibility to retain Toffoli had been gradually growing every time Jimbo took the pen out of is top pocket. He paid a very big price with absolutely nothing to show for. I can’t even believe this is a discussion. Look at our lineup. Seriously.
  6. I’ve called this out a lot. It’s the Benning pacifier syndrome. They suppress Benning undoings by either denying them or turning them into something else. There is nobody stupid enough to be ok with not having Toffoli. That’s blatant BPS.
  7. It just hit me how far we are from being a Stanley Cup contender.
  8. Wow, how can you stick up for Benning when he has a 4 goal scoring, can’t take no for an answer forward making more than what you figure Tryamkin is worth? I love how Benning lovers are all, NBD.... but if he was signed for +2M you’d all be jumping around playing air guitar.
  9. A GM who isn’t a idiot: Hey Todd Diamond . What kinda numbers we looking at for Signing Nikita. Todd: we want Virtanen money. A GM who isn’t a idiot: Sorry, the idiot who ran this team before me has put me in a hard spot here. Let me look around to see if I could trade his rights to a team that planned for the future better. Todd: thanks.
  10. I hated this trade the second I saw it and I will always hate it. Totally pointless.
  11. He has the power forward syndrome on D. His success in Jr was a symptom being a full grown man at 16 lol. Everyone caught up to him and now he has to re-adjust.
  12. He was never the same since his shoulder surgery. I worked in Calgary a lot that year and watched over 10 games. His release, his shot, and most notably his physicality was never the same. He wasn’t even the same the very next season in Jr.
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