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  1. A poop for poop trade is really all you’re going to get for JV. We aren’t going to be able to move him for picks and cap relief. I’ve said this in the past, he lost his shot with his shoulder surgery. If anyone who watched him in his draft year would remember how different his game looked when he was a shooter. His speed and shot combined is what made him a top 10 pick. The year after he was drafted was stagnant in the WHL, he actually had more assists than goals. He isn’t a playmaker. He is a shooter that scores on the rush. He will most likely never regain that.
  2. Schmidt played on the Stanley cup favourite last season. The entire team is deep. It doesn’t matter when he is on the ice, he was sounded by good players. They also have a brand, an identity. Heavy, fast, and tight checking. We don’t have that foundation of players to play that game. Honestly, Tanev wasn’t on the ice 100% of the time. I’ve never seen breakaways like this before. 90’s Hasek wouldn’t be able to steal us games. Everything can be traced back to human error.
  3. That’s actually a valuable point. The method isn’t important. It’s the management.
  4. Keep Benning as far from free agency as possible. If those UFA frenzies alone were erased we would be in a position to acquire good players in that 21-25 range by exploiting teams that can’t afford to fit emerging RFA’s under their cap.
  5. The most valuable asset a team can develop is a RHPMD. We don’t have that guy in our prospect pool today. Acquiring that guy would cost us dearly. Look at what it took to get Seth Jones. The equivalent to that would be Horvat, maybe more. It would probably cost us+$8x8 to acquire that guy via UFA. We went an entire draft year without taking a Dman. I don’t care who the BPA was, that’s really unacceptable. if we luck out this year in the draft and take a guy like Clarke, it’s still going to be a few years before he can play big minutes against top lines in the playoffs. Our lack of D in our pool alone will cost us another 5 years. Historically this teams contender cycle is roughly 10 years. 1982 - SCF 1994 - SCF 2000 - West Coast Express 2011 - SCF 2021 - ........... This is probably going to turn out to be the longest dark period in franchise history. Full cap, with 1 guy in charge. Seriously, it’s time to start holding this man accountable for his mistakes.
  6. Ok, I get that he didn’t restock the cupboard while winning presidents trophies but it’s been 7 years. The shallow prospect pool from sacrificing the future to win now isn’t a isolated problem. San Jose, LA, Anaheim, Detroit, etc have all been victimized by winning. It’s been 7 years though. We have a good young core and that’s great but we don’t have a deep prospect pool considering how bad we’ve been the last 7 years. We are a cap team for Christ sake, and we have been this entire time. A lot of good has come out of Benning but he has royally screwed up a lot.
  7. Lol @-Vintage Canuck- just handing out the paper bags hahah, thanks buds.
  8. Thank you Benning for taking us this far but it’s time for a new vision. Time to prune this tree.
  9. The scariest thing about this season is we are pretty much healthy. Imagine what we would look like with our normal amount of injuries.
  10. You edited that? Lol. Honestly, you’re a beauty, not even joking. Lol
  11. My dad killed himself when I was 5. I kept it secret for almost 3/4 of my life. I’m glad that this stuff is being taken seriously cause back in the 80’s when my dad passed, there was a lot of shame attached to it. Before, and after.