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  1. it is noteworthy if the note reads "SOS"
  2. Edmonton 5 - Vancouver 1 Draisaitl - GWG Horvat - 1st goal thanks Goalie!
  3. I was surprised they pulled again right away..... and it backfired
  4. Larscheid was great - he learned a lot working from Jim Robson and JP McConnell Hirsch eats crayons
  5. did he spend 3 months salary on the engagement ring?
  6. Blake Price will always be negative - the Canucks could win the cup and he would gripe about the parade being on a Thursday instead of Friday...
  7. nope, I'd put them out in the break room at work...
  8. JB hasn't signed anyone yet today   #lazy #RanOutOfTime

    1. Dazzle


      He deserves a well-deserved break ;)

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