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  1. Lions could have used Passaglia tonight..maybe he could have got them a rouge at least..
  2. Canucks should have retired #32 after Lawrence Nycholat wore it....
  3. there was a local version recently, caught by the traffic reporter in the sky https://www.instagram.com/tv/CVQRCyqBWh7/?utm_medium=copy_link
  4. 4-3 SEA McCann GWG Boeser first Canuck goal TY Goalie!!!
  5. Hirsch would finish 3rd on Jeopardy against Forrest Gump and Gilligan
  6. now we just need to get him a high-talent team and we can find out
  7. For me it is Benning - our defencemen have been atrocious for years and he has done next to nothing to improve it.
  8. I said 14-0 Vancouver in the predict the score thread, with Bo getting the winner!!
  9. 14-0 Vancouver because you aren't allowed to be "negative" here any longer... Horvat Thanks Goalie - lots of participants this year....more work for you!
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