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  1. I don't think we should read much into the fact that the Canucks protected Juolevi in expansion. They literally didn't have any other option - and I'm not going to entertain Brisebois. But at the same time I'm sure they don;t want to lose him for nothing. He is still unable to properly play because he can't turn. Until the canucks are able to help him with this aspect of his skating he will never progress in his development and will atrophy at his current level of a fringe 6/7 guy on a fairly weak defense. That's not to say that there isn't upside. The kid clearly sees the gam
  2. they also signed Hoffman But I think they'll slip back heavily this year. No Weber. No Price to start the year. Lost their top line shutdown center.... Who thinks Toffoli will get better, or was that his career year? Who has faith in Kotkaniemi? They look weak down the middle and both their d and goaltending have been hit.
  3. Edvinsson has Gudbranson written all over him. Hope I'm wrong for his sake - but that's the alarm bell that rings in my head when you put together the package of big, can skate, hits, shoots but doesn't really understand the game. yikes.
  4. It will not cost to trade Schmidt. We do not have to entice people to take him. He is an asset (albeit a bit diminished from the previous year). We also are under no obligation to trade him. Our defense needs more help than the forward group - with or without Schmidt in the fold. So if we don't get an offer we like then keep him - pure and simple. A trade can always be revisited down the road if needed.
  5. You think Calgary wants to qualify Tkachuk at $9 mill. That becomes the minimum his next contract becomes. I don't know. They are both born in 1997 and Marner's stats are unquestionably better - not just this year but for his whole career. Marner is over a point per game for his career. He is uber talented. Tkachuk brings a ton of different intangibles but has never gotten to the same level as Marner. And if he wants out ....? Both teams need a shakeup.
  6. Yup I hear you - but he could also ruin them chemistry wise. Tkachuk's qualifying offer is 9 mill i think - pretty rich. And Calgary would then have both Marner and Gaudreau which would be hilarious. They would become team waterbug. So here's the question - which team says no to that deal?
  7. Marner straight up for Tkachuk would make sense for both teams. .... and may possibly sink both of them
  8. Sorry. Why are you going down this route? If you think Seattle will take Myers if exposed then you're basically offering them a 9th overall pick to get out from one year of a backup goalie's contract. I don't see the value in that. Getting back to the original idea of exposing Myers, I'm definitely starting to warm to the idea. It's clear that we would be significantly worse next year though, but I can live with that. Next year is all about setting up for 2022-23, when all the dead cap space goes away and we can really support the core.
  9. Both Lind and Gadj require protection. Both have three years of pro experience.
  10. That list is very .... unique. Raty isn't even in the first round? Cossa 7th?. It looks off to me, but the beauty of all this is that we won't know for years and years. In any case, i wouldn't be upset with Luke Hughes at 9
  11. It's a really good question when you look at that list. I will pencil Lind into the last protected spot 9but just in pencil). And so the only viable options for the Kraken are Holtby, Highmore, Gadjovich, MacEwen or Myers (if left unprotected). Of that group, I could see a more likely chance that they'd take Myers than anyone else. He provides value (points, skating, size), has vet leadership, etc etc... Holtby is possible but they will have their pick of many many options plus he only has one year left on his deal. it's all about the balance of what else the Kraken are
  12. If we land Kent Johnson or Brandt Clarke I'll be very happy
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