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  1. “You can call this…the New…World…Order of the NHL brother!”
  2. I know OEL hasn’t been great the past few years. JB is banking on a return to form, it’s a risk. But how can you possibly win the Stanley Cup without taking any risks? Would you rather never swing the bat & draw the safe walk every time, or would you rather swing for the fences? You might strike out, but you might hit a 400 ft grand slam
  3. The writers for the Athletic called the trade for the Canucks an “unmitigated disaster.” Gave the trade a D- grade. Lol I guess it’s true what they say about opinions, they’re like $&&$, everyone’s got one!
  4. Sometimes you gotta take a big risk for a potential big reward. I respect the heck out of JB for having the you-know-what’s to try to make the team better! No risk, no reward! GCG! Welcome to Vancouver Oliver & Conor!
  5. Someone should say “hey Seattle, remember when you passed on the 1 yard line?” Everyone instantly leaves
  6. “You know who I am, but you don’t know why I’m here!”
  7. Not sure who exactly will score goals for them
  8. Horvat, Boeser & EP should walk in with black baseball bats a la Kevin Nash & Scott Hall “invading WCW” from the WWE
  9. Screaming Trees right? Those guys are underrated
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