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  1. I love the black skate jersey, but it’s tied to nostalgia. Looking at those jerseys with modern eyes, I don’t think it looks all that great. I love the blue & green, the orca has always been ok for me, don’t hate it don’t love it. The greatest team logos for me, are simplistic, basic. Montreal, Boston etc. Ive always thought the stick n’ rink should be the logo. It’s the original look
  2. I remember in the late 90s/early 2000s I used to give my brother, a Leafs fan, a lot of grief saying that Cujo was the only reason the Leafs were good. He always used to respond, “the goalie is part of the team.” the Canucks shouldn’t have to apologize for elite play from Thatcher Demko. But I do agree, our top guys have to raise their game several notches!
  3. I figured it’d be a tough game. Canucks finishing a 6 game road trip across 4 different time zones, Seattle playing a historic game at home where the fans would play a huge role. Winning that game, I don’t care how, was big for Vancouver
  4. I lived near Chicago during that time, believe me, VERY unpleasant being a Canucks fan around those parts. I basically just accused them all of being fairweather fans who only started liking the Hawks once they became good haha
  5. Got the result, timely goals, Demko was great and the PK did better. PP still needs lots of work & our top guys HAVE to get going ie EP, Bo & Miller. Hughes is our best player, seems pretty clear
  6. He looked like the guy in men’s league who’s very limited in the skill department but is the biggest try-hard ever! Haha, obviously Garland is very talented, he just looked silly on that
  7. Why do we just refuse to shoot the puck. Are they taught to wait for an absolute clear look at the net? Honestly asking
  8. Honestly I barely see an improvement, if there even is one, over the Buffalo effort. All the talk about how embarrassing that was & how they weren’t engaged etc., I don’t see a hungry team at all
  9. Until we figure out special teams, we will continue to struggle significantly to win games
  10. Is there really something to it? Sure seems like it Dating back as far as I can remember, the Canucks seem to have an uncanny ability to make almost any goaltender, a backup, a third-string, a 40 year-old journeyman, a guy on a terrible cold streak, look like late 90s Dominik Hasek. Why is that? We have guys who can score goals, why does it seem that almost any goaltender can flip a switch and suddenly become a brick wall against Vancouver? Even Tim Thomas in 2011. Montreal, who was WAY less offensively potent than the powerhouse Canucks that year, scored 17 goals in a 7 game series with Boston, more than twice what Vancouver could get. The Habs finished 24th in goals for that year & Vancouver was the highest scoring team in the league.
  11. One thing I’ve never understood, is how can a PP, with 2 full minutes with an extra skater, only get 1 shot on net in that 2 minutes? I think there are two things the Canucks aren’t doing on the PP, they don’t move, the puck does but the players don’t. The other, which is so basic, they don’t shoot the puck! How can you ever expect to score without shooting?? Put it at the net and just drive the net to outnumber the opposition. I don’t understand what’s so complicated about it. There’s so much passing and waiting, wasting time for a clean look at the net. Are they looking for the beautiful EP one-timer right under the crossbar? None of the PP goals in the first two games were ESPN worthy, but they all counted! For the PK, I agree they’re just way too passive. Zero aggression. You can’t just let the other team run a shooting gallery. Sadly I’d be very surprised if the Canucks made a significant adjustment to either the PP or PK
  12. If the Canucks have a strong effort in both games and actually come away with 2 wins in Chicago & Seattle, I and a lot of other fans will be singing a very different tune about this road trip & the Canucks start. That’d make them 3-2-0-1 for the trip and that’s not half bad! But if the effort is anything resembling the Buffalo game, if the PP & PK continue to sputter, if the team looks at all disinterested or isn’t competing hard enough…oh boy, I could legitimately see a drastic measure, like a coaching change, in the Canucks’ near future. Early yes, but these two games are critical for the Canucks & the team’s psyche
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