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  1. Oh and on another note... this is absolutely shocking to me... I really don't know what to make of it... A poster with less than 600 posts beat out @-Vintage Canuck- to this news. First covid... now this.
  2. Some GM in the league with an internal cap: "Ummm guys...I think the cap isn't really going up for awhile... can we just ...like... chill?"
  3. OEL looks seriously rejuvenated. If he keeps playing like this, we have a bonafide top pairing defenceman out of him. That gives us a 1-2 punch of Hughes and OEL on the left side. Myers is looking pretty good out there too. This defence core might work out afterall.
  4. A bit higher than market right now... but at least they've locked him up for 7 years.
  5. Luke Schenn does not like the role he just adopted after this...
  6. When you say "hits to the depth", I can only assume at this point you mean cheap shots and body checks to our players where this roster has zero ability to push back.
  7. Woohoo! The Canucks are so damn soft that they make the pillsbury dough boy look like Arnold Schwarzenegger
  8. Oh my Dowling.. oh my Dowling... what the hell are you doing on PP2 ... ? <to the tune of Oh My Darling Clementine>
  9. This Canucks roster is soft as butter... if there are a couple concerns for me, one is this softness factor. The second is the question marks on defense.
  10. Let's say on average there is only 1 teacher that is 'anti-vax' per school in BC. BC has 1,578 public schools. That would all of a sudden mean 1,578 TTOCs are now needed to cover for those classes. That alone would cause havoc considering the shortage of TTOCs that already exists across the province. That is just an assumption of 1 teacher per school too. If we base this on 10% of the population being 'anti-vax'... 45,000 teachers in the province. 10% = 4500 teachers..... 4500 TTOCs needed...
  11. Sounds like a vaccine mandate for education sector staff is coming soon ... it's the right move, but man it's gonna cause chaos in the system. https://www.citynews1130.com/2021/10/08/bctf-vaccine-mandate-support/
  12. Admittedly I haven't had a chance to watch every single preseason game, but I don't see what you see in Burroughs. I see a fringe NHLer that rushes plays in his own end which tends to put his partner in difficult positions. He looks more comfortable in the offensive end, but that's marginal. Overall, I like what Bowey brings to the table more than what Burroughs does.
  13. One of the most underrated players in the league.
  14. In all fairness, if I recall I think Chiasson was used on Edmonton's PP unit to stand in front of the net ... even when McDavid and Draisatl were on the ice.
  15. Man, I hope a player like San Jose's Jonah Gadjovich hits the waiver wire. Would be a great pickup for the Canucks.
  16. Benning keeps picking home runs, and Green keeps knocking them out of the arena.... literally.
  17. Unfortunately no different this year. My network of PVP across Vancouver Island alone has reported plenty of exposures that were never made public. In fact, I'd say the reporting has been even more loose this year than last due to less exposure letters being produced.
  18. This is terrible... from the Facebook group that tracks covid exposures in schools: "So where were we this time last year? I looked at our archives and this was our exposure count on Oct 6, 2020. We had 101 exposure events vs. 1036 yesterday. Last year at this time we had 84 schools with Covid vs. 441 schools with covid so far this year! " So comparing Oct 6 2020 vs Oct 6 2021: 101 vs 1036 exposure events 84 schools vs 441 schools
  19. https://www.comoxvalleyrecord.com/news/b-c-education-ministry-forms-committee-to-advise-on-vaccine-mandates-in-schools/ Hopefully it goes in the right direction...
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