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  1. That Canuck hype video was the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. If anyone found it cringey then they are dead inside. Go Canucks Go!!!!
  2. So, is there no local radio coverage of the baby Canucks. Pretty disappointing if true. Currently having to listen to Henderson Silver Knights broadcast.
  3. My preference would be that Podz be put back in for the home opener. I understand the thinking that a coach is hesitant to change a winning lineup so I certainly won’t be surprised or freak out if he sits again. I do honestly think that Podz can gain some insight from watching a few games from on up high in the arena. The one thing I think Podz could definitely improve on is his pace and work rate and I think he probably got a good look at the overall pace of the NHL game from the press box vantage point. I’m of the opinion that Travis Green has done an overall very good job with our young players so I’m not going to be overly critical of how Podz is being handled. I have a sneaky feeling that when Podz does get back in he’s going to look like a different player. If not….I’m not opposed to some time in Abby for him. Imagine Podz and Dan Klim destroying fools in the AHL.
  4. Haha, thanks for that. But I did some further research and apparently the official Kraken mascot WAS revealed…courtesy of Gritty.
  5. Hey, did the Kraken reveal an official mascot during their home opener? A counterpart to our very own Fin?
  6. Hey, I respect you a great deal for admitting you may have been wrong about Hughes. Not everyone on this board conducts themselves with that sort of class. And with the utmost respect to you, I wouldn’t be writing off those Rathbone expectations just yet. He’s gonna be a good one for us.
  7. People who are crapping on Hughes are openly advertising how little they know about hockey. Sure, he’s going to have his rough moments but we are BEYOND BLESSED to have him on our team. My gratitude to the Detroit Red Wings will be eternal. Love how he’s clearly a little more stout in his own end this year…and his shot is definitely heavier.
  8. From the very beginning, based on a couple of high profile contract related absences (plus the bizarre one with Hamonic), an influx of new players I thought we might be a bit slow to find our true form as a team. So yeah, our record is just fine. I was going to give this team 15 games to show us what they are going to be. So, half way there. I’ll give them this home stand before I start having definitive opinions on the 2021 Canucks.
  9. Great post. The fact we are 3-2-1 coming home from a tough road trip which several teams had their home openers and we managed to weather the intensity storms of these teams to scratch out some wins is very encouraging. And I would agree, although without to over-the-top negativity of some, that we haven’t played up to our capability yet…mostly due to some high end players not having found their form yet. Picturing this team with vintage EP and Brock, on top of what Garland and Bo (even Pearson) are giving us is exciting. If the team can show further progression on this home stand and avoid the complacency of being at home for a long stretch I can see some good things happening. And honestly, our D-core has really surprised me. OEL and Poolman have surpassed my expectations . Hughes looking poised to have a bounce back year. It may not be a terribly high bar but Myers this year is the best I’ve seen him. Kyle Burroughs is found money and Rathbone is learning in a trial-by-fire mode in the big show which will benefit him greatly sooner rather than later. And perhaps most importantly, we have a stud goalie who is signed long term at what could be a VERY team friendly cap number. This is the most important position in hockey and we are absolutely set in this regard. Folks, no need to make excuses when your goalie steals you a game. I would agree that for much of that road trip our “bend but don’t break” play style wasn’t the most pleasing to watch, but I truly feel there is much more to be positive about than negative at the present time.
  10. I really like how Jack defends the rush, and he’s snuffed out many speedy attackers this year, but yeah, some of his down low defending needs more work. I’ve noticed its the small spaces stuff he can struggle with at times. But I love the fact that he’s getting in-game reps to learn and he’s hardly costing us games. He’s probably been a neutral contributor which is great for a rookie D man not named Quinn Hughes. I actually think he was our best D man in the Buffalo game. The thing I most love about him is that he has the mobility and overall athleticism to recover from his occasional gaffs in his own zone. I think after 20 games he’s going to level up as a member of our D-core. With Rathbone it’s going pretty much as I expected.
  11. I actually don’t think it’s a problem with EP’s motor/effort. He’s just handling the puck like it’s a hand grenade right now. Hands of stone. And there is also some very uncharacteristic decision making. Very interesting how Hughes is just sort of a “natural” while EP is more of a “technician” and his skills can sort of fall off like this. I’m not too worried about him yet, but if he still looks the same several games into our upcoming home stand then my worry level will start to elevate.
  12. Garland. And he’s OURS. Detroit stole a game from us, so I’m fine stealing one tonight. Let’s put together a nice home stand now, get EP up and running, and things might just start to look, as Willy D would say, REAL GUD. And LOL at the trade Rathbone nonsense. The Negativity Peddler’s need something to latch onto after a winning road trip I guess. Guys…your boy OJ’s gone and he ain’t coming back.
  13. Agree with assessment of Poolman. I thought he might be, at best, a sort of poorman’s Tanev. I know it’s early, but he’s looking like a damn fine Tanman facsimile. And he’s way younger AND cheaper than our former gaptoothed wonder boy. Excellent work on that signing Jimbo!
  14. Keep on truckin Greener, and hopefully soon we can put a muzzle on some of the haters.
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