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  1. I think folks are really going to be surprised at how superior a player/prospect Jack is as compared to Olli. Rathbone’s effortless pivoting on his skates is going to serve him so well on offense, and perhaps even more importantly, defensively.
  2. For me it’s been truly sobering to see so starkly how many stupid/ignorant people there are out there. And I greatly look forward to the day when our beloved GDT topic is filled with nothing but hockey talk.
  3. Please, someone. Put this thread out of its misery
  4. What a nightmare. Long term effects of Covid as are yet largely unknown...so best wishes to all in the Canucks organization (and everyone else for that matter) who have become infected.
  5. A decent percentage of your posts reference your alcohol consumption. Not necessarily saying you might have a problem, but....yeah.
  6. Oh, seen lots of highlights of big Nik - probably as many as you - and no doubt his overall game is now in a better place now. But he did struggle with the NHL forecheck at times...but I think he’s definitely in better place to adapt to it this time. The fact that he plays quite a few games on NHL sized rinks in the KHL should help too. But we will never know how he’s going to do here until he actually gets here. I remain dubious it’s gonna happen.
  7. Hope he comes over and all that. But I can’t quite forget how evident his slower decision making was in his first stint with us. His go to play in the defensive zone was a bank shot off the glass, with many icings as a result. He had limitations to his game...that’s all I’m saying. Just a counter balance to the unbridled optimism that many have concerning big Nik.
  8. I still have concerns about him being “all in” in terms of doing what it will take to be the best NHL’er he can be....but if he has indeed grown as a person with less entitlement than some think he displayed in his last go round here....get the big man over here Jimbo. Still in the camp of “I’ll believe it when I see it” though.
  9. And can anyone get the KHL playoff stream to work? It’s proving to be the Lada of internet streams for me thus far.
  10. And I disagree on “speed”. Current incarnation of Bo is a faster skater....especially in terms of straight line top end and acceleration. Horvat came into the NHL with skating similar to where Podz is...in my opinion. And just like Bo did, Vasily will improve his. Agree that Podz sees the ice better than our captain.
  11. Labeling Podz as a “great skater” is a touch over the top. He comes here and blows us away with his skating I’ll gladly eat those words. Because he has displayed a willingness and ability to bull his way to the net doesn’t mean his skating could use a fair bit of work. That said, can’t wait till he gets here because this team needs what this kid provides...that sandpaper/skill combo.
  12. Nice to see. But based on some of the highlights I’m looking at the overall level of competition in this league looks to be pretty mediocre.
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