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  1. I’m not saying he’s going to provide the same impact, but don’t sleep on Jett Woo. He plays a very similar style game. If you put stock in what young, up and coming Canuck reporter Chris Faber says Jett Woo is next in line to come up to the Canucks as a RD. Jett has made significant progress over the last couple of years.
  2. Very kind words, thank you. And yeah, as I mentioned previously, I joined the new place. I have prided myself on having reasoned opinions over the years based on me watching the Canucks, and hockey in general, since the 70’s. Essentially, having pretty much seen it all is helpful in me avoiding the “hot takes” syndrome that pervades online places such as this. Looking forward to sharing my Training Camp impressions from Victoria at the new digs. Anyone else planning to check out camp in Victoria? I’d heartily recommend it as someone who hasn’t missed a camp (COVID years aside) in over a decade.
  3. Checked out the new place, seemed cool, so I signed up. I think my first posts there will be my in-rink impressions from Training Camp next week. Look out for them.
  4. Oh joy, that means continued drops of such gems as “Horfat”. Guess it was too much to hope for that the new place might shoot for a higher level of discourse, lol.
  5. As I continue to explore my options as to how I will express my Canuck fandom in the digital sphere, I find myself reflecting with some sadness that in all of our time here together we’ve never had a Cup win to celebrate. I am still wary of this new management regime and basically now my hopes for a Canuck Stanley Cup win really centers on my dad….the guy who got me introduced to hockey and the Canucks in the late 70’s. My dad is getting older, seemingly quicker with each year. I really want him to see a Cup win. Sorry for the melancholy vibes, but this forum’s shuttering just has me in a bit of a reflective malaise in regards to the (often painful) history of this club. I probably do need to set myself up at the new place for Canuck talk. That will help. But also, I’m going to be checking out bunch of training camp days over in Victoria. That should also help. Seeing the boys on the ice always has the effect of instilling some semblance of optimism. But still, what a bummer this has been.
  6. Slept in uncharacteristically late, stumbled into the kitchen to make some coffee and grabbed my iPad to get read some more reaction to lasts night prospects game and noticed right away the splash of red at the top of the forum pages. Needless to say, quite a shocker. Been here since 2006, lurked here for a few years before that. This place had become a habit. Hope I’m not too old to forge another one at a new place. I will explore the options available and see which one feels like it could be home.
  7. These team are probably sharing the production duties for this tournament to save on costs. Next game will likely have Canuck-centric features.
  8. You can’t make that judgment about Hirose after one period of a prospects game.
  9. Yup. If he’s even an average NHL skater, he’s got all the other tools to make it. Absolute domination that period for our boys.
  10. Well, damn. Probably IS my connection then. Getting tons of macroblocking and audio issues.
  11. I assume this stream turns to crap occasionally for everyone else, and this isn’t my home connection. Sigh.
  12. Keep close tabs on McDonough’s skating. That is the only real NHL toolset he might be lacking in. And its a fairly important one.
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