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  1. Haven’t been on the forum much - I’m very much in Summer mode now - and I’ve not read the entire thread to see if there are any bad takes about the Sedin’s return to the Canuck family. Here is my take, capitalized for emphasis: THERE IS NO DOWNSIDE TO THIS
  2. If I were a mod I’d instantly ban anyone who wants to trade Quinn Hughes. Probably a good thing I’m not a mod.
  3. DOPS got it right this time. Hopefully we will see a marked reduction in dumb takes about this clearly predatory action and we can all move on.
  4. Can’t say I’ve seen much of Power before today’s game. And wow, looks like a stud. Feel bad for the kid going to Buffalo.
  5. I don’t think much of it to be honest. Quinn can improve aspects of his defensive game. What he can do with the puck on his stick…let me just say the Canucks have been waiting for, let’s see, 51 YEARS for a player like that.
  6. Depends on the return of course, but my preference is to keep the pick. Now that Podz is on the team next year, our high end prospect pool is looking awfully bare.
  7. This sounds about right to me as well. Sneaky feeling that Johnson is probably the only guy of those three there when we go up to the podium.
  8. If we can get McTavish you take that and run. Not sold on the big Swede D-man. Hockey IQ a bit questionable. After Jake, I’m very sensitive to this.
  9. Eh, I hold no love for the Kraken. Apparently some disillusioned Canuck fans have become Kraken fans. Goody. But there is every indication that the Kraken are building a top notch organization light years ahead of the Buffalo Sabres tire fire. Add to the fact that Buffalo has many #1 picks and we have had none….including the one in 1970 which we lost at the spin of the wheel. Buffalo winning the lottery won’t be celebrated by me, no sir.
  10. I don’t know about that. How many cracks at the top 3 picks does a team need before they still don’t suck?
  11. Buffalo you are an embarrassment to the sport of hockey. You don’t deserve this. But I’d rather you get it than the Kraken.
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