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  1. Did we not get 2 nhl players for this years lineup in the trade with Arizona? Draft picks could be better worse or totally bust.
  2. Human nature is to give the benefit of the doubt to a stranger. Thing is though Kane is also a guy who declared bankruptcy despite earning multimillions and having an even bigger contract behind it. Sadly if any recent player had a good reason to make a side deal with a shady bookie you would be hard pressed to find one. Traditionally a PIM leader he could easily take an iltimed infraction to hoop the team
  3. Fair quote o think we need to let go of players and they more so in terms of how well will the defence function together. Also will our offense produce at a higher rate or dominate the puck more with some of the additions to the lineup.
  4. They didn’t protect him in expansion to waive him out of camp Juolevi will be part of the team that breaks camp
  5. Pacific will be interesting Vegas probably still the front runner but there depth has taken a big hit and they are potentially vulnerable in goal if Lehrer can’t stay healthy, Expect Edmonton to be good in the regular season their back end and goaltending is concerning for a legit playoff team. LA should be in the 4-5 hole depending on performance of their youth. Calgary should push for top 4. This will be the weakest of the 4 divisions but should be a fun year.
  6. I thought that pairing pre-covid was really solid as well probably at times should have been getting more 5 on 5 minutes
  7. Maybe the plan is OEL-Hamonic hughes-poolman juolevi/rathbone-Myers Schenn poolman plays the role of Chris Tanev
  8. Montreal’s ample sized D basically carried them to the cup file. Size doesn’t matter is a myth
  9. Definitely really good players for your fantasy pool but not the guys that are winning playoff series for you
  10. That will probably need to be Rathbone, Juolevi or another d man coming through internally
  11. All of our key players are likely to be better than they were 2 years ago. Internal improvement and better depth favours this years team.
  12. God Bergevin must have been binge watching breaking bad and just said screw it going dumpster diving in the no character pool
  13. Biggest change on outback end from last year is better depth especially on the RHD side. Those fretting about the d are not giving OEL a chance. I think we will be happy to be out of the Schmidt business if I remember correctly he had got popped for using a some PED’s while at Vegas. We leaned a lot of minutes against an aging edler and Schmidt pairing that will be redistributed and I think that will be a net positive.
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