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  1. Very solid positionally in the canucks end of the rink. Simple plays to get out of our end. Some decent neutral zone pinches. Smart player, expect some more aggressive plays exiting out zone as he gets more comfortable in our system and tendencies of his teammates
  2. Development isn’t a straight line look at what Colorado went through. I was sure Sakic was cooked and then they resumed their positive track. We probably won’t continue allowing 5 goals+ per game. Patience
  3. Can Luke take care of all the dzone work cause so far this year big brother can’t seem to
  4. Petey’s doing us a solid to keep the AAV of his next contract down. He’s still been getting chances and the goals will come. Could be he’s a player that gets pumped up by the crowd and needs to find a way to pump himself up given the current environment.
  5. I haven’t seen enough of chatfield to comment on what he will bring to the table tonight. Based on his hockeydb profile appears to be a pure defensive dman. I wonder if it’s partly to get Schmidt going as the pairing of him with elder wasn’t showing a lot of chemistry.
  6. This is the problem with the nhl, completely legal to cross check a player when they don’t have the puck but you answer that and you get fined. I didn’t hate the slash, petey is probably not dropping the mitts anytime soon and there’s got to be some sort of deterrent for the checkers. Hopefully the group can get on track next time out.
  7. The big issue is 65% of the time they were starting their shift without the puck. When the best things you do are with the puck on your stick it’s a recipe for a long night. Some of that will be remedied by Miller returning and ultimately Petey will need to get above 50% in the dot.
  8. Edmonton wanted it more than us. McDavid had an exceptional game. our power play failed to execute. arguably if our power play had delivered we are right in the mix for a W despite not playing our best game. Miller would have made a difference tonight, lotto line was chasing the play as petey had a tough night in the face off circle.
  9. Does anyone ever feel like McDavid should slow the play down sometimes. What I’m getting at is how many times a game does he end up attacking the D 1 vs 2 and if he doesn’t score it’s usually a turnover going back the other way. The guys wheels and skill are amazing but the team won’t get over the hump until it becomes more of a team game for him. Hopefully takes him a long time to figure it out.
  10. McDavid skated 26 minutes last night how much will be left in the tank for the second half of the back to back? Also anyone who complains about our d core could you imagine trading what we have for Edmonton’s top 6?
  11. It would have to be someone on an expiring deal. I think this is a reach by tsn as they don’t know much about hoglander and look at it as our one obvious spot to upgrade. I would expect incoming prospects will get first crack this year before we start exploring external options. All of our 3rd liners are guys you expect will see continued improvement and eventually could work their way up the lineup. Forward depth is pretty solid based on what we can ice even while being down Miller.
  12. That was my thought by far weakest team in the division at Center ice(comparable to Ottawa anyway) they will need great goaltending to have a sniff.