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  1. A young guy line of pod hog and Petey might be what the doctor ordered
  2. This game was not great evidence that we should have let juolevi go based on what our other options are right now.
  3. He’s not in concussion protocol? If that was a ufc fight Rogan would have been screaming he’s rocked!!!!!!
  4. Zadina is going to have a short career if he’s getting koed by garlands back. Good job by garland creating space for himself
  5. Do I get some sort of cred for being a 600 post member lol.
  6. I had to do a double take that it wasn’t already posted and thought to myself I’ll never have another chance to post a meaningful trade or signing and did what I had to do.
  7. https://www.tsn.ca/boston-bruins-charlie-mcavoy-eight-year-contract-extension-1.1706870 Charlie getting paid big time.
  8. Has any one ever accomplished less and been paid this much? I know the supporting cast has been weak but 8 mill should be a ppg player.
  9. PP 1 can improve pretty easily by encouraging Petey and Miller to be less stationary. My opinion is if occasionally if they probe below the hashmarks with movement when they get their pass it should get the pk moving around more so they don’t just stack two players on peteys one timer lane.
  10. Been waiting a long time for the Canadian men’s soccer team to take a big run at the World Cup this is fun.
  11. The player was good enough to play for team Canada at the world juniors shortly after his his draft and was what picked around 50th? The hit rate on that pick is maybe 20%. Gadj may still become an nhl player just not with the Canucks.
  12. Kinda like when the kings gave up on hickey and he became a serviceable dman on a good Islanders team
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