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  1. It actually feels surprisingly great. It's easy to use and you learn the button locations pretty quickly. At first I was actually confusing myself because I didn't know where a button was while the VR headset was on.....so I was taking it off and looking at the controller. Then I realized I could just hold up the controller IN VR and look. Lmao.
  2. Nope, never actually heard about it until now. Looks pretty cool. I great thing about this Aim Controller is the 2 joysticks being on it. The one thing I hated so far about PSVR was with the move controllers there are no joysticks to move around. PSVR could definitely benefit from upgrading the move controllers to have joysticks. Sharp shooter has the shoulder rest too, like an actual gun would. That's the main gripe I have with the Aim Controller is that there is nothing on it to have rest on your shoulder while aiming around. There have been plenty of screenshots on Reddit though of people taping some sort of contraption onto it like the end of a crutch.
  3. With Firewall I use the gun. I have the motion wands (Playstation Move controller) as well. You can't use those for Firewall though. With Firewall you either use that Aim Controller or the regular PS4 controller.
  4. Firewall: Zero Hour (PSVR) is &^@#ing amazing. It's like Rainbow Six online but in VR with the gun in your hands.
  5. THat's basically what RDR1 was like online. Just galloping around with your buddies or in a carriage. Taking down waves of enemies or other players. Obviously, this one is going to be so much more than that.
  6. I think accidentally getting a tripping call once or twice a game is probably a good thing. It's never going to be perfect. But yeah, the main problem I've seen are charging calls. Although I can't tell if that's just a ton of people charging each other, or just getting called for a regular hit. There's definitely a lot of guys that are charging, that's for sure. Testing out the new hitting.
  7. I use poking more than hitting as well. Just don't spam it and it's mostly fine. Although they should probably turn it down a tad. Games take forever to play when your opponent takes 15 penalties.
  8. I would say that once our young guns get out of their ELC's and into their big contracts out of them, the Canucks will be a contending team. Lock down Boeser, Pettersson, and Demko and we'll be golden for years. Obviously that's pending Pettersson and Demko make it big in the NHL.
  9. I'm aware he's back in. You can't just jump in and out of it though, not if you're fighting. I'm still excited for that fight though. Chubby father against mountain beast. At least that's what it will look like visually, but in reality it will be MMA legend vs. wrestler.
  10. Yeah, I definitely expect DC to win against Lesnar. He trains with Cain full time, and Brock's been away from the game for so long.
  11. Jon Jones is the GOAT at being his own enemy. I'm so happy for DC though. The guy deserves it. Miocic was a great champion, and I would bet he'll be back though. The Lesnar thing is such a money grab though. The guy is allowed in and out of the USADA pool and now will be in an instant challenge for the title. Obviously it makes sense money-wise, and it's not like I won't be watching it. Man, it'll be interesting to see just how much of a difference that size between him and DC is. He towers over him.
  12. Watching a lot of these prospect games for the Canucks over the past like 5-10 years.....it's pretty clear how skilled these guys are. We have a lot of guys who can make moves and skate well. There wasn't a ton of guys outshining competition too much in previous years.
  13. Sounds like fun. Do they make the instant transition to NHL 19 when it comes out?
  14. So, it's sort of like playing EASHL but with leagues and individual promotions, etc?
  15. Never heard of it. Just checked out the website. How does it work?
  16. The guy obviously has a ton of skill, ripping apart that league he was in. 139lbs is something to be concerned about, though. 160lbs, 175, or whatever Pettersson and Gaudreau are, sure. They're fine at that weight. It's very doable in the NHL with a ton of skill. Patrick Kane is light, too. 139 is a low number though. I'm 5'7" and I'm like 180lbs. Although I'm probably 10lbs overweight for my build. 139lbs just sounds super low. I don't know. I'm not holding any judgement until I see this kid in action. He's a super skilled Russian and it's been awhile since the Canucks have had one at the forward position. Who was the last promising one, like Shirokov?
  17. 2nd best D in the draft. This pick will do Vancouver wonders. I can't wait for him to get to the NHL and gain some chemistry alongside guys like Pettersson, Boeser, and Horvat. Maybe even make the NHL out of the draft? Who knows? We'll have to see though.
  18. Yeah, that's why I wasn't considering it a "repeat". I mean, it was pretty much, however. Kane had one, then Toews the year after....then later on it was both of them....until Kane &^@#ed up and it was just Toews. Subban is a good choice, but yeah, Ovie on the cover in the Caps red jersey would look slick. When he was on the cover they still had the eagle jerseys.
  19. EA will never do that with NHL. They'd lose a lot of sales because the first time they bring it to PC, the community will put out their own roster updates and customize their own teams, etc. It'll be better than the next 1,2, or even 3 sequels from EA. It's one of the reasons why NHL 04 is still popular on PC.
  20. Maybe I was wrong, but I'm not admitting to it.
  21. Ovie was on the cover in 07. They don't repeat players, as far as I can recall. This game looks pretty decent with the improvements. Although I'm holding my judgement until I see more and get my hands on it.
  22. Mostly Rocket League, lately. Wound up getting My Time At Portia off a recommendation. It's like a Stardew Valley/Harvest Moon inspired game. It's pretty fun. Also been trying to play through Beyond: Two Souls before I end up buying Detroit: Become Human.
  23. I wouldn't be too surprised if it was like Skyrim, where it released on the PS3, then came to the PS4. It'll just be downgraded on the PS4, then they'll hype up the graphical upgrades on the PS5 and charge full price for it again. Much like they did with GTA5 on last gen and current gen. Many people will just buy 2 copies of the game.
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