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  1. I wouldn't bet on it being a PS4/One title. Probably next-gen. They showed nothing but like 20 seconds of a landscape and some music without even a title yet.
  2. That's a hell of a spoiler right there, man. I'd the weapon, unless you don't care about spoiling people. A lot of people were blown away during the middle of the game when you go get that weapon.
  3. You don't necessarily need to know anything about Kratos to jump into the new God of War, although it definitely helps. Just know that he is a Spartan who killed a lot of gods, including Ares to become the God of War himself. You could always go into a God of War recap on Youtube. Here's one I Google'd quickly that's only 7 minutes. Some of that stuff even I didn't know, as I never played the PSP titles. Basically, after everything that happened with Kratos in the Greek mythological world, he now finds himself in Midgard in Norse mythology. So, even long time fans are as blind as anyone else, especially considering he stabbed a sword through his stomach and crawled off a cliff at the end of the last game. So he finds himself in Midgard raising a son somehow.
  4. I think they said the next 2 are Norse 100%. They might dive into the other ones during the next 2, who knows? There's hints of other mythologies in Tyr's temple or whatever. Barlog said he originally wanted to go Egyptian first for this game, but I'm glad he went Norse first because I'm much more familiar with it. Obviously I would have played and likely loved it either way, but because I watched Vikings and other stuff with Thor/Odin etc it was cool seeing it all in the game. Just like my first time playing God of War on the PS2. Around the same time somewhat I was learning about Greek mythology in English class or whatever class it was, and I was acing it because of God of War.
  5. To add on to this @c00kies, I think the games might be changing on Tuesday? I was able to go on the store this morning and get Beyond: Two Souls, which I've been meaning to play for years. I meant to get around to playing it before I buy Detroit: Become Human because I liked Heavy Rain a lot. Yeah, I've watched those Barlog videos too. It's so interesting what directions they can go now with this franchise. It's too bad about the DLC, but I think it's expected. There's just a ton of content and you don't want to take away from the sequel by throwing anything into DLC. I'm only assuming they've saved the realms you can't travel to for the sequels. Plus there's the other mythologies besides Greek and Norse. I've almost platinumed the game now. Just probably another 30min or so of grinding Niflheim challenges. I already found all the ravens, artifacts, etc. I don't really want to be done with the game either, but I'm trying to plat it before I let people borrow it. My brother has been asking me for weeks as well as a couple of buddies.
  6. XCOM2 and Trials Fusion for June. Trials is that sidescroller dirtbike climbing game. XCOM2 is the very popular turn based highly rated alien shooter. I think the May ones are gone now. They were Beyond: Two Souls and Rayman Legends. Both of those obviously to give hype to the Detroit: Become Human game from the Beyond developer, and the Rayman remaster or whatever.
  7. It's the only game I've actually cared about platinuming. I mean, besides the ones where it's easy. The only other platinums I have are Life Is Strange.....which you just platinum by taking pictures in every chapter, which isn't too hard. Then Walking Dead Telltale....which you get Plat by just completing it. God of War is amazing. I can't wait for the sequels. The Norse mythology, and learning about what I've never heard about has been great as a side as well. The combat is &^@#ing awesome.
  8. Kotaku guy from multiple sources says it's an online RPG with base building, but it's still very story focused.
  9. I'm sorry to say this, and I never expected to, but I have to bow down as the GM of the Philadelphia Flyers. I just don't have the drive to want to be in it this time around. Apologies to you guys, and thanks for the ride in the first season.
  10. I'm sorry to say this, and I never expected to, but I have to bow down as the GM of the Philadelphia Flyers. I just don't have the drive to want to be in it this time around. Apologies to you guys, and thanks for the ride in the first season.
  11. Awesome season. Getting swept is the best feeling! Go Caps!
  12. I'm really playing with fire here in my last stretch of games...
  13. I just want to apologize in here for my activity levels. Mostly to the GMs who have been PMing me about trades. It has taken me way longer than it should have this season to get back to PMs, as I've been busy the past couple of weeks. So, sorry about that.
  14. I guess I'll make my list. God of War, mostly right now Rocket League Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch COD WWII sometimes Mostly those games lately, although the past 2 weeks has been all God of War. Working on those end-game armors right now.
  15. I've been looking into buying My Time At Portia. It's like a Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley inspired game where you mine $&!# and rebuild the town or whatever.
  16. I definitely think Bo's a 1st line C, and I don't think he's hit his prime yet. Especially if he has guys like Brock or someone to fly down his wings, he will only produce even more points. He would have had his best season, possibly 60+ points if he wasn't injured this season. He has definitely looked great for Canada. I've been watching most of the games, including Pettersson's. I think it's nice that Bo's kind of overshadowed on that Canada roster. He always loves to perform when there's something to prove. Plus, he's rooming with McDavid, so not only will McDavid learn leadership qualities from him, but he can learn some skill $&!# from Jesus. He gets to practice with all those guys like Eberle, etc too so he can only benefit. I found that McDavid interview pretty funny though after the last game where Bo had 2 goals. He said something like, "He's a great ki-.....player,". Almost called him a kid even though he's older than him. Then you can Michael DiPietro with all of them as well. He gets to experience the NHL quality day to day stuff and practice with the big boys, before ever even playing in the AHL.
  17. Why not do both? My life is mostly gaming and outdoor $&!#. I go hiking almost every week. Haven't canoed yet this year but I plan on it.
  18. I think it's been the same group of people posting in here about games for years now. There's been guys jumping in and out, but more or less the same group of people. I haven't really been here much either. I still play a lot of games, like God of War right now and Far Cry 5 before that, but I just haven't posted here much.
  19. Yeah, Horvat and Pettersson definitely aren't being used as much as they're used to. It's not unexpected though. Nobody should have expected Horvat to light it up with McDavid, Eberle, etc on that roster. Horvat is a gamer, and is a big game player. He's not going to tear teams apart, but he will score when a big goal is needed. Pettersson, he just has been getting into the swing of things. He does not look out of place at all and is constantly creating chances. That's pretty amazing to see right away. I'm sure he'll start getting some points here and there as the tourney goes on, and maybe chemistry gets a little better out there. He's doing just fine.
  20. Pettersson was very noticeable out there. He created a ton of chances, looked real flashy and definitely belonged on the ice with the rest of them. Very much look forward to watching him in the rest of the tournament.
  21. Not sure McDavid would have a good time in the NHL when he was 10 years old, but with Bertuzzi by his side it's slightly possible.
  22. Probably anyone could guess this, but I love the album. I didn't like 4 Your Eyez Only too much, only a few songs....but this one I like more than a few. I don't think it's as good as Born Sinner or Forest Hills Drive, or Friday Night Lights, but I still love it. ATM, Window Pain, KOD, Kevin's Heart, and some others I love. Definitely a classic for me, but I'm a Cole Stan that goes to all his shows when he's here and still jams out to a lot of his old $&!#. I know FNL isn't an album either, but it's some of his best work. I don't care much for the Cole/Kendrick debate or whatever people are saying in this thread. They're both different artists and have different sounds. &^@#, if that Kendrick/Cole collab ever drops I'm going to be HYPE.
  23. I didn't know trading had no standards this time around.
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