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  1. I was refreshing whom I had once was CDC friends with !

  2. says the anonymous one

  3. VW or BMW?

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    2. PowerIce


      I use to drive a 2000 Civic, they are nice... if you don't want a bit more stylish of a car.

    3. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      I had a 2000 Integra, but that's really just a glorified Civic. The vast majority of parts were interchangeable between them.

    4. PowerIce


      Yeah I figured. My friend had an old Integra, gotta old Civic. The only difference is literally the logo lol.

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  4. I had pizza for supper.

    1. PowerIce


      Yay 3rd times a charm

    2. ChenWei91


      PowerIce is very passionate about his KD.

    3. PowerIce


      You don't even know..

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  5. yolo

    1. ChenWei91
    2. Slender Man

      Slender Man

      live laugh love eat pray love summer 2012 yolo

    3. PowerIce


      yaaaah trick

  6. Did CDC change again? I'm so far behind

  7. Yay won front row Canucks tix to tonights game :D

  8. Where can I get an empty free credit card? I'd like to get one for my GF as a joke.

  9. So who's gotta discount code at Lordco they wanna lemme use?

  10. I don't think I'm Asian enough to wear AX.

    1. Scottish⑦Canuck


      Never tell yourself that you're not Asian enough to do something. Ever.

    2. PowerIce


      Even if I'm not even Asian?

  11. No. Do you know what I look like?

  12. does the ipod shuffle need to be [on] to be charged?

    1. ChenWei91
    2. ChenWei91


      glitchin' oot fo da winz yoz

    3. PowerIce


      i dont even remember this status....

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  13. Hahaha it's called working HARD! I worked 7 straight days during the week leading up to Thanksgiving with OT. That's how you do it!

    Oh really? That's too bad. I know there's meds for that stuff, but I swear it never works. Something you just gotta fight through.

    Oh yeah, it was a short term thing. Grade 6-7 mainly.

  14. Asians are actually kinda cool to party with

    1. ChenWei91
    2. #1Luongo06


      yeah all that card playing and the funny red faces they do

  15. Life is definitely a lot better to enjoy than ANY website on the internet, any...

    Probably nothing I haven't heard.

    Woot, tmrw's payday <3

  16. Yessir! PAYDAY TMRW! Thanks!

    Oh seriously? Do you know what exactly triggered the depression? Don't have to be open. I'm not open myself, heh. That's sad to hear, though. Hope you get over that. I know I had depression problems at a YOUNG age myself.

  17. Cleaning PB out of a blender is a beach

  18. That's good :) I sorta ditched CDC the past year or so myself, posting less, busy with life. I don't know how people handle both :P Haha, well I'd get the same treatment over at the Wild boards I'm sure!

    Just beautiful, I love it :D

  19. Noo, I've been working at a new place since the beginning of April :) Yes I graduated in my level 1 Carpentry course this past June!

    Boo seriously? What happened to you?

  20. Great! Work has taken over my life. What's up with you?

  21. not happening :)

    oh okay! oh no shootouts?

  22. haha im good. the fact i even told you, feel special ;)

    aw boo really? and lemme guess, it was your first game of the season too ;)? LOL jokes... so how's your record now?

  23. s'all right, been busy with a relationship past year. Sucked up my CDC time completely :P Working & things. How're you?

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