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Status Updates posted by PowerIce

  1. CDC Poker at 8PM! New members are welcome for registration always!

  2. Has anyone been to Peace River? I'm going there for work for the next few weeks

    1. mau5trap


      Good, I might actually have a chance at winning le poker now.

  3. CDC Poker at 8! If you want to join visit the thread in WN & register!

  4. Made an early 1:30 Poker Tourney! Everything starts earlier on Sunday's.

    1. -DLC-


      Bah, had to drive out to Burnaby...keep missing these!!

    2. PowerIce


      Get with it Deb!

  5. Poker at 8:30, join up!

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    2. Hank Moody

      Hank Moody

      I applied. Waiting for approval!

    3. -DLC-


      Damn got back too late. :(

    4. PowerIce


      I'll make a couple more tonight! Next game at 10:35

  6. First Poker tourney is starting at 11:15, register uppp!

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    2. -DLC-


      still at poker stars?

    3. Denguin


      PokerStars needs to put in strip poker with webcams.

    4. PowerIce


      @deb yes. All the info is in my thread in WN.

  7. Does anyone still play CDC poker ?

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    2. PowerIce


      Me too. I gotta find that Poker thread. Will PokerStars still work for us?

    3. PowerIce


      There were numerous games throughout the evenings last time we had it running

    4. :D


      Used to be mostly after Canucks games but during the summer, seems there are still a lot of us up 9PM-1AM or so.

  8. I don't like places that close early on Saturday's.

  9. My car died then 2 days later I ran over a bolt. Wow. What's in store for tmrw?

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    2. PowerIce
    3. Froggy Fresh

      Froggy Fresh

      Buy a lottery ticket. You seem to have all the luck right now.

    4. PowerIce


      I was awarded with OT today, awesome eh? I should..

  10. She's mad, bro

  11. Home opener was a-maaazing! Who was all there?

  12. I'm suffering through the longest hangover of my life. FML

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    2. JustJokinen!


      If you want a quick fix, drink more booze. Make sure you hydrate this time around though.

    3. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      ^ Effective after choking down the first one. Some good "breakfast drinks" are caesars or the mentioned energy drinks mixed with vodka.

    4. PowerIce


      First hangover I've had, I usually just drink liquor & not beer. This time I had both. Okay I do not crave any sort of alcohol the next 2-4 days after I drink lol

  13. Switched to just black coffee as of today, & damn I've been missing out

    1. Gran Turismo

      Gran Turismo

      So bitter yet oh so addicting :P

    2. PowerIce


      I had 7 cups today to celebrate the switch !

    3. ChenWei91


      I love black coffee... Only problem was that it really messed with my insides for some reason... :(

      Now I must drink with cream and sugar. -_-

  14. Who gave me a +1 ? You ruined everything

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    2. Xbox


      yup! thank god

    3. ChenWei91


      ^ I disagree good sir.

    4. mau5trap


      ^ I agree with your disagreement, good sir.

  15. Fatty storm in Abby

    1. Grapefruits


      just stay away from the chip isle and you should be fine.

  16. how do you post youtube videos ?

    1. g_bassi13


      just place the full url between the media tags like that.

    2. PowerIce
    3. The Brahma Bull

      The Brahma Bull

      you just post the link. it automatically does it. you don't need to put media stuff around it anymore.

  17. Or I guess the envelope-shaped icon lol

  18. It's called Messenger, the box beside the notis

  19. Oh someone else said that too. I don't know, CDC changed when I came back too & I'm confuzzled

  20. cause you'll be gone sooon ?

  21. well I don't haaave to talk to you heeeere. Do you have twitterrr?

  22. So stay >=( I can't tolerate much more of this

  23. Fine maybe! There's no one else to talk to on here :(

  24. & what do you see ?

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