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  1. Someone analyze the tape on that “penalty”. Pretty sure I saw his head go “back and to the left”.
  2. Refs throwing everything at them. Pulling out every trick and effort to get them back in it.
  3. This strategy has worked pretty well so far with a whole bunch of rookies. Remember how people lost their mind about Boeser? Didn’t harm his development.
  4. Not sure if anyone else is watching on Gamecentre Live or not but ugh to the fact they now have commercials but it is just 3 commercials that repeat every damned commercial break. Thought I was paying for this.
  5. Canucks haven’t played that badly. Oilers have just played better than they are, especially Smith. It’s a long season.
  6. Agree. I missed the first but loved what I saw from the new guys. Garland, Dickinson and Burroughs all gave me moments where I thought “who was that” for positive reasons.
  7. Didn’t want any part of breaking in the Oilers Hyman, but seeing Duncan Keith getting crushed by Myers has made me too happy to care.
  8. I realize that, as usual, I have rare/bad taste in players I cheer for, but I really wanted Big Mac to do well here and had high hopes for him. Hopefully he clears and puts in the work in the AHL to get back up and play better than he has.
  9. I like how quickly folks forget that the reason Juolevi didn’t pan out had a lot to do with serious injuries that derailed his development. It is easy to discount hat and say it was a bad pick with the advantage of hindsight. Was hoping he could get back on track but there weren’t a lot of options left other than to trade him. He would not have cleared waivers. Got some projects in return of roughly equivalent value. Happy enough with that.
  10. I think he had a good game and noticed him in a positive way.
  11. OMG that is so 10 hours ago! Like, get over it already!
  12. I like this Halak kid. He has potential. I say he makes the team.
  13. Honestly this is why I wasn’t so bent out of shape about losing Gads. Would much rather see Lockwood in the lineup stirring up trouble.
  14. Lockwood is living rent free in the heads of Draisaitle and McBaby.
  15. Remember how everyone was ready to defenestrate themselves in the first period?
  16. Honestly I feel like they may know they have some players coming back in time for the season and are just plugging holes. Some of these guys are not going to stick but they are doing right by them by giving them some games. I would guess that Boeser and Motte will be back for game 1.
  17. Look on the bright side: Plenty of PK practice for this inexperienced crew.
  18. Starting to feel like it is a little sus that Rathbone is playing every game and getting so many opportunities. Conspiracy theory time: they are padding his minutes to up his value to trade him for a RD defensive defenceman. CDC will explode!
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