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  1. Would it be Holtby for DeBrusk? Not that I want it, but there have been previous rumours, and now with Jake Virtanen gone it might be the way it plays out. As I said I hope it doesnt happen as its not a need for the team
  2. I can, straight up tell you, if it was my daughter that this imbecile ( Mailloux) had done this to, there is no way Montreal would have drafted him. You don't draft a prospect with two broken legs and busted hands!!!!
  3. I just had a look at the list, there are some intriguing names for sure. Loui Eriksson will be available , might be able to get him at good value for the "little things"
  4. I am not disrespecting Chatfield or diminishing his achievements as any games in the NHL is pretty special, but the Canucks really need to focus on difference makers. If a player is not a difference maker on the ice then its time to move on. They cannot throw contracts to place holders anymore, the core is constructed and now its time for difference makers and unfortunately Chatfield is not one of those. Rathbone on the other hand has this up coming season to see if he is a difference maker ( he looked good in the small sample size last year) In saying that, its time to move on fro
  5. Would Benning swoop in and take him back?
  6. With Lind being a RFA does he qualify to be waived to go down to the minors or is he free to move up and down?
  7. If it was me I would just do a little slip announcing the Oilers pick and say Connor Mc David
  8. Someone is cutting onions... my eyes seem to be leaking. Very touching moment. Great Role model for kids!!!!
  9. Maybe there needs to be some sort of rule that a players needs to have played 30 games of the season or 10 of the last 30 games of a season to be eligible for the playoffs. Something like this would have prevented Tampa Bay from making the whole thing a farce. They would have had to address the salary cap implications and might have had to move contracts to comply. The fact that Kucherov was injured the whole season but made a miraculous recovery for the start of the playoffs just doesnt sit well. I wonder if there will be some sort of future penalty recapture forced on TB? And before anyone j
  10. Does Elliot even look in the mirror before he leaves the house? Wow, a little white face paint and he is a clown...oh wait
  11. Would anyone trade the Canucks 9th for Wilds 22nd and 26th? Possible selections, Morrow, Stankhoven, Helenius, Svechkov, Toumaala, Raty,
  12. I may be wrong, but I think @Apricot is actually a lady. I seem to recall a conversation on a game day thread where she revealed this and a few people were aghast.
  13. Good luck burying him in Utica...might have to check if New Jersey are OK with that.
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