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  1. That is some mad skillz right there....Tanev able to chew gum with his 3 teeth!!!....(it's just a joke people- I love Tanev)
  2. Thanks for the clarification @rychicken and @Slegr most appreciated for your response.
  3. Can anyone give me an understanding of why Gadjovich didnt get in the line up tonight? Is there an issue? I would also like to see Lockwood get a game, just to see what he looks like. I am ready to not see Vesey, Michealis and Boyd ( ive seen enough to know I don't want to see anymore from them)
  4. That power play was like chopped onions....it brought tears to my eyes!
  5. Looks like Miller is all aboard team tank with the slashing penalties and Demko is saying "not on my watch!"
  6. We use nicknames all the time between my friends/team mates down here in Australia. There has been some very creative stuff which makes us all laugh a lot, it can be as simple as what you wear to your first training session with the new team, ( we had a Austria guy play on our soccer team, he wore a shirt with the word Osmosis across the front so he instantly became "Aussie" he loved it) One friends last name is Ball, so he got balled "Bags" his older brother was "big bags" and his sister was "No Bags". My brother resembles Meatloaf in appearance so he is know as "The Loaf"
  7. I hear you @debluvscanucks, I am on team tank, but so happy to see the team win tonight. Especially the young guys, it gives me hope that the future is in good hands. Less vets and more youth for the rest of this year please Mr Green!
  8. He took some time to develop a lot of people were calling it a bad pick, but sometimes defenders take time to become great players. He does most things very well and is a pain in the backside to play against. The Canucks need more of that! Thats why I think OJ just needs more time, I feel we will have a good one in him, just more time required for him to develop ( totally different player compared to Nurse)
  9. @WHL rocks yes i agree with you, Nurse is big and can rock guys but i would still like to see Mac put a few on his chin...he has a head that requires a few punches!
  10. Im enjoying the game and watching the kids play. I hope we continue to see them in the line up. Nothing to lose this season
  11. The feed I have is from Edmonton and the commentary is so one sided its appalling. Very hard to watch with a straight face to be honest. I just hope we can hang on, would love to beat them.
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