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  1. I came on to this thread hoping to see some collective disdain for this POS. Thank you for not letting me down.
  2. If I am taking any contracts from Vegas( Schmidt or Martinez ) they need to attach, Hague and a 1st. The Knights have no leverage. If im taking Fleury you can add Krebs to Hague and the 1st. As a side note There is no way I would be taking William Karlsson and that contract. Edited: Well I got that wrong!!!
  3. Can you imagine how bad it will be if Shea Webber decides to retire early.... Nashville could really paying in the vicinity of 10M in dead cap. Now that would be ugly
  4. Two excellent players and I feel Quinn was not robbed, either was a worthy winner. What has me stumped is voting. 2020 Calder Trophy voting (1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th) 1. Cale Makar, COL 1,538 (116-54-0-0-0) 2. Quinn Hughes, VAN 1,337 (53-111-6-0-0) 3. Dominik Kubalik, CHI 554 (0-2-75-48-21) 4. Adam Fox, NYR 430 (1-1-45-52-32) 5. Elvis Merzlikins, CBJ 215 (0-1-17-32-27) 6. Mackenzie Blackwood, NJD 164 (0-1-16-15-32) 7. Victor Olofsson, BUF 96 (0-0-5-14-29) 8. John Marino, PIT 53 (0-0-4-5-18) 9. Nick Suzuki, MTL 17 (0-0-1-2-6) 10. Ethan Bear, EDM 9 (0-0-1-1-1) 11. Denis Gurianov, DAL 4 (0-0-0-1-1) 12. Ilya Samsonov, WSH 2 (0-0-0-0-2) 13. Matt Roy, LAK 1 (0-0-0-0-1) The four votes I have highlighted in red....the people who made those votes should NEVER be allowed to vote again, obviously have no idea about the game. Adam Fox better than both Hughes and Makar ( what were they drunk for the last nine months???) Merzlikins and Blackwood better than either Makar or Hughes???? wow these people are out to lunch. I can understand the votes for Kubalik but the other three just make me wonder whats going on!!!!
  5. "Why isn't anyone talking about Kole Lind?"
  6. 100%. They are non stop doing it and its driving me freakin nuts!!!!!
  7. This was from a few years ago. Pre game warm up for a rugby league team....serious stuff
  8. That last play someone needs to explain to me how thats not interference by McNabb on Rooster?
  9. Its been a very ordinary series for him. Wondering if he is 100% healthy? Miller looks banged up too
  10. I am loving the game but I find it difficult to watch the total lack of physicality from the Canucks. We just dont want to take the body. Its frustrating the heck out of me! There is so much interference by Vegas and we just dont do any of it ourselves. I just dont think we are quite built for the playoff YET. Its not far away though!
  11. I am confident that by next year (because its not the Canucks) the penalty will be revoked and the punishment will be a loss of 2nd round pick 2020 and the 2021 1st rounder will be 31st overall. I seem to recall a scenario like that in the past.....hmmm....
  12. I think we have seen enough to want Toffoli resigned and Erikkson to be riding the bus in upstate New York next year!