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  1. As long as it isn't Loui. If he has it and retires early because of it I'd be devastated.
  2. Well, the silver lining in all of this (if there can be such a thing i this situation) is at least Petterson wasnt with the team since he was already injured. He should remain COVID free throughout.
  3. Look at that! Demko has better all around stats than Markstrom! Benning is a genius!
  4. You forgot to mention the cheap/unproven coaching model combined with the young unstructured core. Its been a recipe for disaster from WD on through to Green yet half of CDC doesn't want to see a change made.
  5. We'll see what happens. Its all just speculation at this point so no need to be sorry for disagreeing. Personally I don't see how AG fits on the team. He's not skilled enough for the top 6 and isn't gritty/defensively responsible enough for the bottom 6. Maybe JB will want to keep him for depth in the $1-1.5 range to see if his numbers last year were just a fluke or if he can repeat or improve them. Maybe he gets a better offer elsewhere. Time will reveal all.
  6. Based on his comments during his last contract negotiations. He stated publicly at the time that he didn't want to play anywhere else and plans to retire in Vancouver. Perhaps he will try for one more year. I certainly wouldn't mind as he is still our best defensive defenseman despite having been slowed down significantly due to age.
  7. I'm pretty sure Edler will retire. I don't see Sutter being re-signed and they'll probably let AG walk as well. The focus, obviously, is going to be locking up Petterson, Hughes, and Demko and I'm sure Benning will make some sacrifices to do so. Tanner Pearson's contract is also up. He may not be back either.
  8. Although I was absolutely gutted when we lost Markstrom in hindsight I think it was the right decision to keep Demko over him. Although Demmer was a little shaky to start the season he has since proven he is ready to be a number one and will be peaking around the same time in his career as our young core. I'd take Tanev over Schmidt and Holtby was an overpriced mistake but he's only on a 2 year deal so not the end of the world. I think what is severely lacking in this club is a competent coaching staff who can bring out the full potential of this line up by playing a system that complements th
  9. Hopefully Benning will re-sign Erickson when his current contract expires. Even if he has to move Petterson or Boeser. Whatever it takes! Erickson does a lot of the little things and he is so responsible defensively. Since he is getting a little older I'm thinking maybe $4m X3. Seems reasonable for such a fan favourite.
  10. I'm sure Benning tried moving anyone he could to keep Toffoli and in the end it didn't work out. Its really easy to play armchair GM with the clarity of hindsight on your side but in the real world things are a little more complex.
  11. While I agree that they aren't terrible stats, they track all sorts of mean-nothing stats. Who has the most goals on a Tuesday? Which team has the most 4pm starts? Its the information age. Compiling meaningless stats has never been easier.
  12. I dunno. I think comparing him to others at his pay grade is a flawed comparison. There's market forces at play here. How desperate were the Canucks for a big D man? How desperate was Myers to get out of Winnipeg? How good is his agent at getting deals done? All these factors (and many more) come into play here. Myers received what the market would bare at the time based on supply and demand. He's a okay D man. Not the best, not the worst. Is he probably a little over paid? Yes. He is probably more of a $4m-5m player but he filled a need we had at the time and at that time the asking price
  13. That used to be the norm, you know? Coaches have a shelf life. This whole "give 'em a decade or two to prove himself" mentality y'all have with Green isn't normal. Look back at the Canucks all time list of coaches. There are only a few that lasted for 4 years and coincidentally they all had winning records, unlike Green.
  14. Aquilini Tweeted directly that he has full trust in Green and his process and plans to change nothing. Maybe that's smoke and mirrors but if you take him at his word it sounds like Green et all will be back again next year.
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