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  1. Best player in Canucks franchise history. I still think they should retire his number in Vancouver. Its only fitting. He put a lot of time in in Vancouver.
  2. MTL is going to win 5-0 or more tonight, just wait. The blowout will get them motivated and back on track and they WILL force a game 7.
  3. I put $1.00 on MTL to win it. Theyre +4000 on Bet365. So if they manage to pull it off I'll win $40.00. Realistically though I just wasted a loonie.
  4. Well boys, it isnt looking good for MTL. I think tonight might be it. They just dont have what it takes to outscore TBL.
  5. MTL has lost their swagger. They're clutching their sticks way too tight and over thinking everything. They really need to get going. They lose tonight and the series is as good as over. Please don't choke boys.
  6. Have faith man. No one thought MTL would beat VGK either (including me) yet they pulled it off. And they didnt just barely squeak out the win either. They effectively shut VGK down the last couple of games.
  7. Yeah but they didnt look good against VGK initially either. Thats where coaching comes into play. The coaching staff implemented adjustments to their systems and essentially neutralized the VGK. Lets hope the coaching staff can figure TBL out as well by game 2 or 3.
  8. Not really a fan, I just want to see a Canadian team win it. I'd be a "fan" of the Jets or Oilers right now too if they were in this position. Maybe even the Leafs.
  9. They looked really good this game. Really good. You can bet that VGK will make adjustments and come out to play in Game 6. MTL still has a ways to go to close out this series.
  10. The Habs are done tonight. I'm calling it now. Bettman has already settled the outcome of this game. I think Im going to throw some money on Vegas. Reeves jerseys on sale at NHL.com. Get your now!
  11. Wow, no real argument so you gotta resort to ad hominem eh bud? Attack the messenger since you can't refute the message. The people involved in the riots were there to support the team that day so they are part of the fan base whether you accept it or not. You can do whatever mental gymnastics you have to to rationalize it but it doesn't change that fact.
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