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  1. How many of those 41 countries ahead of us make their own? Not having our own facilities is a shame but this goes deeper than this. Making it worse is the fact that there were canadian companies offering g to make the vaccine here that were ignored by the feds. I'm sticking with incompetence as the main reason we are in this bad a situation
  2. There is no conspiracy, just gross incompetence. Unless you have another explanation how a g7 nation can rank 42 in the world at vaccinating its citizens.
  3. Spinning is what the virtue police do. Nothing wrong or innappropriate with your post at all.
  4. Watched the leafs and Edmonton ton and was thinking how much more entertaining it was than watching the Canucks. The speed of play, clean zone exits, creative plays and quality defense was refreshing...and I hate both of those teams with a passion. We either have a lot of the wrong players or we are being badly coached.
  5. He's not a bust if he makes the nhl and contributes to the success of his team in whatever role he plays. How many drafted players even make it? Right. He has shown some real promise this year and while he may not be a top 2 D man (though he may) he certainly has a higher ceiling than Benn.
  6. Sutter had a hat trick this year...that's about as big a miracle as copps' 4.
  7. Even wirh the extra man we can't get a single player to penetrate the Winnipeg defence. Around and around the outside.
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