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  1. Jb didn't fix the defense. He is gambling that OEL can resurrect himself. If he can't, the contract will be an albatross. He has almost emptied the prospect cupboard. Maybe he's a genius and all of it will lead to a cup which I will certainly cheer for as I have since they came into the league. I just see too much "hope" in JB's approach.
  2. I agree and what he has done may well accomplish that. I just think it will have negative implications to building a perennial winner. Shirt term gain for long term pain.
  3. JB made moves to secure his job for the short term. The team will likely pay for it in the long term.
  4. What is this depth you speak of? It was a lack of depth that hurt us last year and we just traded away most of those veteran depth players. At some point we need to have top tier players to build around. Petey and Hughes would appear to be those kind of guys.
  5. Agreed but if JB loses petey and/or Hughes, he should be booted out the door within the hour.
  6. If it was ownership that intervened to bring Clark back, does that not cause you concern about management?
  7. I think his value on making the playoffs at the expense of a longer vision was a mistake. Whether to please fans or ownership, it set the team back and the value of the playoffs is questionable based on what we saw this year. Patience and a good plan will get a team to the level they need to compete. Enough of throwing $&!# at a wall hoping something sticks.
  8. Agreed. Based on results and how many pieces this team is still missing, JB should have been shown the door. Some promising young pieces but really nothing else. Last year's playoff anomaly was unfortunate as it made management and ownership the team was better than it is.
  9. Based on results, the only assistant coach deserving of an extension was Clark. Sorry to see Baumgartner was renewed. Hopefully.he is relegated to cleaning lockers.
  10. I would not be surprised. That has been one consistent in Benning's management tenure.
  11. He also indicated they will be active in trades so expect picks and prospects to be heading out.
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