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  1. I was at that game, at the old rexall center in Edmonton.
  2. On a side note.. how many points does petey get in this shortened 56 game season? Predictions? 72 in 56 is my guess 28 g and 44 a
  3. It's all part of #Gaudsplan lol
  4. I am sure management is perfectly aware of all possible outcomes, have faith. This is what they are paid to do.
  5. Just go to google and type in "Reddit NCAA hockey streams", you will find what you need.
  6. I'm just here for gauds celly when he scores the ot winner
  7. Could not agree more buddy! I just thought that could be a very deadly combo for us in the near future. Insert Aston-Reese or Sikura(really hoping one of them signs here) into your 2nd unit and that's looking like quite the group in my eyes.
  8. Imagine our first power play unit consisting of Bo, Baer, Boeser, Gaudette and Stech. Yes please.
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