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  1. Really up and down game, but that's 2 points in the bank. Sometimes we looked like a lottery team trying to defend. There were about 20 times where a Canuck was in a decent position, got a take-away or intercepted a pass, then bobbled it and gave the puck right back. But then they defended the 1 goal lead perfectly in the final few minutes. That looked like a team that knows how to lock down a win. If they can be the latter team more often, they'll be a playoff team. Oh, and Garland, Horvat, and Demko are beautiful.
  2. That was a great period, until the PK. Terrible PK and could not recover
  3. I'm sure he'll come back in after our next loss. Coaches don't like the change a winning line-up (unless it's a key player coming back from injury).
  4. Would be great to make it our permanant 3rd jersey. Don't change the primary, it's been through enough changes already
  5. It is definitely reflective of all teams. The top teams are just good on more nights (and find ways to win when they are not at their best). The lowly Sharks stomped on the Avalanche 6-2 on March 1st last year, the 5th from last place Red Wings hammed the back-to-back champ Lightening 6-3 on March 11th. That's just a glance at some lop-sided scores. It happens all the time. The NHL isn't about being better all the time, it's about being better 60+% of the time.
  6. Would have to take Podz off the 23 man roster to lose the cap hit. He's still on the active roster, just not dressing tonight.
  7. Hey SN, Could I take November 9th vs Anaheim and Dec 1st vs Ottawa? thanks!
  8. Scheduling has actually been pretty decent this year, imo. We only have 12 back-to-backs, which is on the low-end. The Islanders have 19! Arizona, Buffalo, LA, and Philly all have 17. So we're doing pretty well in that regard.
  9. It'll be nice to have a high-end offensive center in Abbitsford, that's something we've lacked a little bit at the AHL level. (High-end for the AHL).
  10. I have gone from about 50 to 1000 grey hairs. Pretty much salt and pepper on the sides now, but the top is still mostly brown. I definitely feel older.
  11. I think they were talking about his physical appearance (mostly his face) and not his play style
  12. Hughes plays about 4 minutes of the 5 minute 3 on 3. When we're ending games in regulation, his total ice-time will come down.
  13. It'll never happen, but McDavid deserves a game suspension for that elbow to OEL's jaw.
  14. Not that bad. Loved Myers hit on Keith! Pretty even game overall, we'll take the point and move on.
  15. Those PP units are uhh, interesting? I'd prefer: Garland Chaisson(Boeser)-Horvat-Pettersson Hughes. Pearson-Miller-Hoglander Myers-OEL Add podz instead of having 2D on PP2 if he's up to it.
  16. Because he can turn faster than a defender can commit to a hit. If you plant your feet to try to crush him, he'll be behind you before you realize you've missed
  17. It was taking a few extra days to get his US work visa sorted out. He has not yet joined the Sharks, but will be shortly.
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