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  1. Maybe cycling the LITR between Point, Hedman, Stamkos, and Kucherov until the playoffs when everyone is magically healthy
  2. Tempted to say Garland but Makar at 9 million (especially considering how other dmen got) is a home run win for the Avs
  3. Exactly you want to get as much chances of these prospects as much as possible. Not all will pan out but a combination of developing the ones you have and keeping and acquiring draft picks increases those chances. And even if you can't keep all your assets you can trade them and get good value back. Some examples Islanders traded away Griffin Reinhart for a 1st round pick that landed them Barzal. That's asset management.
  4. I think Forsling alone isn't a big deal. But put Forsling with but put him along with McCann, Dahlen, Hutton, Gaudette, Tryamkin, and all the picks he gave away there is a pattern of Benning's inability to acquire and keep assets. And this has been a problem for Benning. He's an old school hockey guy but not a asset management guy. My opinion at least.
  5. Forsling currently has 4 pts in 6 games and is a +6. Thing is Forsling was not yet NHL ready and Benning traded away Forsling for a D-man he though was NHL ready, at the time. So in actuality keeping and developing Forsling made more sense than trading him away based on your point that the Canucks already had enough d-men in the main roster. Plus also depth is a good thing and let's say in an alternative world where Hutton, Tryamkin, and Forsling all become good NHL d-men for the Canucks. Vancouver could have used those assets to trade for future picks or another player (perhaps a 4th line forward that didn't cost the team $3 million aav ).
  6. Toews and Kane earned those contracts though. They won 3 cups and revived the franchise
  7. Any line with Pearson isn't a top line. Yes the line is doing great now but I would think teams are currently focusing on shutting down he Lotto line. Who know how will Horvat's line respond with the same amount of pressure ?
  8. I think Jones could work out long term. If he's the elite franchise Dman we all expect he could have a career like Brent Burns, Mark Giordano, or Shea Weber. Where they have lost a step but are still serviceable dmen relative to their contracts
  9. Tucker Poolman But really I think most of these contracts are ok and I can understand why they were signed.
  10. From Brian Burke himself https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/burke-thwarted-markus-naslund-trade-request/
  11. If every player asked for a trade got traded away then Naslund would have left the Canucks much earlier
  12. Thank God Canucks won. You know the NHL was gushing over a narrative of the Kraken winning on their very first home opener and it would have totally sucked if they did and the Canucks would forever be that team associated with it
  13. Sorry for the thread bump ... but his numbers are looking crazy elite good in Dallas right now.
  14. Perhaps but then the question is what did the Sharks organization do right where Dahlen gave them a chance? Maybe there's something the Sharks organization are doing better in deadling with their prospects and players that Benning could learn from. Let's face The Sharks are a top class organization which is why the team has been so successful since Wilson took over as GM. Benning, we have to admit, sometimes runs the Canucks like it was the 90's
  15. But it seems like he didn't have to join the big club either. After he got traded to the Sharks he went back to Sweden. So The Sharks organization done something right to work out a compromise that Benning couldn't do.
  16. Photos from my Israel trip 2 Christmases ago Jerusalem Tel Aviv Road Trip stop over Bethlehem ( technically Palestine) Church of the Nativity (apparently the birth place of Jesus ... and tourist I guess lol)
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