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  1. Does anybody actually have confidence in Benning as a GM? 

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    2. Coconuts


      Nah, every single living Canuck fan thinks he stinks 


      The dead ones are waiting for him to die so they can torment him with trade proposals for eternity, and the undead ones are typically middle of the road 

    3. Squamfan



    4. canucklehead44


      Benning is a terrible GM. 7 years of a losing team, spent to the cap, traded away more picks than acquired, handcuffed the team with terrible UFA signings now that we actually have a core to build around. He never seems to think outside of the box or have creative ways of making the team better. He overpays and isn't very smart about trading off assets. I have zero confidence in him and time after time again he seems completely directionless and is a bit of a laughing stock to the hockey world.  

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