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  1. I remember going to a courthouse years back to pay a traffic ticket and there was a sign that said no pennies for payment of fines!!! Not good enough for the government but ok for us citizens...
  2. We could wait till Jack becomes a free agent and signs here to play with his brother...
  3. Manny Malhotra would be a rookie choice, but he's smart and played the game right his whole career.He was popular amongst the players here.I think he is going to be a great Head coach at some point and this may be a chance to snag him back!!
  4. some of you should seriously take this advice....
  5. the one in blue is clearly Myers...just look at the neck!!!
  6. 6 games into the season and people are already turning on them...this only proves that we do have some of the worst fans in the NHL!!!
  7. Jake looks to be in great shape!!! Glad he spent the summer with Myers!!!
  8. The only positive is that he will be gone in 2 years!!!!
  9. Fantenberg has been decent for most of the year,the last 3-4 games he's been one of our worst defenders!!!
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