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  1. Hell no,it's AHL/ECHL or retirement for "little things"!!!
  2. I think Marky has a few good years left in him but he is on the wrong side of 30 and will be looking for a payday and rightfully so!! He deserves it!! Demko has age on his side and is and will be much cheaper.He also proved he can handle the pressure of a starter in those 3 games in a row!!! I believe he is ready. I hope the Canucks go with youth in net and spend the money on defense and bottom 6 where this team was clearly outmatched and need the help going forward into next season.
  3. Does Raymond,Ballard and a First still get er done?? To get Ekblad we would have to give up something we don't want to...if I was Florida I'd ask for Petey or Quinn,anything else would not interest me!
  4. I will most likely get one of these from Costco...
  5. They should use the cut cable to hang these idiots once they catch them!!