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  1. think canucks should go after Jujhar Khaira to fill out the bottom 6?

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    2. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      ****ty. i love his work ethic. would have fit in perfectly here

    3. bigbadcanucks


      Heard stories of Khaira's father working two jobs, some with a graveyard shift to keep his boys in hockey from a young man I know who played with Jujhar Khaira.  I hope Khaira heals properly and finds another NHL role. Can't help but cheer on a kid and family like Jujhar and the Khairas.

      If an NHL deal is not in the works for 2021-22 for Khaira, I hope he's at least offered a Johnny Canuck contract so he has a place to play pro hockey this coming season.

    4. morrissex95


      1 year $875,000 

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