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  1. I have a hard time gauging how much Weegar will cost in a trade. A second round pick? Rathbone? Hoglander? A first? I don't know where he fits. I think Schmidt fills the hole left by Tanev and I think Rafferty will be better than Stecher. Our young players have gotten better, namely the new core of Demko, Hughes, Boeser, Pettersson, Miller, etc. that I think gives us a bigger chance to win than the 2011 team. We've got Woo, Podkolzin, Hoglander, Dipietro, Juolevi, Rathbone, Lind and Gadjovich all waiting in the wings pushing for an opportunity to finally put us over the top. I'll be waiting. I think we should look into trading a young guy out to get rid of Eriksson/Baertschi/Ferland in order to fill more holes. I think if we were able to procure Cernak and Johnson from the Lightning then those two guys would be able to put us over the top. We'd need to clear the cap so trading Rathbone/Juolevi+ 2nd + Eriksson to clear the space for those two young players. I think we're going to win soon.
  2. Hughes-Schmidt Edler-Myers Juolevi-Rafferty Benn Rathbone I think we need one more piece. Maybe Vatanen @ 700k I know people think he's worth more but not in this climate
  3. Gaudette and Virtanen will be cheap Johnson and Cernak combined will cost $8 Million We'll make it if we find a way to move Baertschi or Sutter -- which we could do by moving someone from a position of strength. We could also keep Sutter for next year and move out Gaudette for something we really need. I'm just spit-balling right now Joe these are all just ideas
  4. Just a proposal. It's self explanatory. To VAN: RD Erik Cernak RW Tyler Johnson(20% retained by TBL = $4 Million AAV) To TBL: VAN 4th 2021 LD Jordie Benn Tampa Bay gets rid of the Johnson contract but has to take on one year of Benn in exchange. For taking on the $2 Million in cap and the extra salary we get Cernak as payment. Johnson replaces Toffoli and is a cup champion. He has proven experience in the playoffs. He gives us an opportunity to use Virtanen as a trade chip to move money out in order to re-sign Cernak and get another RD for the backend. Trading Benn also makes room for Juolevi. Even though Tampa would be taking on a year of Benn, they could always package him with a pick and send him to Detroit. Their D is terrible and Benn may even have an opportunity to play in their top 4.
  5. I don't think we should trade Boeser or Virtanen 

    1. 48MPHSlapShot


      We'll have almost nothing on RW if we trade either one. 

    2. goog16


      I agree...let Toffi walk and spend the money on D!!!

    3. Rounoush


      I was all for keeping Virtanen but him electing to go to arbitration might reward him too steep a contract so I'm more game for moving him now.

  6. Really hoping for an OEL trade tomorrow. Not expecting -- but still hoping. Go Canucks Go! 

  7. The finances behind each deal and the value and contracts of each player are completely different. Did we have to take back a bad contract to get rid of Kesler?
  8. Comparing OEL to Kessler is just not realistic
  9. Here’s my proposal: Rathbone Hoglander(I hate including him but you need to give in order to get) 2022 1st 2021 2nd Eriksson Virtanen For OEL Raanta Throw-in prospect
  10. Puljujarvi would be a great fit. Domi could be Edmonton’s 2C. Great way to recoupe an asset for the Oilers
  11. I think you’re right maybe Minnesota would be willing to trade a winger for Domi. That’s all I was saying. Montreal could really use Greenway