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  1. This matter is subjective though. I think he's a good player, strong down the middle of the ice, PPG player in the AHL, 12 pts last year in in 49 games which is good production for a bottom six player. As a 4C, right-handed, 25-years old is he better than a guy like Gaudette? I'd say they're both around the same, Gaudette's done more in the NHL by a long-shot. The point is, I think he's a good player. You don't and that's fine, you don't need to be a dick about it.
  2. I'm surprised we didn't look into Gambrell. He's definitely a good player. A seventh rounder? No wonder Seattle passed on him even though he's a hometown guy.
  3. He was drafted in 2015, a year before Juolevi not after. Juulsen was drafted in that insane first round in 2015. His tools when he was drafted were probably superb but at the pro level it hasn't translated. Benning is betting that bring him into his hometown can turn him into a solid filler hopefully something more. It's likely he could end up on waivers (again) but I hope he succeeds. Lammikko though, idk. He looks like a good bottom six guy, maybe Benning regrets not drafting him. Either way, we've got something back for Juolevi after wasting that top five pick on him due to organizational need.
  4. There are teams that could really use this guy, us included.
  5. Chicago is not a fit for Eichel. They don't have the cap for it, they'd have to move a core player like Toews, Johnson, De Haan or Strome. If they trade Strome, they can't trade Dach at the same time. Dach would be the only piece I demand if I'm Buffalo. Eichel could be a strong fit in Vegas, Seattle, Montreal, Calgary, Washington (Kuznetsov included) and especially the Columbus Blue Jackets. If I'm the Jackets, I give up a center, 2 1sts and some salary. Then they've got a elite setup guy in Eichel alongside one of the best shooters in the league in Laine.
  6. Strome could go to Nashville, Columbus, NYR, or the Canadiens, who have recently been looking for some help down the middle with the loss of Kotkaniemi and Danault. How about Ylonen and a 2nd for Strome?
  7. Okay so Nashville is going to have to keep Johansen because he's untradeable. They'll try to keep Forsberg, who could net a massive return. It'll make sense to trade Josi at some point, they'll need to retain salary but a team that has a plethora of picks and prospects might want to give up a lot for him. Rinne is gone and Saros is good enough to hold the goal for another five or six seasons. Granlund and Duchene also stay. What I'm saying is that with these prospects coming up through the ranks are good (i.e. Evangelista, Tomasino, Tolvanen, Afanasyev, L'Heureux, Svechkov) but they're all forwards. Eventually, Nashville is going to have to replenish their defense. I don't see that happening in 2022 with all the forward headliners they have and in 2023 they could be candidates to get Connor Bedard, an elite forward they've never had. But, it's time for Nashville to rebuild this team, which is why I'm disappointed in this signing overall. Ekholm should've been moved to a team like Toronto, Florida, Colorado or Vegas for some quality young players. I'm talking about defensemen or goalies, maybe another center. They won't get anything back for Johansen and probably negligible for Duchene but they'll get a huge haul back for Forsberg and Josi. It's time to move on to something bigger, faster, stronger and younger.
  8. Good contract. Would've been nice to get Petey for 7.875x8, but good for MTL
  9. We need to use DiPietro or Woo or WPG 3rd 2022 to get another defenseman.
  10. If Ho Sang was dealt with properly, he'd be as good as Kaprizov. Nobody could get it out of him, but if you saw the way he played in Midget and in the OHL you'd see that he was elite. In fact, back then, he was slightly lesser than McDavid. He's definitely fallen hard. Drafted in 2014 which was 7 years ago, he's 26 now. If I were him I'd go to the KHL so I could rake in the dough but he wants to make it in the NHL and for him the AHL is the first start.
  11. If we gave them a 2nd instead of a 3rd, they'd do it but I'd rather keep the pick. We could also trade Juolevi he doesn't prove to be better than Hunt, I personally don't want to trade Juolevi but we're gonna need help on the right side if we lose Hamonic
  12. Pontus Aberg might be good as a bottom six option but he's over the hill and replaceable. Brendan Guhle, former second round pick, what's not to like? He's also a lefty though, so unless we lost one of Juolevi and Rathbone, we don't need him. We could use a righty, but I'd rather do it by trade.
  13. Juolevi and WPG 3rd for Foote, I'd do it. OEL POOLMAN HUGHES FOOTE RATHBONE MYERS HUNT
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