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  1. Brett Huil and Les Jackson served as Co-GMs of the Dallas Stars and it was disaster that culminated in Sean Avery being signed for 4 years @ $3.5 million AAV and eventually being claimed off waivers by the New York Rangers. I don't think Co-Gm's work, maybe one twin as GM and the other as President and they both go down when the team starts to suck again. Look at Stevie Yzerman, he spent 4 years as the AGM in Detroit before moving onto Tampa. With the Sedins, I don't think they go to another team just to have a practice job. When Yzerman moved on to Tampa, that job in Detroit firm
  2. Lou helped bring the Islanders from the dead. Bergevin fleeced Vegas, Nashville and Chicago, made some great free agent signings, got something back for Galchenyuk, I mean there's a reason why this guy has lasted so long in that pressure cooker in Montreal. The Edmundson, Toffoli and Petry acquisitions provide a solid supporting cast for those three youngsters Romanov, Suzuki and Kotkaniemi with honorable mention going to Cole Caufield. His only major blunder has been the Sergachev trade and at least there he brought back a potential superstar that didn't pan out to be as talented
  3. I could see Philly doing York + Patrick + 1sts for Jones from Columbus and giving Patrick a trial run with Patrik Laine next season. I do believe that Patrick is a bust though even though he's still young. We dodged a bullet there.
  4. Seth Jones will probably cost a 1st + prospect + roster player + another draft pick 2nd/3rd/4th Pesce will never get moved. Parayko would be a great target after next season but the Blues kept him over Pieterangelo for a reason and they have Faulk who can replace AP's offense.
  5. What? We're not talking about price inflation here. Braden Holtby could be better next year. If Demko goes down early and Holtby picks up the slack, we could get a 2nd for him at the deadline. By then, to a contending team in need of a cup-winning goalie, he'd be an attractive fit. If he isn't good next year he should expect to get a bad contract. To me, Holtby's contract should be about where Sergei Bobrovsky should be getting paid. The 1999 draft was a much more multi-faceted thing than "blackmailing" Atlanta, which wasn't even the major trade that led to the acquis
  6. Trade #1 Why would we trade our chance at Connor Bedard in two years so we can poach one of Columbus' 1sts now? That doesn't make any sense. First of all, we'll need our first by then. You need as many picks as you can so you can bring in players that soften the need to rebuild. Take a look at Tampa. Drafting all these young guys who replaced the players they already had. If Benning is such a good evaluator of talent, why trade future picks for current picks? Let him use the picks we already have and let's wait until 2023 to use that pick. Trade #2 We're al
  7. Savard is an underpayment Saad is probably about $1 Million under and Wennberg probably a year or two too much term and too much money. Plus we don't have the cap room for any of these guys
  8. The plan in Philadelphia was to use one of Frost or Patrick to replace Giroux long term. Of course, Pettersson would be completely capable of doing that and Heiskanen would really shore up their defense but that was the plan. Clearly it failed, so Philly has to find a way to cut their losses and get something useful, like a top nine forward, backup goalie or top four defenseman so they can enhance their team. Frost could still be good enough to be a top six forward but he won't replace Giroux. Frost has had great success in the AHL, so I wouldn't put it past him to push his way into the league
  9. Johnson and Gourde waive to go to LA McDonagh waives so he doesn't get bought out
  10. Who would the Kings want off Tampa? Cirell, Sergachev, Cernak, Kucherov, Stamkos, Point and Hedman are all untouchables. It might make sense to unload Ryan McDonagh to the Seattle Kraken and get Gourde and Johnson onto the Kings giving LAK two top six forwards at a reasonable cap hit. Tampa will protect Sergachev, Cernak and Hedman on the back end and will probably lose someone good in the expansion draft. After trading Gourde, Johnson and McDonagh they become cap compliant and can use the assets acquired from the Kings to fill in the roster holes that are left. Cal Foote will be promoted(if h
  11. Seth Jones would be a SPECTACULAR fit with Toronto, possibly in exchange for William Nylander. Obviously, Toronto would have to replace Nylander's offence but they've got prospects and picks they can move to fill in some holes. Muzzin goes with Rielly, Brodie goes with Jones and the Maple Leafs trade Liljegren, who will be made expendable by the acquisition of Jones and will bring in a top nine forward. Then they bring in a UFA, call up Robertson and keeping Foligno for next season on a discounted rate. Toronto has the offensive tools with Tavares, Matthews and Marner and I think
  12. We don't need another goalie controversy like we had with Luongo/Schneider for like 3 years. There's a reason why Ned went unclaimed and now he's Carolina's undisputed starter. Edmonton, Buffalo, Ottawa, Los Angeles, etc. all would've benefited from claiming him. Such a shame for them.
  13. I agree that Raty might be a good off-the-board pick. Before this season, he was the projected first overall pick this year. There's a lot of talent there and his floor is as a 3C, but he could project higher depending on who develops him which is equally important as drafting. It doesn't look like Benning will trade down, which could be an awesome with either Columbus or Minnesota who both have two late firsts. I mean, if we traded #9 to either one of those teams and got their two later picks it might be a beneficial move. We get two lesser prospects: a defenseman and a forward instead of jus
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