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  1. I don't understand why you think that Jack would sign here just because we have Luke and Quinn. If I were a pro hockey player and my siblings played for a team, let's say Calgary for instance, I'd probably sign in Florida so I could see them as little as possible. Just my $0.02
  2. Nick Bonino is a standout for me. He's better than Sutter he always has been. We traded Bones for Sutter sacrificing like $2 million in cap space in the process when we could've held on to Bonino and traded him for some picks. Bringing him back in, I feel, would be very beneficial. Especially considering he put up 39 points in his first year here on that gosh-awful second line with Burrows or Higgins or Vrbata or whoever played there all I know is was complete $&!#. Anyway, getting back to the heart of the thread. Lets say we trade Motte for a second r
  3. Baertschi and Roussel have no value, Benn has very little while Sutter and Edler could probably fetch a second or a third
  4. I would only move Motte if I could get a 1st back for him like San Jose got for Goodrow, Devils got for Coleman and many other examples. Motte has the potential to be just as good as both these players.
  5. They have to do something to get out from under that Price contract but they also need to find a replacement. To me, trading Price allows Montreal to re-sign Danault, Suzuki and Kotkaniemi and get a younger goalie in there to support their young core. Price would be a great guy to support Seattle as they follow a different path than Vegas did. Obviously, teams are going to be a lot more conservative this expansion draft but cap space is going to be a premium and Seattle has a a lot of it. I really don't think Seattle will be as successful out of the gate as the Golden Knights but they'll be re
  6. I tend to agree even though Domi would be a long-term fit on Horvat's wing although he has stated that he adamant about playing C. Honestly, if you're an NHL hockey player and you're getting paid like one you should play where the team wants you to play to give your team the best chance of winning. I think that Domi's attitude could be a problem although I hate to say it for a guy that has diabetes and plays through it like a chance. I'm not saying he isn't a character individual but at the same time sometimes you've got to swallow a pill to make the team better.
  7. Jett Woo will be Hughes' partner in a few years. He's a +5 in 8 games with 0 points with the Utica Comets, he's a solid stay-at-home kind of guy. If Woo fails, which I don't believe he will as he projects as a solid top 4 defenseman. Corson Ceulemans from this year's draft would be a great partner for Hughes.
  8. If we can get one of Edvinsson/Power/Clarke, sit Ferland on the LTIR, trade Edler and Pearson at the deadline, re-sign Sutter and Baertschi(for the AHL) on league minimum contracts for next year(expansion draft. Baertschi is still an excellent depth forward that can fill-in in our top nine for injuries. We're going to have to wait out the clock on that Eriksson deal unless we can find someone to take the last year. Meanwhile, we've got Podkolzin coming in at the end of the year, Hoglander improving and developing on the team RIGHT NOW. We'll keep Travis Green through this season and maybe next
  9. They'll combine the 2021 and 2022 NHL Drafts. I like that idea.
  10. WE DON'T NEED DUNN. He doesn't fit our profile of needs for a defender. Sorry folks.
  11. We don't need Puljujarvi we have Podkolzin. Bennett would be a great pickup though.
  12. I think we'd be able to get Bennett if we gave them Gaudette instead of Virtanen. Gaudette is also struggling he's a right-handed shot, he's a better regular season performer but I just think Bennett is such a great fit for his playoff prowess as our 3C, flanking Hoglander/Roussel and Virtanen. I feel like we should treat this year as yet another re-tooling year, especially after losing Tanev and Markstrom to Calgary. If we can get a young, premium defender to compliment Hughes that'd be great. We have Hoglander, Podkolzin and Lind coming in to compliment guys like Horvat and Pear
  13. Kunin is listed as a C on HockeyDB. Sure, he'll play wing in Nashville but he still plays down the middle. Like I said, Kunin is still better on the wing than Gaudette
  14. Kunin is far better than Gaudette. For one thing, he can play the wing far better than Gaudette can. He's also good enough to be the 3C in Nashville and Gaudette isn't good enough to cement the 3C role down here quite yet, although I don't doubt that he can continue to get better.
  15. I wonder if Montreal would have any interest in Dubois. They've got a lot of forward depth, they're great down the middle but Dubois would be a really marketable player to that Montreal fan base. If they don't want to play him down the Middle they could move him to the wing and make him a solid powerforward to play with a guy like Suzuki. I find the way Bergevin has re-tooled in Montreal to be very impressive with valuable vets like Weber and Price showing the youngsters the way. All Montreal needs to do now is to rebuild their backend. Once they do that, they'll be a powerhouse fo
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