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  1. Anyone remember the picture of a Canucks defenseman on a dessert box someone used to maybe use as a sit here at some point? I can’t seem to get it out of my head. 

    1. -DLC-


      This is all I remember (I have this from '94)


    2. JM_



    3. Roberts


      never seen that box before.. maybe i shouldn't ask :(

  2. I love the sentiment that Demko's got the net and he owns it but I would be really worried about him burning out like Markstrom when Calgary rode him hard at the start of the season. Let's make sure our guy is getting rest so he can continue to win games for us. Have to find a balance between riding the hot hand and giving him rest and letting Holtby keep us in games. Hopefully when Petty comes back we should be able to score a bit more to get goal support for our net minders.
  3. If Newell brown still has a job come October I will need to stop watching hockey religiously. That 5 on 3 made me want to cry
  4. I would buy a gaudette 8 jersey ... I was going to get the Tanev 8 ( my favourite player ) but now I don't know who to get. Haven't gotten a jersey since the Hank jersey I bought in 2013
  5. Oh for sure, it's not the trades and the drafts tho for GMJB, it's the signings. My gripe isn't with him at all though, it's with ownership to some extent. There's always been this weird level of involvement from them where it doesn't look like they are fully controlling the board but they aren't hands off either. If the year's performances don't line up to an improvement I could see them fire JB - and if the rumours of an internal cap are true (which I don't think can be after taking on this contract) - I am not sure would be a deserved firing. I guess in hindsight this upset stems from the Toffoli situation, but I hope to see Benning make a few more moves before training camp at least. Keeping a level head as a fan is hard but I guess I should wait till the season opener before making any judgements ...
  6. Definitely not ... he's part of their core group - a leader on and off the ice, gets some scoring for them and he is a pest for them. I love him and wish he would be on the Canucks but he's retiring a Canadien I thinks
  7. I love the trade, I am still wary about Benning's future at GM, but that's because I am skeptical of the ownership rather than him. Has he made bad moves, yes. Has he made good moves, also yes. Not every GM can be Joe Sakic. Schmidt for a 3rd is an amazing, deal and a year from now it might look even better if he can stay healthy and hit 0.5 PPG. I think we finally found a guy that can be the point man on the second unit instead of Edler, which is something we sorely lack. Also cut down the ice time for Eagle too. But it's not over, I wonder where they fill the last D spot from and how they fill out that top 6. I am curious if they have Jake slotted there for this 1 season but I would prefer to trade him for help on defence instead (+ the cap is difficult ...)
  8. Don’t hate it for Calgary from the dollar value but that’s the biggest contract given today. That length might bite them in 3-4 years time
  9. Yeah but the buyout costs would need to be added to whatever you’re signing him for so Toffoli at 6+ is not best bang for your buck
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