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  1. Benning has done a good job so far this offseason. Personally like the recent acquisitions of Ekman-Larson & Garland along with creating some cap flexibility. imho the remaining items to address going into the season (not in a particular order) are: 1. add size and physicality on defense. Ideally right shots to complement our puck moving LHD 2. Resign Pettersson and Hughes to cap friendly deals to allow for some flexibility. 3. add size on the bottom forward group 4. Russian player to help Podkolzin acclimate to team/off ice (one that fits within our
  2. I've always been an advocate of a team composition that has strength down the middle, skilled and balanced top 9, and aggressive style of play. Expressed this in another piece before the start of 20-21 season ("Optimal Team Analysis 20-21). Glad that Benning & co focuse going into the offseason and season are: to continue to draft well, constructing a skilled Top 9 that is aggressive, Organizational reviews e.tc. Below is my take on what could/should be done: Coaching Philosophy/Change It definitely has been a good start with the recent coa
  3. its about time. Proposed this in a thread before start of season Strength down the middle: Pettersson, Horvat, J.T Miller, Beagle
  4. I know most would like to see the Lotto Line together, an absolutely valid thought. I mean they were as productive of a line as any in the league. However having all on the same line leaves the rest of the roster influx. as productive as they were, as a team, we only controlled play at an abysmal rate of 48.3%. This leads to us relying on goal tending to win games. We were outshot at a rate of 3212 to 3005 on the season. The most effective teams in the league controlled play 5-on-5 with CF% north of 51% at least. Key to their success were balance down the middle, productive top 9 forward(
  5. Couldn’t agree more. Puzzles my mind how he hasn’t been converted to a left winger permanently. Always thought player development was placing players in a position of strength. The glimpse of this year’s breakout Virtanen is the dominate Left-wing WHL Virtanen. With him on the left wing, our organizational left wing depth is slightly bolstered more thus also solving some of the glut on right wing.
  6. Biggest no brainer. Virtanen has always been most effective on the Left wing. 90% of his goals and assist have come from him flying in from the left side. This dates back to him in Junior. He uses his size a lot better on that wing to drive the net, set up plays plus snipe as a righty playing off wing. How he hasn't been permanently played on the left wing just shows incompetence. Max out your roster by putting players in the best position to excel. Almost as obvious as playing Boeser on the left side on a powerplay. Proponent of having the line as: This Season: Virtanen (LW)
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