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  1. I went with the Mighty Quinn, but I hope it turns out to be Benning in the near future
  2. Eichel is damaged goods, no idea the player he'll turn out to be in the future
  3. Very convincing Alf, I hope he learns how to play defence
  4. switch Pearson and Hogs and we have to assume were bringing in a defenseman or 2 like Schenn or Hamonic for toughness and grit
  5. "Given away" is a ridiculous statement. For the first time in our franchise history we have been able to use our draft picks as trade bait and to sweeten deals. Now we have a solid team less a few pieces on defence, now we can continue to stock our cupboards for the next 3-5 years
  6. I believe thats the most important par of this deal
  7. and if he falters he's trade able, nice work Benning
  8. As long a OEL comes back to life, which I believe he will, this is a great deal
  9. Ya Im not sold on this guy, inconsistent for sure and like you said concussion issues and we don't need to make that mistake again ie Ferland........Love his size and grit though
  10. Sutter may be back, 4th line center
  11. Canadians are not on Schmidts list of acceptable teams
  12. Well maybe this is the time for Bennings risks to pay off, so far he's making the right moves
  13. Unfortunately we didnt see nearly enough of this from Jake
  14. He's better off in Canada so we can control his development
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